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  1. Great production, great creativity, 604 trance is alive! Really enjoying this album, every track as its own story and overall the album has its own identity, congrats! It isn't easy to create a darkish vibe while keeping the sound clean and detailed, and IMO this album does that. It is not easy also to keep the goa vibe when the sound is modern, and this album brings the best of both worlds in its own way. Boom!
  2. Agreed, great flow and great tracks! Thanks for spinning my track on my country Boom
  3. Hey Lunar Dawn! Nice to meet you Sorry for letting this review slip under my radar, but my radar is also working at a very slow pace due to work and a small daughter Thanks again for the detailed review (we already changed ideas on the promo post), looking forward for your interest and feedback on new tracks that are slowly cooking on my goa melting pot! As always, new tracks keep surprising me and taking my music into new directions. Looking forward to hearing your new stuff. Peace & Light
  4. You could check my music It's definitelly not the "most craziest, out-there goa/psy that exists", but surelly it is not classic and it's always somewhere in between styles! http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/xamanist-7 http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/xamanist-initiation
  5. This kind of discussion comes from the beginning of time and goes till the end of time Taste is a very personal thing, so of course there will be a lot of disagreement when we compare. Some people favour to hear lots of tracks in the particular style they like the most, others favour to hear diversity and experimenting... Everyone gets what they want if they look deep enough Personally what drew me as a musician to the goa scene was the amazement about the diversity of sounds and influences in oldschool goa trance. Rock breaks, asian melodies, tribal elements, voices, fx, everything goes! Sometimes the mix was amazing, sometimes was plain weird! Since then, when I danced and tripped to goa, progressive, dark and other masterpieces, when composing I try to let myself go and let inspiration flow wherever it goes... And it's a bliss to sometimes get to where you never imagined you could! I have less time than I wanted to listen to all the new music I want to, but surely masterpieces are being created as always! And boring tracks too... But maybe in a couple of years I will love to hear the ones I dislike nowadays So +1 for diversity, crossovering, imagination, creativity... And +1 for respect for what you don't like at the moment and those who like it! Boom
  6. Very nice festival organized by very nice people! For the oldschool goa heads this is a must. Welcome to Portugal 604 dancers
  7. Yep, different people, different tastes and experiences... With this diverse album I hope everyone likes at least some track and maybe a few like them all
  8. Thanks Paul, glad you liked it! So far, from the feedback I get, "Bubbles" seems to have a love or hate relationship with everyone Peace
  9. Hey! Thank you for playing one of the tracks, please let me know if it bombed the place Sure, if you make it to Portugal and are thinking about visiting Porto (you should) please let me know and we'll meet for beer & chat! Peace & Light
  10. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the album and to write this amazing review! It's great to know in detail what someone thinks of each track, each moment, what does it bring up in their personal experience I really get everything you said about every track, seems that our background has a lot in common and that you get where I come from and where I'm going. My tracks normally go where they want and I collected a lot of influences through the years, so I think my albums are very diverse, but with Goa trance has it's core and foundation. It's the music that touched and touches my heart and that oldschool spiritual vibe won't leave my bones. 7 years is a lot of time to compose an album, so the diversity is ever greater as I keep evolving and seeking diferent things through the years... I would be very surprised if everyone liked every single track. I compose this music because I love it, I love to make people dance, elevate their spirit and have fun Thank you again for listening and don't take me wrong if I steal "Proggy trippy GoaTrance" for a t-shirt Boom
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