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  1. It was such a tease for him to release that and then nothing. My favorite track on that compilation and he just lets us starve? I kid and really thank him for releasing that great track.
  2. No need to listen to samples, I've already seen the name of the group! Looking forward to this one with much anticipation!
  3. Novacron


    All i have to say is 'weed wacker with metal blades to the face'. Need I say more?
  4. Here's a reply from Ben Watkins himself: Hi It is a juno Label, and it is a new mastering. I hope you enjoy it. Ben - I don't know but I thought the release could have been a little bit more crisp in some areas, but nonetheless the original does sound great compared to it's original release date I guess I will have to see for myself, interesting!
  5. I recently found this on psyshop: http://www.discogs.com/Juno-Reactor-Beyond-The-Infinite/release/2246959 I was just curious if anyone has had experience with this reissue? Is it remastered? The label (Barbarian Records?) seems to have no website or any information whatsoever about themselves or else I would have contacted them directly about this. Any info would be helpful, thanks guys!
  6. Very interesting. How does the sand get pressed into the glass?
  7. My favorite Power Source song... Orient Express. Great melodies and old school vibe
  8. I most likely will be going to that, the Halloween parties are pretty fun.
  9. A very 'in-your-face' feel, but I am sure it fits the music well Nice work
  10. I have been with FL since v3.0 and let me tell you Image-Line has come a LONG way with their product. Kudos to them for staying in the game, it's my one and only go-to DAW ...for now
  11. Got mine today and have been playing with it off and on through the day... this thing is definetly worth checking out if you are into analogue synthesis! It has the same filter from the MS-20, so here is the comparison:
  12. How could you not love this thing?! It's analog, incredibly cheap ($60), battery powered (circuit bending anyone?) and can be easily modified. Anyone had any experience with this little guy? I'm going to be picking one of these up as soon as a get the chance... just thought you guys would dig it. Here's a video of it in action with Gate mods and such:
  13. I'm just about finished up listening for the first time... it's really mind boggling that this album never got released until now. Well done Stephane and thank you DAT Records!
  14. OMG Afgin why didn't you contact me for a cover design?! Great tunes anyways though, thank you so much!
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