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  1. Looking forward to this one! Really great artwork Penzo, I'm liking it a lot
  2. I didn't have a chance to see Nervasystem t-shirt so I can't comment on that part, but what I know is that print quality is very good (what matters to me is the durability factor, which is good). Tees are okay, at least the Neogoa ones we did, so I assume the line will be the same.
  3. Sure man, I will post every update here as well, so no worries! We are in process of finalization of last details (Kris is perfectionist and he wants to get the best possible sound out of the new tracks) and I'm waiting for t-shirts to arrive, so hopefully I will be able to put the Bandcamp pre-order page with all the details soon. So yeah, sorry to all of you who are tired of constant 'soon' replies, but we are giving our best to complete this release the way we imagined and I believe all the wait will be worthy.
  4. Miami Vice Vibe (official promo photo of Ultimate Xperience 2018) Photo by: Marta Gomes Editing by: Kris Kylven
  5. Tracklist: 01 - Imbaba & 303 Trancers 02 - Hidden Paradise 03 - Cosmos In Her Eyes 04 - First Encounter 05 - Blacklight Beings 06 - Creature Of Heaven 07 - Digital Non-Sense (featuring Ephedra) 08 - Lydia Delay - After All (Imba Remix) 09 - Rising Sun For all of you who are into Goa trance but still don’t know who Imba is, I suggest to start with his netlabel UAF Records and one of his first Goa trance projects – Space Elves (alongside with Arronax, CoaGoa and SETI Project), you will slowly get the feeling about his work, ideas and style. First Encounter is his debut full-lenght album, to be released on December 9th this year on Suntrip Records. Since Nikola Petrović (yeah, that’s guy behind Imba project) from Niš is owning me a couple of beers (and even more rakijas), I was blessed to get a digital copy of his new album fresh from mastering studio in return (Balkan Goa Mafia – it’s not a joke, it’s a reality), so instead of keeping it for myself, I decided to throw out few words about this release. It comes with 9 new tracks and believe it or not – only one remix and one collaboration track. Yeah, it became some sort of bad joke to call out Imba for making so much remixes or collaboration tracks, but hey, some of the best remixes released on our label were made by him (Cellar Door, Blessings From Irij). Take a minute to think about it. As I said, new album has a lot of solo material to offer and it kicks off with Imbaba track and his 303 trancers (not sure who are thoose folks, but it seems they like acid). At the first listen you can already be assured you’ll get Imba vibe, not Imba wanna be someone else vibe. It has amazing acidic lines, perfect groove and flawless arrangement. It doesn’t try to sound ‘big’ or ‘epic’ it delivers Goa-groove and nice ride. Few melodies come and go, but it’s not your casual melodic Goa, it’s Imbabagoa. First track and I’m already liking this. Judging by the name, Hidden Paradise should be more ‘serious’ track and guess what? It is. Unlike first one, Hidden Paradise brings more melodies, a bit more of oldschool vibe and some really interesting breaks filled with nice vocals. It’s not my favorite track on the album, but if you’re into more emotive and deep Goa music, this one might do the work. However, I would love to hear the same track but with a bit more diverse and recognizable climax. Cosmos In Her Eyes was the track that I had a chance to hear even earlier and I liked the version that has been posted, but this one seems a bit improved and upgraded. Unlike the second track Cosmos In Her Eyes has slightly better climax and more interesting details throughout the track. Perhaps it’s just me, but I find this one to be one of the better Imba’s works released so far. Ahhh here we go. Aliens. Yes, Nikola loves aliens and it doesn’t suprise me why he decided to choose this track as a release title (First Encounter). It makes absolute sense because it’s one of the better tracks on this album. Fast pacing, acid lines, invoking melodies and cool speeches. I’m liking it a lot