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  1. I'm gonna check with the guys, thanks for reporting it and for checking the release. Take care
  2. Welcome to Psynews and full support towards your great work!
  3. Thanks! Since many people would love it to hear the album in full, you can hit the Neogoa Records YouTube page later today and stream all tracks in HD. https://www.youtube.com/c/neogoarecords
  4. Congrats to winners and all participants, and thanks to all voters and to you for counting the votes.
  5. U/T 01 - Ultimate Xperience - The Realm Of A New Dawn 02 - GoaD - Hypnotic Mirage 03 - Katedra - We Are Not Alone 04 - Sky Technology - Rainbow Spirit 05 - Morphic Resonance - Bad Dreamer EP 06 - JaraLuca - The Prologue 07 - V/A - ZNA Gathering 08 - The Maniac - A Treatise On Acid D/T 01 - Proxeeus - Celephaïs 02 - Globular - Untangled Everything
  6. OUT NOW! Available in digital and limited CDr format only via Bandcamp: https://bit.ly/FloralCortex
  7. Dafuq, I had exactly the same thing happening with Proxeeus ATMOM album being released on July 14th on national day of France. Honestly, in both cases we didn't pay any attention to thoose national holidays. I guess it happens when you have many releases and dates through the decade long period of music releasing. Anyway, thanks for nice feedback
  8. Flying Into A Star is probably one of the more darker AP tracks from DG album, but when it comes to pure psychedelic expression than Life On Mars and Enlightened Evolution (Remix) comes to my mind as top picks, but since some folks already posted LoM, I'll leave the other one here. I was missing some good old AP topics.
  9. GoaD's new double CD Hypnotic Mirage is now back again at our Bandcamp shop. Last 20 copies of this limited release can be purchased here: https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/hypnotic-mirage
  10. Mastering is ready, artwork almost there, so probably within few weeks. I'm still looking to get the discs pressed before I put anything up on Bandcamp. We will have probably Maan and GoaD CD's ready for shipping sometime in May. Will post annoucement for both on time. Take care
  11. Since there is a limitation at Bandcamp regarding the free streaming, both parts (Hypnotic Mirage and Galactic Aviator Remastered) now can be fully streamed in HD quality at our YouTube channel track-by-track. Visit the playlist file here: https://bit.ly/GoaD-YouTube Happy listening!
  12. Thank you guys for your reviews, since Bandcamp got limitation regarding the streaming, now music from both CD's Hypnotic Mirage and Galactic Aviator Remastered can be streamed at our YouTube channel in full lenght track-by-track. Playlist file here: https://bit.ly/GoaD-YouTube
  13. My personal favorite is Tetragrammaton, released on first Dimensional Gateway V/A, and later on re-released on Epoch Of The Terrans.
  14. OUT NOW! https://bit.ly/FloralCortex After short break we're back again with another psychedelic Goa trance gem from the northern Europe entitled Floral Cortex. It's a debut album of Frode Ungar, a talented producer and musician from Maan project, which we already introduced on our Dimensional Gateway 5 compilation, back in 2017. The name (Maan) is derived from a special location in the south-west of Norway called Mån, a place where creativity and inspiration evaporates through the very pores of nature. With Floral Cortex, three years after the release of Field Quanta track, Maan is ready to take us on his journey once again, but this time through the deep & foresty atmospheres of biomechanical worlds where artificial creativity exists. As his music progresses, you will feel the connection between the organic and mechanical sounds, the neverending loop which greatly represents the extensive influences and styles found on the Floral Cortex ranging from ritualistic tribal and even norse pagan atmospheres towards more progressive and metalic Goa trance vibes, spiced up with forest and techno influences. Floral Cortex is scheduled to come out on 31st of May 2020 in digital and limited CDr format Pre-order at Bandcamp: https://bit.ly/FloralCortex Artist: Maan Album: Floral Cortex Label: Neogoa Records Release date: 31st May, 2020. Mastering: Igor Čeranić at Deimos Soundlabs Artwork: Ivan Parić Tracklist: 01 - Prelude: Havenless 02 - Mother Moss 03 - Instant Equillibirum 04 - Re/Bells 05 - Garden With Flowers Of Crazy Colors 06 - The Wednesday Pond 07 - Red Relic 08 - Interstate Insects 09 - Maven 10 - Postlude: Antiquity All tracks written and produced by Frode Ungar (Norway) http://www.maanmusic.com/ Mastering by Igor Čeranić at Deimos Soundlabs (Croatia) http://www.deimos-soundlabs.com/ Visuals and album artwork by Ivan Parić (Croatia) http://neogoa.net/ SoundCloud samples: YouTube video samples:
  15. Interesting and much welcomed concept in pretty much stale Goa trance scene. Mario is known as someone who gives a lot of attention to all tiny details, especially in his live output. It's interesting to see his live jams being available in this format for sure. It's also a fitting release to Cronomi style and vibe, even tho many folks expected the full lenght album instead of improvisation records, so it would be great to see more defined and nonconfusing marketing approach in the future guys. Music is detailed, innovative, different and it deserves it. Best of luck to all involved, I will get the CD when this shitty Corona situation ends. P.S. - (P)Sara is rocking with the graphics, girl got the style
  16. Northern part of Croatia has been affected much more than it's case here in southern region of Dalmatia where I live, however situation is getting worse each day after new testings. Some people who were at the skiing in Austria and who worked abroad (northern part of Italy) aren't acting responsible and trying to avoid the self-isolation. Some special laws were implemented to prevent thoose situations. On the other hand a lot of people started helping elders by bringing food since they were advised not to go out and many people are sharing the #stayhome #stayathome campaing to raise awareness of prevention. Mixed feelings of panicking, fear and togetherness in this mess. People are also affraid about their jobs especially in the tourist sector of our economy. We are still working (manufacturing/pressing sector here) and our youngest citizens are having their school lessons via national television / online classes for a couple of days already. The main goal of goverment is to avoid the scenario that happened in Italy (and now in Spain) so I hope we won't witness that, but time will tell. Let's hope for the best. Stay safe guys!
