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  1. cooking some progressive chill

  2. Hello friends! Presenting the PsyChill set I recently played at Omkara Festival Nepal 2018. Some of the mind blowing releases from labels such as Altar Records, Ultimae Records, Cosmicleaf Records and AstroPilot Music, to take you thru a journey of joy, self-awareness and a higher being. Do share your listening experience, leave some comments on the stream and show your love. Om Shanti.
  3. DisKtroyer

    Esoteric Bloom - Celestial Night ( psychill mix)

    You've got some Eat Static there! Good mix. Do share the tracklist. Cheers!
  4. DisKtroyer

    Gaïan - Natural Wizardry (Psytrance Djset 146)

    listening to it now and having a stomping time at work. So far so good mix.
  5. DisKtroyer

    All Things Astropilot - mixed by Sirius Toons

    Glad to hear that mate! I love the layered atmosphere he creates. I'm digging his Manifestor project off late..it's awesome.
  6. Progressive House in the making

  7. DisKtroyer

    All Things Astropilot - mixed by Sirius Toons

    Aah! I love Voda too..but it has a slow build-up that somehow didn't go well with the flow I was chasing. It's still in my preparation list tho' so maybe in the next set, i'll use it. Did you like what you heard?
  8. DisKtroyer

    All Things Astropilot - mixed by Sirius Toons

    Missed out on the tracklist for the set - All Things Astropilot [Duration - 01:38:02] 1. The Green Eyes Mystery - Astropilot 2. Gravity Free - Olexa and Astropilot Remix 3. Inward Trip - Astropilot 4. Sansara - Astropilot 5. Dziva - Astropilot 6. In the Middle (Alwoods Remix) - Astropilot 7. Rod - Astropilot 8. Svarog's Morning - Astropilot 9. Arimoya - Astropilot 10. Svar-Ga - Astropilot 11. Here and Now - Astropilot feat Iz 12. Love is the Answer - Astropilot 13. Karma Cleaner (Astropilot Version) - Astropilot 14. Time Tides - Astropilot with C.J. Catalizer 15. Life Lines 16. Memories Maze
  9. Hello! I'm starting a new project under the alias - Sirius Toons. Most of my sets traverse the Chill, Psy and Progressive sounds. You may check out my latest Downtempo Chill mix of my fav Astropilot tracks - All Things Astropilot https://soundcloud.com/siriustoons/all-things-astropilot-mixed-by-sirius-toons Hope you'll enjoy sounding it out.
  10. Can't wait for Ozora this year!

  11. DisKtroyer

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Mindsphere - Inner Cyclone
  12. (M)assive (B)rain (A)ctivation

  13. DisKtroyer

    Artha - Influencing Dreams

    Loved this work! Tho' many ppl despise the over-use of melodies,,[and admitting that I've a sweet tooth for melodies ] ,,I think Artha has done a great job and kept his style intact thru'out the album. It's not some stomping Goa music, but definitely something different and pleasant to the mind with good-morning Goa vibes added to Psy-trance. There's a laid-back, chill mood to the album and the structuring of the tracks is quite optimum, tho' some myt not agree with me here. While I prefer to listen to such albums in one go, a few tracks stand out anyway,,favs being: 1. Controlled 2. Mystic Change 3. Transfusion 4. Bali I recommend this album to all the Goa/psy-trance listeners who've somehow got bored of the contemporary new-skool/full-on/fluffy/regular repetitive music popping out these days. Artha's music, as mentioned earlier, cud be compared with Hallucinogen's,,but in a very generic way. It's got a new feel to it, and will surely inspire a nice trip if one knows how to tune-in. Conclusion: 3.5/5
  14. DisKtroyer

    Avalon – Distant Future (Nano Records)

    Liked the album. As mentioned, it is non-cheesadelic indeed. ,,,For a debut album, the work is quite mature i must say. Tracks 02, 04, 06, 07, 09 are quite enjoyable. Rating: 3.5/5
  15. DisKtroyer

    Surya Namaskar

    I don't think they planned to post the link. ..this myt be on of those weird sorta introductions!! @mod: i suspect a wrong post here!