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  1. Was the re-release of the Lunar Asylum album also remastered (or otherwise improved)?
  2. Technosomy -- Sent you a message a few minutes ago. BraneFreeze
  3. Other than the first track (I can't stand the singing in the background), this is an excellent album that I still play frequently. One of the best releases this year.
  4. Some of us are still waiting to get a CD or FLAC of his last release, UX Audissey.
  5. Want to buy UX - Audissey (Live & Beyond) CD https://www.discogs.com/UX-Audssey-Live-Beyond/release/8171380 Condition: Very Good (VG) or better Send me an e-mail if willing to sell: pnelson3737@gmail.com
  6. It took me a minute to figure out what you're doing, but this is an interesting approach and looks like a good addition to your ongoing project. Thanks.
  7. My initial reaction was WTF, but the music grew on me the more I went back. I think the first track is too fast, so I actually used Audacity to create my own version with a slower tempo. I also skip the second track (Magumba) because the singing sucks. The rest of the album, I like, although it took awhile. It's not what I expected from Shpongle, but I think it's ultimately a worthy addition to their catalog.
  8. Finally decided to check this out after all the enthusiasm here at PsyNews. On the first pass, I thought it was good but not great. In particular, I thought the first 2-3 tracks were kind of average. I especially disliked the lame vocal sample in the first track. However, I then tried an approach mentioned by T2MU in another review: I played the tracks in reverse order. After listening to the album this way, I had a much more positive reaction to the music, and a better appreciation of the talent and skill embodied in Eurythmia. I still hate the first track, but now rate the overall album 4/5.
  9. What's with the "blip" around 3:08-3:10 in Hide And Clap? Is that deliberate?
  10. Goofy but harmless. Basically an extended, demented musical cartoon. Not really dance music, but would probably work well at parties. Too much talking on the final two tracks, but good energy all the way.
  11. What about some of the other albums (We Are The World 2008, Volume One EP 2012, Reborn 2016, etc)? Any thoughts about those? (I already have Zelur Project)
  12. That might work BUT there's shipping costs (and delays) on the buy side, no guarantee of an after-market on the sell side, AND why is this even necessary in 2017? Seems like a real kludge when the correct solution is so obvious.
  13. While we're on the topic, why don't more labels drop the prices of older digital releases? I think this would encourage people to buy more music to fill out their collections.
  14. I agree, but the problem is the continuing refusal of some labels to release digital music (eg, the Mind Rewind series from DAT Mafia Recordings). (Tell me again why digital releases can't support charitable causes?)
  15. "If you don't like nitzo, give this one a pass" On the other hand, if you're OK with Nitzho, you might consider this 2016 release by Shivax and Agneton: https://sitarecords1.bandcamp.com/album/achieving-moksha
  16. I like the sound quality on this album. The music really seems to breathe. Not the usual high tempo, "wall of sound" approach.
  17. This is a pretty good album that seems to have fallen between the cracks ... https://timewarprecords.bandcamp.com/album/somnesia-cosmic-resonance-timewarp054-timewarp-records
  18. A pretty solid compilation overall. The first and last tracks are nothing special, but I enjoyed everything else, even Crossing Mind, who I usually dislike. 5/7
  19. The Expanse https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Expanse_(TV_series) Don't know if this is available outside the US.
  20. Uptempo: 1. Ultimate Xperience - Lazarus Rising 2. Morphic Resonance - The City Of Moons 3. Artha - Dream Telepathy 4. Proxeeus - Weird Tales 5. Agnetivax - Achieving Moksha
  21. antic604: "If I were to complain about anything, I'd say that some of those songs would have been better if they were shorter, more condensed and focused." I agree with this comment. Some songs seemed to lose focus and momentum before they eventually concluded. I also thought some tracks would have been better if the vocals were omitted. However, having said that, this was an ambitious album and I greatly enjoyed it even if I didn't agree with all the compositional choices. 9/10
  22. I read an article some time ago which said that if you had sufficient chemistry knowledge to make LSD it was easier and more profitable to make other drugs instead.
  23. This is Psychowave's first full length album. I thought it was pretty good overall, but some of the songs just seemed to run on and never really developed. The best tracks for me were Nav Gate Bahia, Dancem Macacos (minus the talking intro), Sunrise Prelude, and Elves On The Dancefloor. I think Psychowave's got talent, but his compositions need more structure. 3 / 5
  24. Not too exotic, but one of my favorites: Artichoke hearts, prosciutto, and sun-dried tomatoes
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