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  1. Agreed, so it’s been moved it to Off Topic & is being watched.
  2. I think my tastes have broadened as I’ve gotten older. Actually as far as psy goes I find some stuff boring that I liked even just a few years ago, but I find myself having a little more appreciation for pop music now. Older stuff that is; I still have a strong aversion to anything that is popular when it’s popular.
  3. A friend I met when I was 18 got me into regular trance. Before that it was rock & metal & going back far enough, a brief stint with rap (when I was about 12 or so). Started going to raves around 2000 & finding more trance where I could. Paul Van Dyk was a favorite at that time. Somehow I came across Astral Projection on MySpace and downloaded Mahadeva. It was a standard on my playlist for quite a while but I didn’t search out more goa. Still, I thought I knew what goa was for a while, and after making some naive comment on the internet someone suggested a few names for me to check out to find out what goa really was. That led me to Psynews, and really the whole of my psytrance knowledge comes from here. That friend who introduced me to trance is still the only person I know who listens to electronic music. However, I never stopped listening to rock and metal. In fact in recent years I’ve been listening to more metal and less psy. I also have felt a pull toward acid techno lately, but not enough to spend the time doing a serious search so I just play the few songs I have. I’m old now (just turned 40) and unfortunately find myself tending to do that thing where people stop looking for new music and just listen to the same stuff over and over.
  4. Enslaved is a good band, maybe you’ll like it regardless!
  5. Man that’s a great lineup but I still couldn’t justify the travel cost all the way there. For a second I thought I’d offer to travel with you Constrictor, but then I looked up plane tickets.
  6. Oh man, Supe Duper goa trance? That’s JUST the style I’ve been waiting for!
  7. Welcome to being old. I suspect that if I could attend now the parties/raves that I went to 20 years ago, I would be horrified at how it feels. I remember one I went to with Astral Projection and Infected Mushroom. People’s sweat and breath condensed on the air pipes along the ceiling to the point that it dripped on my face. The very thought is disgusting now.
  8. If you get a faithful hardware clone, you WILL get something that can do "that 303 sound" and nothing else. If that's not enough for you, go with something else. The Revolution appears to have DSP effects built in, so already that's beyond the 303. I have a x0xb0x and it almost gets the 303 sound, but it's not perfect. A little too sterile sounding at certain settings, but still I like it, and I like the limitations. If you want an acid sound that will sit in a dense mix like they're often used in psy, then any 303 software will get you there. If you want an upfront 303 sound like in acid techno, a good hardware clone is the better way to go. I used to use ABL2, and it had more capability than the x0xb0x, but I personally would never go back. I like the knobs and the imperfections.
  9. I’ve been working with some people who are visiting from a customer, and chatting about random stuff when we’re not talking about work. Someone brought up music and we had to do the obligatory “what music do you listen to” thing. When I mentioned psytrance of course the first response was “...what trance?” And the second response was “oh I think I know what that is. Like Deadmau5 right?” ..... sigh “...no, not really” And then today the same guy tried again by mentioning Tiesto. :|
  10. I think the concern over vaccine quality should be separated from the basic argument for vaccination. Obviously such unintended consequences are bad, but (not knowing any numbers off the top of my head), I'd be surprised if the percentage was very high.
  11. Anti-vaccine attitudes are stupid, plain and simple.
  12. I’m here. I’m kind of despondent lately. Funny, because things are generally better than they’ve ever been for me, on the surface, but it sucks in subtle ways. It must be a couple years since I checked out any new psy. Part of that is because I got myself a girlfriend who is in the metal scene, so I tend to hear more metal these days. I’m trying to design some synth modules but I have little time. Haven’t worked on any new music in so long. When I do I don’t get very far and I just get discouraged. And, you know...living in the circus that is the United States these days is disheartening in itself.
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