  17. Because we don't believe in streaming platforms. If you want to support the work of the artist and/or label you can get the music in physical or digital format via Bandcamp. If you want to stream it you can do it through our official YouTube channel in full lenght for free. Can we keep the discussions related to music in reviews thread please and technical details keep for the General topics? Thank you
  18. Thanks Here is another track (this time it's from GA segment) where you can hear new mix and mastering.
  19. Neogoa Records is proud to present the final release for 2019 - the long-awaited new Goa trance album entitled 'Hypnotic Mirage' by Danish music producer and artist Anders Munk, better known as GoaD. In summer 2016, GoaD stunned the Goa trance scene with his debut album 'Galactic Aviator' (released by Neogoa Records via Ektoplazm platform) and introduced his high-octane and acidic Goa trance compositions influenced by old-school juggernauts such as The Overlords, Transwave, Man With No Name, and Astral Projection, but with signature GoaD vibe. Led by positive buzz and feedback, Anders worked very hard in his home-studio last two years crafting new materials for Hypnotic Mirage album. Earlier this year new music was finally completed and the idea to rehaul the Galactic Aviator album with new mix and mastering was born. This Christmas you will have a chance to enjoy in over 140 minutes of top notch Goa trance music (in both digital and physical formats) with 22 tracks by GoaD (11 tracks from Hypnotic Mirage + 11 remastered tracks from Galactic Aviator). Pre-order now at Neogoa Records Bandcamp page! https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/hypnotic-mirage Digital version releases December 25th 2019 Physical version releases January 12th 2020 Samples at Neogoa Records SoundCloud: Full track 'Mission Out Of Control'' available on YouTube: All tracks written and produced by Anders Munk www.neogoa.net/goad/ www.facebook.com/GoaDdk Mastering by Igor Čeranić at Deimos Soundlabs www.deimos-soundlabs.com Artwork design by Ivan Parić at Neogoa Records twitter.com/IvanRichpa www.neogoa.net CD 1: Hypnotic Mirage 01 - Flight Prelude (130 BPM) 02 - Two Bright Lights (147 BPM) 03 - Intoxicant Engine (152 BPM) 04 - Astrodiver (150 BPM) 05 - Misson Out Of Control (148 BPM) 06 - Unwanted Passenger (152 BPM) 07 - Hostile Contact (148 BPM) 08 - Aerial Anomaly (147 BPM) 09 - Hypnotic Mirage (148 BPM) 10 - Extraction (149 BPM) 11 - Little Blue Dot (122 BPM) CD 2: Galactic Aviator (Remastered) 01 – Submerged On Ganymede (150 BPM) 02 – Outer Passage (146 BPM) 03 – Intergalactic Gates (150 BPM) 04 – Other Species (146 BPM) 05 – Tripping Astronaut (149 BPM) 06 – Galactic Aviator (150 BPM) 07 – Alien Pursuit (150 BPM) 08 – Goa Delirium (148 BPM) 09 – Mystic Presence (149 BPM) 10 – Lost In Time (147 BPM) 11 – Temple Monkeys (149 BPM)
  20. Samples: https://soundcloud.com/neogoarecords/goad-hypnotic-mirage Complete album samples (22 minutes) for the final Neogoa Records release in 2019. are here. Hypnotic Mirage will be released on Christmas day (digital) and physical version will be out on January 12th. Pre-orders will be available tomorrow. Here is the back side artwork for Hypnotic Mirage album with tracklist and credits. Enjoy the weekend guys!
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