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  1. Main organizer called Bubble(Buborek) announced the info, on goa.hu forum
  2. I've just listened through your mix, and it has good tracks with nice mixing. Vibrasphere and Neoris are the best!
  3. Spektre - Memory effect (Extended mix) OMG!!! and free download.... Can't wait hogy Ticon's new album and remix
  4. Yeap, I expected lot more from Tim Burton
  5. ITP hasn't changed a lot since he released The People Are Fucked in 2008/Nov... Same male voice, same guitar... Well I'm a little bit dissapointed But plzzzz full-on!!!! don't be such lame as you were in 2010....
  6. The Alice in Wonderland cartoon is awesome.... it's on youtube and I just want to add some gifs so you can decide...
  7. S-Range - Kym (Mad Maxx remix) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQ8E7rQ8C8Y
  8. Ummm I know that X-Dream and Delta will be playing classic goa set. But nothing else... Btw, I'm a little bit upset that I can't find Liquid Soul and Andromeda in the line-up list, I know that people heard them too much and they played in the last few years, but how they can't miss music like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olRrCjtliic
  9. Merry christmas to all psy people http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UqEhUm2B_8
  10. O.Z.O.R.A Festival 2011 ( Psychedelic Tribal Gathering ) August 2-7,2011 Main Stage Live acts: Ace Ventura (Iboga Records) – ISR Allaby (Nano Records) – UK AMD (Nano Records) – UK Antidote (Neurobiotic Records) – FR Atmos (Spiral Trax/Atmotech) – SWE Behind Blue Eyes (Iboga Records) – DK Cosmo Circle (D-Djance Records) - PT Dark Side ( Winie One Records) - H Derango (Parvati Records) – SWE Enichkin (Avatar Records/Triplag Music) – RUS Fearsome Engine (Nano Records) – UK Gaudium (Iboga Records) – SWE Green Nuns of the Revolut
  11. - Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle - Grandmas Boy
  12. ok forget it, I just found it but I don't know how Ritree - Bunker http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-yOq6mJjpM
  13. OK everyone, I think this will be a hard one... I was at a party last year(so it's maybe a track from 2009) and the only thing I know about the track is the 'lyrics' which was... "A new dose of lsd" and after this the music starts to pumping very hard.. if somebody know this....
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