and I think it will grow on me even more. Blacklight Beings starts with an unexpected intro – I would say it fits more to some psychill or downtempo music, but after the break it picks up to more straight-forward psychedelia. Not sure why, but it’s one of the lesser Goa tracks here. Unusual kickdrums and effects starts to appear, but not in a negative way, it just doesn’t feel right as previous tracks. I’m sure it’s more an experimentation (even it still sounds like Goa music, it doesn’t deliver that much of Goa for my personal taste). With Creature Of Heaven we have totally different story, more details, more melodies, more snares and build-ups. Without any doubt this will become a true dancefloor anthem. Not sure does anyone from Suntrip tested it already on some gig, but I have feeling it’s one of thoose special tracks to be played in front of crowd. I think this sums up pretty much what you can expect from Creature Of Heaven. Ohh, here is Ephedra. And he doesn’t like digital things, just like Imba. Well, unlike the digital non-sense, this collaboration track got a lot of sense. It’s enjoyable Goa ride, spiced up with Ephedra flavour just in perfect moment to make this album even more interesting. I don’t know who Lydia Delay is, but the remix is another nice track on this album. It leans more towards classical trance sound with big and epic melodies, not chessy, but… you know, just trance. What makes the difference here is Imba’s capability to put enough of Goa ingridients to make it sound enjoyable and danceable. Not my favorite track, but it has nice groove. Last track on this album – Rising Sun isn’t a downtempo. Shocker! Yeah, I expected some downtempo or goachill for the ending, but Imba doesn’t agrees, he wants to finish this album in style so you will go through 9 minutes of really mystical, but fast-paced Goa music. Not sure why, but this track reminded me on one old Trancemaster compilation tune – it also has catchy lead melody. Nice track for the ending. So was it good? More than that. There are many reasons why I consider First Encounter more than just good. First reason is because we worked on Impossible Astronaut release for Neogoa earlier this year, and somehow I couldn’t put enough of attention towards this (newer) material. The other reason might be really nice Suntrip release schedule for this year, including a bit more anticipated releases (at least in my case) such as Ra or Morphic Resonance, so Imba wasn’t on the spotlight for me. I guess I was wrong because this album brings exactly what it’s supposed to be – Imba sound. If you’re one of thoose guys who followed him around since his first compilations on Phototropic or UAF Records, you’ll know what you can expect. It doesn’t try to be different or someone else, it’s realistic, it brings groove and it’s more or less straight-forward Goa music. I can say it’s a little bit linear on certain parts, and it wouldn’t hurt it to have a bit more variations, but it won’t bother you if you like this guys work. Regarding the artwork, I’m not the biggest fan of generic Goa artworks, but I know how much Imba likes alien imagery (as many of you), so this one makes sense. Conclusion: Even it's a bit short review under first few listens I can recommend First Encounter because it represents 7-8 years of hard-work by Nikola, not only in music making or music releasing, but also as being an important and vital part of this scene and culture. I didn't have any big expectations and I was positivley suprised by this album. It doesn't try or want to be something else, it's just honest and danceable Goa music from Balkan region - made with a lot of passion and as such, it should get a deserved attention and support. Music & idea - 80% Sound & production - 86% Artwork & visuals - 61% Overall Score - 76% For more informations about this release, please visit official Suntrip Records website. Written by Richpa. Review and poll can be found here: http://www.neogoa.net/first-encounter-review/
  6. I supported the reward Shut up and take my money! (Obviously). Hopefully he will reach the goal!
  7. Richpa

