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  1. it takes a while before liftoff https://soundcloud.com/sunspot/metropolis
  2. that fuck gangam one reminds me of happy hardcore tubes of the 90's also nice acid sounds in both tracks, but waaaaay too much reverb, you're drowning your sounds
  3. a progressive downtempo track (126 bpm) with a warm sound for these cold winter days http://www.soundclou...ot-watercooling
  4. after re-evaluating myself I guess this is more progressive techno that prrogressive psy, so maybe I posted it in the wrong forum
  5. experimented a little with vocals and live percussion (bongo's)
  6. just out on Ektoplazm trough Gliese 581c records http://soundcloud.com/sunspot/sunspot-blow-out enjoy PS full VA copilation for listening and download here: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/spiritus-gladius
  7. what no replies here? this one needs a bump! definitely a well produced strong album
  8. I saw I replied once a long time before and that link is dead for a loooong time its on soundcloud now
  9. it's nice to see my EP reviewed here, thanks for that! PS you're doing an awesome job keeping this forum alive
  10. definitely some good stuff out there! will read them tomorrow I think you'll also like Aril Brikha - Ex Machina
  11. there isn't a reviews 2011 forum yet!?
  12. This is a really amazing album for me, psytrance at it's best!! love the production skills, acid leads and awesome compositions
  13. nice one, some elements reminded me of the happy hardcore era I liked the sound of goodbye better though
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