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  1. OUT NOW! "Beyond Ourselves" is the first track of "The Spiritual Path" EP and the first step of the spiritual path: to go beyond ourselves, our ego, our karma, and by so to open up to higher possibilities. This track is very special to me, as it is my first collaboration with my younger brother Rui (Samarthya). He is a fan of my music and I am a fan of his skills and sensibility for creating atmospheres and melodic synth backgrounds, so the idea of collaborating in a track naturally blossomed. The creative process of this track was totally different from my usual, and I enjoyed it very much! First I created the full track with only kick, bass and drum elements, constraining myself of introducing any melodic content or FX. Then Rui improvised a lot over it and created a story of drones, voices and pads that shaped the melodic ambience of the track. Finally, I've finished it off with FX, acidic synths and extra psychedelic elements. It was a lot of fun and flowed really fast! "Ananda" is the conclusion of "The Spiritual Path" EP and is about reaching a state of pure bliss, as a result of seeing everything as it is, being fully connected with the universe and this eternal moment we live in. It is a full power track, with lots of uplifting and inspiring melodies, perfect for a sunny day in a beautiful place or in a joyful dancefloor next to free spirits! Enjoy and dance! Get it @ Beaport Get it @ Bandcamp
  2. "Shiva" EP is out! "Mahashivratri" opens the EP. It's a giant journey into deep realms, inspired by the energy of the great night of Shiva. I've been connecting with the Yogic tradition and technologies in recent years, applying it to my everyday life. Features voices recorded in the studio from me, my wife and my little daughter. "Fearless" is the second track of "Shiva" EP. It's a trip to the origin of psychologic fear, how it can only surface when we revive the past or imagine a possible negative future... And so it's impossible to experience if we manage to be fully in the ever changing NOW Listen or Buy Enjoy! Boom
  3. Solid progressive track, with an oldschoolish flavour!
  4. Great album, very refreshing, an oldschoolish-flowing-groovy-progressive ride!
  5. "Normal People" is out! My new EP includes 2 psychedelic progressive monsters... Enjoy the lustfull vibe, the goa melodies and the progressive energy of these floor fillers! Buy or Listen Boom!
  6. Hey boys and girls, "Rising" is now released on all major platforms. Thanks for the support!
  7. It's out! For now exclusively on Beatport. Get it on Beatport Boom and thanks for the support!
  8. Thanks, mate! I will be, but only about 2 months after the official release. The label doesn't publish to Bandcamp but allows me to publish on my own Bandcamp after some time. Boom
  9. Hey people, Previews available, check it out SoundCloud previews Boom, Sérgio
  10. My new EP "Rising" is coming out soon on Let It Out Records! 2 creative and energetic psychedelic tracks infused with goa melodies and deep soundscapes. Samples coming soon, stay tuned!
  11. Hello my friend, thanks for listening and for your support! Yes, I guess my music will always be in some sweet spot that I like, somewhere between prog, psychedelic/fullon and goa... Now nearer the prog side, but always with goa spirit and inspiration, at least in the melodies and personal motivation :) The A1ON remix is very nice, evolving and creative, thanks for the link. Thank you and all the best for you and for your label!
  12. My new EP "Unity" is out on Yellow Sunshine Explosion! "The Origin" is a driven psychedelic ride, jumping from dimension to dimension, in a quest for the origin of everything. Featuring the amazing Jiddu Krishnamurti with it's intense presence and enlightened words. "Unite" is a powerful track, carries the energy of a revolution! Inspired by this ever relevant speech from Charles Chaplin, it breaks ground until it reaches its final melodies of union & strength. "Unity" on Beatport "Unity" on SoundCloud Enjoy these 2 dancefloor blasters, reach for your favourite dance moves and unleash your raver spirit!
  13. And it's out! My new single "Kundalini" is released on Sun Department Records. This track if full of swirling upward energies, a high octane piece of music that converges on beautiful inspiring melodies. Tune in, drop out! Listen on SoundCloud Listen / Buy on Bandcamp Buy on Beatport
  14. My new EP "Space" is out on Let It Out Records, two tracks to blast you into deep space! "Extraterrestrial" is a really spaced out track, very deep and full of acidic melodic lines. "Space Exploration" is a blast, capturing the adrenaline and excitement of a rocket launch into the vastness of space. Enjoy this acidic ride with rocking leads and out-of-space effects! Buy it on Beatport Listen on SoundCloud Boom!
  15. Now available on Bandcamp (Thanks Tsotsi for the buy!): Ecstatic EP on Bandcamp
  16. My new EP "Ecstatic" is out on Let It Out Records! "Active Meditation" is a very special track to me, has it was the first track that I made after I decided I wanted to pursue a more progressive sound. With wise words from Cosmosis and Ajja, this track reflects the feeling of constant meditation while dancing, one step at a time towards ecstasy! "Inner Healing" started diving deep into sonic experiments, something that I love to do, not knowing where it will all go but at peace with the risk. This track mutates from soundscape to soundscape, until it reaches a bright and warm plateau, which brought me the concept of inner healing. Voices by Sadhguru. Get it on Beatport Listen on SoundCloud Enjoy, boom!
  17. Simply mesmerizing album and amazing artist, on of my current favourites in the psy / groovy chill domain, very creative and with a powerful positive energy. His set in the Boom Festival 2018 Chillout Gardens was something else! Great review, something special indeed.
  18. I love Bandcamp, just forgot about it Thanks a lot! More to come soon
  19. Xamanist - Secrets of the Universe [Antu Records] This track was the second one I finished following my new more progressive oriented musical vision. It is also my first release on Antu Records. Slower than my previous work and for the first time using a triplet bassline, an idea that has been dwelling on my mind for maybe 10 years, way before the current "abuse" of these rhythm. I would describe it as an oldschool-ish alien-abducted progressive track, very acidic and that I think will please the oldschool goa lovers for all its psychedelic textures and flow. The main theme is the quest to unveil the secrets of this amazing universe. I recorded the voices, performing citations from Nikolas Tesla. Mastered by Colin Bennun at the Stooodio, artwork by Antu Records. Enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think of it! Buy on Beatport Listen on Soundcloud Boom!
  20. Xamanist - Spiritual Awakening [Sol Music] This track is the proof that adversity can generate beautiful things. Locked down in isolation due to COVID-19, I started composing overwhelmed and confused by the current situation. As the days passed by and the music took its shape, my own creation lifted my spirit and blossomed into a new perspective, a new joy. The track slowly evolves, from melody to melody, reaching full ecstasy towards the end. Prepare yourself for a blissful moment! Buy on Beatport Listen on Soundcloud
  21. Thanks a lot my friend! Nowadays I'm more into the progressive psy side of things, but in my own way (read: with lots of goa melodies). The speech was written by me and recorded by my lovely wife More to come very soon, two more singles already lined up for release, stay tuned! Boom
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