    Mindsphere - Patience For Heaven

    ARTIST: Mindsphere ALBUM: Patience For Heaven LABEL: Suntrip Records YEAR: 2012 FORMAT: CD (Double) STYLE: Psychedelic, Goa Trance TRACKLIST: DISC 1: Patience For Heaven Shape Of Imagination (8:21) World Is Yours (8:34) Cosmos Evolution (8:01) All Alone (8:47) Ornementation (7:57) In To Reality (8:24) Spirits Of Devotion (9:17) Patience For Heaven (7:11) Circled (11:23) DISC 2: Inner Cyclone (Remastered) Painful Stories (11:02) Mindrama (9:56) We Have A Dream (7:48) Wasted Years (8:53) Operation Side (10:37) To Infinity (9:32) Inner Cyclone (11:14) Fusion (7:33) Unique experience. Yes, that happened to me few years ago when I discovered and heard for the first time Inner Cyclone (debut Mindsphere album which was released in 2007 by Metapsychic Records for free). It was a delightful journey into energetic and fastpaced Goa trance music filled with great melodies and striking rhythms, and now after few years and bunch of new releases, old Mindsphere still sounds very inimitable and beautiful. Patience For Heaven is Ali Akgun’s (man behind Mindsphere project) second full lenght release and it was announced on Suntrip Records as double CD, first disc with brand new tracks and second one with new remastered version of Inner Cyclone tracks. When I saw that announcement I was so curious to see will combination Mindsphere + Suntrip deliver another legendary release? With Inner Cyclone, Mindsphere established high standard(s), will he succeed to outperform himself? Play. Play it again. And again. Holy sh**. When I say it’s best produced Goa trance album in last couple of years I’m not gonna lie you with that statement. Patience For Heaven is just made perfectly, without flaws, with intelligent melodic work, best described as spiritual and emotional. Atmosphere of this release is really deep and unlike the Inner Cyclone, PFH is more calmer and even trippy, you can follow easily all details in songs. When I listened to previews on Mindsphere soundcloud few months before release, I knew it will be different but when you check complete piece than you get a new level of experience, highly positive. There are no bad tracks, everything is at right place, with perfect track list/order. If I must pick favorite, than probably at this moment it will be Ornementation tune, but I’m sure some other track will grow on me after couple of more listenings. PFH #1 Disc – 10/10 Let’s see how Inner Cyclone sounds after Tim Schuldts mastering. Play. Better. Much better. Not saying that just to add one more praise to Tims work, I’m saying it because mastering on orginal release in 2007. was bad, too much agressive and indeed, it was great decission for Suntrip/Mindsphere to release Inner Cyclone with new mastering. I’m not gonna review this second disc, there is plenty reviews on Psynews already. You can’t go wrong with this album, it’s a masterpiece. Conclusion – Probably best release in 2012 and one of the best Suntrips releases for sure. They already delivered great Crossing Mind album earlier this year and now this, you must appriciate their efforts for releasing high quality Goa trance music. Many people who are not that much into modern Goa trance told me that they dislike lack of production qualities in this genre and now I’ll be more than happy to ‘rub their noses’ with this release, because it’s produced perfectly, first disc is more releaxed than Inner Cyclone but also much deeper with superb melodic work and Inner Cyclone is, ummmm like a cyclone, fast, intense and highly psychedelic. If you’re looking for something like that, this might be perfect release for you. Congratulations Suntrip / Mindsphere, you made great album, 10 out of 10 stars from me. Samples/Shop: http://www.suntripre...se/cat/SUNCD26/ Review by Richpa: http://richpa.tumblr...-heaven-suntrip
  8. Jerome is one of the most talented guys working on the scene at the moment and he always delivers proper psychedelic music without trying so hard to be on the opposite spectre of melodic and 'fluffy' Goa trance. Everything feels natural and it flows through HP Lovecraft mythos and themes in perfect pace. I need to pick up this one asap.
  9. Truth to be told I am also excited to get this release up, especially after listening to the new tracks so many times. Good thing is that we gonna have even more merch goodies besides CDs and tees, but I want to keep this one for myself until the pre-order page is up. I think you guys and girls gonna like it, so I'll give my best not to drop any spoilers in the meantime. Regarding the sizes, I will get exact measurments from the factory and they will be featured on the Bandcamp info section. Prices will be budget-friendly (especially for bundles), as well as our standard shipping rates. In the end we just want to make fans and supporters happy with the music and overall package. When pre-order page is up, each person who purchased anything on our Bandcamp page will recieve notification email from the Bandcamp (plus, we will send our regular newsletter to subscribers) and there are also social networks where we post pretty much on weekly basis.
  10. T-shirt design by Kris Kylven has been revealed. T-shirts will be available to get in limited run alongside with CD's on Bandcamp.
  11. I hope we will be able to put preorders sometime around Christmas up on Bandcamp, but its more likely we will get CDs, t-shirts, stickers and other goodies in our hands in first days of January 2019.
  12. Nope, there will be a digital download as well (with the artwork included for the digital version of the release).
  13. I hope there isn't similar topic here already, but just in case I would like to see what fellow forum members think about all the extra stuff that some labels tend to include alongside the music. To give you an example, usually in psytrance scene we notice t-shirts and stickers coming with the music, but is there anything else casual fans are willing to buy besides that? Personally, as a kid I was crazy about collecting various posters from different bands and athletes, but it seems to me it's long forgotten trend that nowdays we don't see that much. Also, patches are a neat thing too if you like to collect them, it's not really something that comes in electronic music, but I'm sure some people here would love to have patches with their fav projects/albums being represented (or not?). Is there anything else you guys would love to get with the music? Let me know your thoughts/ideas about this subject Thanks
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    Videogames official thread

