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  1. Really great album! Looking forward to hear completed version! Good luck Luka! <3
  2. Richpa


    Electronica: Petar Dundov: Parrket: Edy C For more you can check here: https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj.aspx?country=46 and for most popular streams here: https://www.last.fm/tag/croatian/artists I hope it helps, enjoy your stay and have fun!
  3. Richpa


    Rock/mainstream: Goran Bare i Majke: Let 3: Hladno Pivo: Kawasaki 3P: Psihomodo Pop:
  4. Richpa


    Croatian rap (oldschool): Tram 11: Stoka / General Woo / Bizzo: Nered i Stoka feat. Onyx: TBF (The Beat Fleet):
  5. Richpa


    Croatian rap (new school): Vojko V: Krešo Bengalka: Krankšvester: Filtilen:
  6. Shadow of Intent is also great. More epic/melodic, but heavy enough to keep neck busy. I emerge alive Regurgitated as a slave to the tests of time I reject and do not rejoice my immortality For there is nothing left of this place Spawning unto desolation again In shadows I slumber until I am but dust Am I to live in nothingness? In death I live to dwell the days away in fathomless dismay Am I to roam forever gone? To roam forever gone? Festering memories of the past start to project Then wither away inducing insanity on my behalf We were led to believe the netherworld is of myth But it dwells within and its nature so abstract, yet so very real A most horrid fate Ghastly rotting grave Bloodshed and malice conjured the source of our decay We wasted away I am he who lives thrice begotten in bedlam against evanescent horizons How melancholy Time withers The sun extinguished And yet still, I remain The age of man passes My progress, struggles, and suffering a waste. The ether realm declares the world but a stage A coldly calculated transformation to the grave Onward we follow, herded as slaves Collectively lapsing into the land of flame Alas, the truth has been presented before my eyes I've been unbound from the shackles of faith No longer lead to believe there is hope beyond this world The rope starts to sway The voices died one by one as they called my name Wept until the body could no longer feel the pain And naught a thing to blame Trapped in a shell of excessive disdain Under the moonlight I yield For I am not enslaved, but one of many of those who kneel The reasons, the answers will follow me to the grave Under the moonlight I yield Venture beyond and prepare the final phase Now I look beyond the black eclipse The macrocosm of the divine The sullen moon pulls at my soul, a beckoning for relinquishment Like the tides under lunar influence The urge is relentless I venture beyond The voices died one by one as they called my name Wept until the body could no longer feel the pain And naught a thing to blame Trapped in a shell of excessive disdain Under the moonlight I yield For I am not enslaved, but one of many of those who kneel The veil beyond cries my name I have left behind all that I love, and all who commit My soul in the hands of destiny Briefly embracing the chill of Dimethyltryptamine A struggle for many is the end of the few A cancer that no mortal man can elude I hang in my sorrow with no dispute Just know I'm sorry, I swear to you
  7. In case you're not following the Sky Technology activities, he already showcased some new material from the album live in Ukraine three weeks ago. Materials aren't mastered tho, but you can get the idea:
  8. Stems are ready and artwork is already in the making process so we should have the pre-orders running in early September if everything goes as planned. I'm gonna keep you posted (here and on Facebook) guys!
  9. Without any doubt one of the finest melodic Goa releases I've heard in a while. Whole CD is filled with great tracks and production quality is at the highest level! Highly recommended to anyone who like their Goa music spiced with dreamy melodies and floaty atmosphere! Congrats to all involved!
  10. Congrats to all winners, participants and Asparitic for making the list! Another great year filled with awesome music!
  11. I had to... even these two guys are into HPL full-time, i'm crafting my terminology (''knowledge'') by playing Eldritch Horror big time
  12. Dear friends and prijatelji, next year our label Neogoa Records will celebrate 10th anniversary and I can't even express how unreal all that feels to me now, especially after so much time. Usually musicians on this so-called Goa scene tend to express their gratitude towards people and friends who helped 'em to shape or inspire their music by mentioning them on CD inlay credits, but for me honestly 50-page booklet wouldn't be enough to thank so many wonderful people for being supportive towards ours input, creative work, our artists and their legacy. We went through peaks and valleys during the last 9 years and sometimes it wasn't easy, especially on the dynamic scene where independent labels are becoming endangered species, but having the faith in ourselves, in our artists and in our common ideas we survived and thanks to you we will continue to bring Goa and every other music with balls and passion, we feel you guys deserve to hear. Therefore, instead of promising you uber-compilations or parties, I will throw at you our upcoming artists roster for 2019./2020. and invite you all to follow us on our social media (@neogoarecords - Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) and to be an active part of our journey. And now, without further ado, this and next year you will have a chance to hear new music by: Sky Technology (September, 2019.) GoaD (December, 2019.) Proxeeus (???, 2020.) Maan (???, 2020.) The Maniac (???, 2020.) Swaratrip (???, 2020.) All releases will be available in limited CDr + Digital format via Neogoa Records Bandcamp page only. Happy summer holidays and see you all in September!
  13. Jerome did great job with mixing the tracks and getting the best sound out of it and Igor (at Deimos Soundlabs) is outstanding mastering engineer with more than decade long experience working with downtempo music so he knew how to approach Jeromes material very well. I'm glad you like it, thank you for the feedback!
  14. Probably we will summon Azathoth from the center of the Universe and ask him (kindly) to reach every Neogoa fan with it's tentacles and drop some raw acid Goa music upon 'em. On the serious side of things, our promotion will be as it is with every artist who decides to publish his/hers music at Neogoa platform, no special treatment, just exchange of ideas prior to the release and common efforts to present the music and art in quality way under our own possibilities.
  15. The last copy available via Bandcamp - https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/celepha-s After it's gone this release is officialy sold-out! Thank you all for your support and trust in the behalf of Neogoa team and Proxeeus himself.
  16. We recieved full album from Deepak already at Neogoa Records, so it's just a matter of one track selection and date/month when it will be released in 2020 on CD + digital.
  17. New Proxeeus CDs are here and we will start shipping these to all supporters who pre-ordered the release at our Bandcamp page. We don't have many copies left and if you want to have one of 50 copies pressed, get it here: http://bit.ly/Celephais
  18. Very sad to see it broke It comes with a lace and the hole it self is too small to serve as a keychain. Send me your address in my inbox and I will send you one from me
  19. As far as I know, some of them are still active doing music. Mirza (Arronax) has been very much active doing music for movies, games and TV since he moved to US. You can follow his new works here: https://www.facebook.com/mirzamusician/ Danny (Lectro Spektral Daze) is also working on new music, but with his other projects: Capsule '77 and The Same Old Sounds (both very interesting, you can find some tracks on the YouTube). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyJOwiFv9Hk Sergio (Xamanist) is working on the new album and he posted recently some previews:
  20. Welcome to the club J Here is one from Bordeaux Towards us, insignificant human Join us in our frightful eden, join us Join us in our frightful eden
  21. I believe the model for that experiment was Archspire
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