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  1. Thank you, my friend, I like to blend the old with the new! :)
  2. @Jon Cocco Thanks a lot for your detailed review, I'm glad you liked it! Please check "7", it's slower and more laid back but has its own magic @Manuser Thanks a lot for buying the album!
  3. @Manuser thank you so much for your review! It's great to know how people experience my music. I would describe most of the tracks in a very similar way. On others you suprise me with angles I've never thought about before Again thank you for the time you took listening to the music and writing the review. Boom!
  4. "Out of Time" is out now also on my Bandcamp site: Out of Time on Bandcamp Enjoy!
  5. Yap, that might be a good idea, I'll talk to them about releasing the album on my BC and split the profit with them. It's strange that I have a new album and it's not on my own personal BC, thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Hi @psytones, what's up? Thank you for your kind words! For now there's no plan to release the album on my Bandcamp, this one was released with SY Records and we split the profits. Glad that "7" spreaded its charm on you, is slower and more laid back but has it's magic! Boom
  7. @gfp1 Thank you so much for you amazing review and kind words! And thank you for taking the time to listen to the album and write this review. Reading your words I feel we connected through the music, and that's what it is all about for me Looking back I think you're right, "7" wasn't released on a very good date. The funny thing is that I tried very hard to release it still on 2016 to keep the meaning of 7 tracks, 7 years since the first album. I still remember Basilisk from Ektoplazm pushing it to the limit in the last week to finish the artwork and release it on time (thanks Alexander!). Very glad you liked it! Boom
  8. You can stream the full album on Spotify: The album is also available on JunoDownload, Apple Music and Amazon Music
  9. Artist: Xamanist Album: Out of Time Label: SY Records Artwork: Peter Paxx Release date: September 16th 2019 Samples: Out of Time samples Buy it here: Out of Time on Beatport I have the pleasure and the excitement to announce that my third album "Out of Time" is out now, released by SY Records on Beatport! 3 years of work and inspiration concluded into 9 diverse tracks that navigate to, from and between the realms of goa, psychedelic and progressive trance. In every track I experimented something diferent: diverse approaches, sounds and structures. On some of them I consciously intended to target a more oldschool goa aesthetic, on others I let the stories translate into a more modern sound, without any rule other than personal taste and enjoyment. I hope the thrill that envolved this album's making passes through the music to you in a joyfull way! As always I welcome any feedback and I thank the time you dedicate to listen to my music. Enjoy
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