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  1. I renamed the files with underscores instead of spaces. See if that works. http://www.veracohr.com/Psynews_Track_(Veracohr_Basic).mp3 http://www.veracohr.com/Psynews_Track_(Veracohr_Basic).zip
  2. Here's something I started several years ago and never got anywhere with. I don't know if there's anything worthwhile there but it's the best offering I have right now. The linked ZIP file has a standard MIDI file, a WAV file of the audio below, a WAV file with one of the tracks that isn't in the MIDI file, and a text file. http://www.veracohr.com/Psynews_Track_(Veracohr_Basic).mp3 http://www.veracohr.com/Psynews_Track_(Veracohr_Basic).zip
  3. I’d pitch in a contribution. I haven’t completed any music in a long time & I’ve always had trouble with inspiration, but contributing a part seems just right!
  4. I’m reading Oathbringer, the third book of the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. Pretty interesting world, good story!
  5. Veracohr


    A while back my girlfriend got obsessed with Daft Punk’s album Rand Access Memories & she came across this other song featuring them: It’s more or less pop, although iTunes lists it under R&B. It’s pretty good. It also led us to another good song by The Weekend:
  6. Well it sparked a discussion about psytrance, so it seems like the appropriate forum to me.
  7. Sorry, but I can't see an option to change it TO the mobile version on my laptop, so I can't figure out how to change it back. I would assume the forum detects the operating system and chooses mobile/desktop for you, so it's pretty weird if its choosing the wrong one. What browser are you using?
  8. Oh man, I remember the gnashing of teeth over triplets! Like they were an affront to human decency.
  9. I removed most of the Hahas but I’m leaving it where it is. The report system is the best way to alert us to something that needs attention.
  10. For fuck's sake guys! Couldn't you limit it to 100 "Haha"s instead of a million?
  11. The Mad Old Ones and Family of Light titles were assigned manually.
  12. I recently delved back into an old favorite: the Dragonlance series. It’s based on a D&D campaign from the 80’s and was more or less the first fantasy books I read. It’s not as sophisticated or immersive as more recent fantasy series but it’s been fun revisiting those characters.
  13. You know people are bored in quarantine when they revive 9 year old threads about whether fire is hot or cold.
  14. Of course, that’s why we’re going to such extreme measures to slow the spread. We have no pre-existing immunity. I imagine there’s an element of chance to one’s ability to fight it, that’s natural selection/evolution right in front of our eyes. Risk factors surely aren’t the only factors. I just read a story from a guy who has it, and while it was written in a way to make you laugh, it sounded horrible. He said he hadn’t been that sick since he had meningitis.
  15. Generally speaking (not specific to psy) different masters are made for vinyl vs. cd/digital.
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