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  1. As much as I don't like such minimalistic drops I perfectly understand need for them. It is all psychological. Some top notch producers told me they don't like it, some of them hate it but they see need for it regarding crowd, so they make them. If you want to play and be big, you need to make some compromises otherwise you can play only on local parties. If you can combine your love with business, that's success. You make tension, then you put it down, put some primitive beats for stomping than start building again. Imagine 8 minutes track of constant full power and melodies, you get tired after 20-30 minutes. Mood changes are good and people love them. I always like to give people to listen to my most favorite live set ever which is this one: We should really study Burn In Noise, technicaly and mood wise he done it to perfection. His music is super powerful with tension builds for over few minutes just like in Goa Trance, yet here and there he put them 'boring drops'. It is different kind of power, different drive, different mood which is needed for the mind and for the body of dancers. I am in process of doing experiments with my own music. Making different version of already released music, example my album... now whole album have it's own remixes or edites with different 'drops' or 'build ups' and some of them work way better than original ones. I know it's up to each ones taste but there is some science in it
  2. My favorite just after Temple Of Chaos! It was remixed back in 2014 and released later on NeoGoa in my EP, now this is another/improved remix. Funny story regarding that remix is that I asked Dimension 5 to remix Temple Of Chaos and they sent me original cubase project from 90s, which was misnamed, it turned out to be Omega Centaurus, another favorite which I decided to remix. Liberation EP was delayed for almost a year because I had plan to build studio, which I did few months ago. Made superb acoustics, got monitors so my sound is 10x better than it was on album. Few compilation tracks and one more EP will come during winter I hope!
  3. Just saw my post from 3 years ago and I noticed I changed my 'style' of mixing. Now no plans, nothing. Just load and play one track and what I feel in moment I do that. I like the feeling of getting something done unpredictable and in last moment.
  4. Alternative Control will always be my favorite full-on project and they were first psy producers that I met even before I started music production, some 13-14 years ago when I was high school kid... oh so much fancy stories from gigs they did around the globe, they were one to encourage me to start with my own production, amazing guys!
  5. I will always miss tracks like this: That's what I listened before I started with Goa and it's damn hard to hear this retro melodic fullon these days at festivals...
  6. But I guess we in Serbia are winners, best psytrance ever:
  7. Everytime I produce something and I am really into it, deeply enjoying sounds and psychedelia of it I got lost, just partly there in chair. I am not very aware of surrounding, feels like im in many places and then when I take a break it's hard to come together for some 10-15 mins ahaha I am not sure if it's what you asked but it is very pleasent experience and then all these inspiration and ideas come, then next day 'how da fuck did I made this?' All I need to do is to get the right sound to trigger that experience
  8. Sevilla In Trance had delay and reverb on bassline, say no more...
  9. I guess most of you are mistaked. It's about mixing not the mastering. Katedra himself has always had this style of mixing: bassy, muddy, industrial. I know because we collaborated long ago on 'Magic Science & Imba - Ghost Town' where he was part of Magic Science, and you can hear his style in the track. Even if I am not, nor personaly nor professionaly for it/this style of mixing, I support and respect his ideas and presentation of his music. And important thing is freedom which not many labels give you these days but Global Sect does which is amazing. In most cases when I finish and send premasters to label they say 'It's too clean', 'It's more Fullon than Goa', or it's not clean enough or buyers prefer more this or that bla bla bla... here Katedra had complete freedom to express himself musical and production wise. Just relax and enjoy in what he delivers to you as his own Goa Trance without genre/style rules and boundaries
  10. 90% of music played there is much worse than that Offbeat which have some sense, musicaly + production wise. Believe or not this is the main thing there: Ear-bleeding ultra sharp kicks, same bass paterns over and over, few note 'melodies' and often oriental vocals that doesn't make any sense. There is no sense in any of it at all but it's as you can see, what crowd wants...
  11. Some offbeat prog at around 130-135 if perfect doggy style but i cannot really call it psytrance ahaha Don't ask me how I know
  12. I see nobody posted it here yet... Another amazing Psytrance producer has lost the battle against cancer and passed away 21th february Bruno Isidro, better known as Module Virus, part of Bom Shanka and Sangoma Records died too young, he was only 34... Influental producer, always positive and constructive with his advices and support to others in Psytrance community. One of his last posts, 8 days before he passed away was: 'All I wish is to write new music' Rest in peace, have a safe journey to the biggest festival ever! Fly High Bruno, Thank You!
  13. Have you tried artists and releases from Sangoma, Bom Shanka Music, Looney Moon Records? No cheese at all! They are 90% twilight which is most psychedelic and most driving Psychedelic trance style to me and from which I suck inspiration for my Goa Trance
  14. What she said! Percentage thing won't work first because it never happens. I had something lik 10 contracts like that, you know how much $ I got from that sales % shit? Zero! Happens to others too, so they don't really believe in that shit anymore. A lot of factors are in there: is it cd or digital, how and how much you pay, how much that artist spend on that track... if it's months for sure he will ask for good money. Some of them love that track so much so they won't give it just like that. Would they like your idea of compilation itself? Some of them are living from music so they don't care for free music. Some of them will give you for free and ask for few copies, some will ask money and 10-20 copies, some will ask to fix them booking in your country for such amount of money if they give you track. Some of them don't like selling rights because at some labels it get's re-released over and over on 'VA - Top of Bullshit Trance' compilations without even being asked or announced. Some of them will simply reject you because you are new/unknown for them and they don't trust you or don't trust you can promote their music enough. I don't want to scare you, just be prepared that your dream artist wont give you or simply dont have any unsigned tracks for you. From personal experience I reject digital compilations always, I prefer or CD or free download. As for digital EPs have more impact and promotion for artist. First thing first is set up your budget and know how much money you have for pressing, mastering, cover art, sponsoring, shippings and taxes to online shops and artists. It will probably take couple of years to get that money back/be at 0. Back in the days when I ran UAF Records everything was for free download, everyone gave music for free and even did coverarts and mastering for free, ofcourse not so professional but label served for promoting new artists and it really did that. Let's say you do free download compilation and you get tracks for free you will still need around 500 euro for professional mastering and cover art design. Make good story and approach to your dream team and you will see where it takes you. Good luck
  15. 2 EPs are getting finished this month but not any of them on Suntrip... will update once it's official
  16. Loving it and can't wait! Loving his music for almost 10 years now and we even made a collab long ago 'Magic Science & Imba - Ghost Town' where he was one half of Magic Science. Good luck with album!
  17. Transdimensional as best Goa Trance album ever, fucking definition!
  18. I am glad you enjoyed and that we finally met! Not really whole album but half at least, and I played unreleased music from my upcoming EP and some more older stuff. There were no plans, I choosed tracks and transitions in very last moments, it was interesting And I was softer than usual
  19. Eventually you get used to it lol I never cared much, it's life I chose. It's my job to go there, focus on playing, enjoy music and friends. Rest is just secondary. Yeah would be nice if clubs actually switch on their HVAC systems during parties... I survived war as a kid, I can survive bad air once a month too
  20. Sadly in Serbia Techno took over and its so huge and everyone listening to it suddenly and DJs moved to that scene because there is $$$$$ But there is still hyper production IMO, contracts signed with biggest labels and agencies and organizers bringing their artists someetimes twice a year. Goa was couple times per year, now it's coming back with new people and ideas but still remain small 300-400 people max. 3-4 years ago we made parties with 1000+ Kids want modern sound and with Goa we can't offer them that enough...
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