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  1. Sounds like vibe tribe - melodrama cd but i don't think this track is on it
  2. The numbering in the third track is a fibonacci sequence and is a mathematical spiral. About the title: We don't take it all to serious. It doesn't have to be a theme in some sort. I red about this fear, which is a real thing apperently and we were joking and laughing about it. :-) We had enough spiral, troll, psy, space, titles allready so why the heck not :-) And now you have expanded your knowledge about diffrent kinds of fear. Next time you see somebody run for a duck or getting paranoid about it, you know what it is
  3. Thx Djuna! Yes this is all relative new stuff. Dark side of our foot is the oldest from one year and a half ago.
  4. Answer for the more expensive price: Well all this digital shops determine price by them self...as you see on Beatport your release is newest and it have label that is exclusive so that is why, in couple of weeks price will be normal like all other releases. Psyshop I think doesn't have that option... Also it is released on bandcamp. timewarprecords.bandcamp.com/album/javi…idaephobia Enjoy! All the best!
  5. Huh, didn't noticed it untill now :-) I really have no idea. I will ask the timewarp guys.
  6. Released! Hope you guys enjoy. All the best! https://www.beatport.com/release/anatidaephobia/1778349 https://www.psyshop.com/shop/Downloads/tim/tim1dw046.html
  7. Soon! https://www.psyshop.com/shop/Downloads/tim/tim1dw046.html
  8. i'm an idiot :-) It was a typo. Thanks for noticing it!
  9. Second EP of Javi & SkoOma - called 'Anatideaphobia (Timewarp records)' is planned to release on the 6th of june. Feel free to check some short samples! Hope you enjoy it! All the best! Tracklist: 1. Save the universe 2. Butterpsy effect 3. 1123581321 4. Dark side of our foot
  10. Well 240eur is indeed a lot of money. This one are rated one of the best and cost 160eur. http://www.variphone.com/nl/mep-2g But if your's doing there job then even 240eur is worth it
  11. Uploaded an older track of ours. Feel free to listen! All the best!
  12. 165eur is nothing compared to become crazy of ringing. They last 4-5 years. 165eur / 4 = 41,25 per year or 3,43eur per month :-) Seems like a very good deal :-)
  13. I also have tinnitus. I quit dj'ing long time ago because of this and i'm a sound and light tech so i need my ears badly for my job. From my work i got pro ear plugs made specially for my ears and with linear db filter. This is perfect. Don't think it got worse since i got it but i am very carefull now. Got used to live with it i guess :-)
  14. Stole the title from yoda. 'there is no try but do or do not'
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