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  1. Hello freaks! I'm so happy to share my night time psy set I recently performed at Anjuna, Goa. After spending a good 7 years on so many other genres and club sounds, I come back to my roots with this set. I think I saw UFOs and naked aliens on the dancefloor while playing it and I'm sure you'd enjoy blasting this one. Do share your thoughts and some your related music and artists. Let's get inspired. Here's the tracklist [1:34:47] 1. Snowjob - Master Blasters / Nano Records 2. Neuro Jam - Hookers & ZZbing / Sangoma Records 3. Mutabor - Fungus Funk & Circus
  2. cooking some progressive chill

  3. Hello friends! Presenting the PsyChill set I recently played at Omkara Festival Nepal 2018. Some of the mind blowing releases from labels such as Altar Records, Ultimae Records, Cosmicleaf Records and AstroPilot Music, to take you thru a journey of joy, self-awareness and a higher being. Do share your listening experience, leave some comments on the stream and show your love. Om Shanti.
  4. You've got some Eat Static there! Good mix. Do share the tracklist. Cheers!
  5. listening to it now and having a stomping time at work. So far so good mix.
  6. Glad to hear that mate! I love the layered atmosphere he creates. I'm digging his Manifestor project off late..it's awesome.
  7. Progressive House in the making

  8. Aah! I love Voda too..but it has a slow build-up that somehow didn't go well with the flow I was chasing. It's still in my preparation list tho' so maybe in the next set, i'll use it. Did you like what you heard?
  9. Missed out on the tracklist for the set - All Things Astropilot [Duration - 01:38:02] 1. The Green Eyes Mystery - Astropilot 2. Gravity Free - Olexa and Astropilot Remix 3. Inward Trip - Astropilot 4. Sansara - Astropilot 5. Dziva - Astropilot 6. In the Middle (Alwoods Remix) - Astropilot 7. Rod - Astropilot 8. Svarog's Morning - Astropilot 9. Arimoya - Astropilot 10. Svar-Ga - Astropilot 11. Here and Now - Astropilot feat Iz 12. Love is the Answer - Astropilot 13. Karma Cleaner (Astropilot Version) - Astropilot 14. Time Tides - Astropilot with C.J. Catal
  10. Hello! I'm starting a new project under the alias - Sirius Toons. Most of my sets traverse the Chill, Psy and Progressive sounds. You may check out my latest Downtempo Chill mix of my fav Astropilot tracks - All Things Astropilot https://soundcloud.com/siriustoons/all-things-astropilot-mixed-by-sirius-toons Hope you'll enjoy sounding it out.
  11. Can't wait for Ozora this year!

  12. (M)assive (B)rain (A)ctivation

  13. Loved this work! Tho' many ppl despise the over-use of melodies,,[and admitting that I've a sweet tooth for melodies ] ,,I think Artha has done a great job and kept his style intact thru'out the album. It's not some stomping Goa music, but definitely something different and pleasant to the mind with good-morning Goa vibes added to Psy-trance. There's a laid-back, chill mood to the album and the structuring of the tracks is quite optimum, tho' some myt not agree with me here. While I prefer to listen to such albums in one go, a few tracks stand out anyway,,favs being: 1. Controlled 2
  14. Liked the album. As mentioned, it is non-cheesadelic indeed. ,,,For a debut album, the work is quite mature i must say. Tracks 02, 04, 06, 07, 09 are quite enjoyable. Rating: 3.5/5
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