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  1. Of course, that’s why we’re going to such extreme measures to slow the spread. We have no pre-existing immunity. I imagine there’s an element of chance to one’s ability to fight it, that’s natural selection/evolution right in front of our eyes. Risk factors surely aren’t the only factors. I just read a story from a guy who has it, and while it was written in a way to make you laugh, it sounded horrible. He said he hadn’t been that sick since he had meningitis.
  2. Generally speaking (not specific to psy) different masters are made for vinyl vs. cd/digital.
  3. Third vote here for The Man From Earth (but not its sequel).
  4. I work in manufacturing & we’re not slowing down at all. Probably my whole company will get it.
  5. There, fixed that for you.
  6. Agreed, so it’s been moved it to Off Topic & is being watched.
  7. I think my tastes have broadened as I’ve gotten older. Actually as far as psy goes I find some stuff boring that I liked even just a few years ago, but I find myself having a little more appreciation for pop music now. Older stuff that is; I still have a strong aversion to anything that is popular when it’s popular.
  8. A friend I met when I was 18 got me into regular trance. Before that it was rock & metal & going back far enough, a brief stint with rap (when I was about 12 or so). Started going to raves around 2000 & finding more trance where I could. Paul Van Dyk was a favorite at that time. Somehow I came across Astral Projection on MySpace and downloaded Mahadeva. It was a standard on my playlist for quite a while but I didn’t search out more goa. Still, I thought I knew what goa was for a while, and after making some naive comment on the internet someone suggested a few names for me to check out to find out what goa really was. That led me to Psynews, and really the whole of my psytrance knowledge comes from here. That friend who introduced me to trance is still the only person I know who listens to electronic music. However, I never stopped listening to rock and metal. In fact in recent years I’ve been listening to more metal and less psy. I also have felt a pull toward acid techno lately, but not enough to spend the time doing a serious search so I just play the few songs I have. I’m old now (just turned 40) and unfortunately find myself tending to do that thing where people stop looking for new music and just listen to the same stuff over and over.
  9. Enslaved is a good band, maybe you’ll like it regardless!
  10. Man that’s a great lineup but I still couldn’t justify the travel cost all the way there. For a second I thought I’d offer to travel with you Constrictor, but then I looked up plane tickets.
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