    Finally I completed God Of War on PS4 I haven't played Spiderman and RDR2 yet, but for me GoW is the GOTY.
  15. Richpa

    The metal thread

    Sulphur Aeon is great, GTTA was amazing! And my personal winner for this year is: They kept delivering progressive goodness, and even this time they had a pleasant suprises ready for us. This level of musicianship is unbelievable.
  16. Yeah, Bandcamp is important for me just because the collection and when I go out to have the music available on my phone, so d/l code for the release will be a great if doable. I will send you a message when I prepare the payment. Thanks
  17. This looks really amazing. Fede, is there gonna be option to get it through Bandcamp?
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    Need some new Goa

  19. Richpa

    The State of Psy Parties

    In Croatia Goa trance scene grew rapidly in last decade, especially party-wise (in recent couple of years). Of course, it's not on the same level regarding the popularity as it's case in Belgium, but during the year you got basiclly every month Goa events. The biggest epicentre of parties is capital Zagreb, but nearby cities of Sisak and Novi Marof also got strong local scenes and organizations who are taking good care to bring nice live-acts alongside with local DJ's. There are also some parties in western part of the country in city of Rijeka and from time to time in southern region of Dalmatia (Split and Zadar). Personally the biggest pros when it comes to Croatia is the really stunning nature and remote places where you can organize parties and trully enjoy outdoors, it's also one of the reasons why every summer you got really outstanding party season in Croatia, especially when it comes to festivals (from techno and house events being very popular at Adriatic seaside, but also psytrance in general where you got one of the best psytrance festivals Modem in Lika region). Of course, festivals with Goa artists are much smaller (compared to ZNA, Apsara, Connection), but they are on the healthy legs and what matters they are improving in terms of quality, organization, content and attendance. Autumn and winter season is also getting better and more and more young people are involving themselves in promotion of Goa trance music and getting some artists to come and play in Croatia. What is also noticable is the fact that audience on these parties are young people who are raised and introduced to Goa through the great work of artists and labels representing the 2nd wave of Goa music, which is a great thing. Overall, in my humble opinion Croatia got a lot of potential that hasn't been used fully to become a true summer Goa-trance hotspot, especially because electronic music events recently are getting recognition from the tourist boards and the local-goverments now got more understanding for this type of entertainment. Other potential is the stunning nature, from mountains, forests, rivers and Adriatic sea you really can choose and find perfect spot to held a festival. Prices in Croatia are still okay to most of the western tourists/visitors and you can spend nice holidays here without being bankrupted. However I believe we should have long-term strategy in that field and keep our prices fair. The negative aspect is I believe the same as it is in the most countries, the drugs and alcohole, but I hope that would change too, because music should be the only drug when it comes to Goa trance. The other negative aspect is the bare fact that average monthly net salary in Croatia is 700 euros, even tho I believe Zagreb area keeps that stats, other regions especially where I live and in eastern regions of Slavonia and Baranja are more like 400-500 euros. That being said, it's hard for Croatian organizers to get some 'bigger' names, especially because you can't have high ticket prices. Anyway, here are two smaller festivals next summer in Croatia where Goa music will be played that I know about: Mystic Mountain Festival (at Velebit mountain): https://www.facebook.com/events/1905858349511059/ Dragon's Quest Festival (Gračac, Lika region, where Lost Theory took place): https://www.facebook.com/events/228971744405176/
  20. Kris revealed the tracklist for the album as shown on the digital version of the artwork: There will be a plenty of new material (complete second CD will be fresh music) while the Lazarus Rising part will also have some new music featured.
  21. We kept something really special for the end of the year and the upcoming holidays. I hope you guys are ready for the forthcoming Ultimate Xperience double CD album on Neogoa Records Release date and all other informations will be posted on the official Neogoa Records page and website next week!