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  1. ordered mine,will be worth every penny!!! i enjoy reading the booklets just as much as the music:)
  2. Nice work Jim, I think you got it spot on here, i felt it building and just got better with every track,mixing was top of the tree as well, very well done
  3. Brilliant set shoom, interesting blend of styles:) I'll try and and tune in next time,I never seem to catch this show when it goes out.
  4. Looking forward to this,thanks for sharing:)
  5. Just played the start it sounds good, the first track has a cool intro. that Xerox & Freeman album is awesome btw. is there a download for this?
  6. see if this works, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7334951/Hallucinary%20-%20Masters%20Of%20The%20Old%20Religion%20(Part%202).mp3 i put the tracklist back up. also just updated the links and added a couple more sets, they all will work now apart from winter sosltice.
  7. I had social phobia also real bad, about 11 years ago,couldn't leave the house for about 2 years,I was only a teenager at the time,just thank god i found trance soon after this period,just takes you too another place.its a slow process to Get out of it. i was offered a perscription drug for the anxiety at the time. i didn't think that would help the situation,and decided not go down that road. anyway got alot better about 6 years ago.but it will always be there.When i found goa its was like going to another universe in my head I agree with this, the darker the better,sometimes, dark goa in my case.
  8. Thought i would give this a bash,I have to say this is a cool mix,I really enjoyed it, your mixing was bang on,track selection was decent,Nice use of the tracks with the samples i liked your take on the sound combining Nitzhonot in there towards the end! keep pushing that combination you make it work very well
  9. Thanks for that advice,will open it up and have a look,to be honest though they have always played pretty fast, i reckon it is a equivalent to a pitch at 40 fast on cdjs,say a track like four carry nuts - lucy is 144 bpm on cdjs on my decks it plays around 148.I'm about to mix a set i just finished putting together,see how that goes,once that's done i will have a look, i have had them since 2004. i do find though that its easier to build the tempo with vinyl, Yeah im always mixing Cd's,Oldschool is king no other sound like it in my view,Can't be beaten always on the look out for the rarer stuff
  10. yeah saw that, will download soon My decks are very much like your old ones.the slightest touch will send it off beat.thay seem to get faster as well,don't know if that anything to do with the belt. just started back on them,my last time was the mix for goat ranch.
  11. Jim, I enjoyed this very much,Nice journey indeed
  12. No worries, i sent you pm,I only joined to be on the Schlabbaduerst group.tried to post links here again,just gives me a blank spaces where i pasted them.
  13. Ordered via discogs, I have the process – Internal Horizon Vinyl, the Funktion Junktion track is on the b-side and that version is much slower around110 something like that. is this a different mix of the track? or has just been speeded up? at anyrate this sounds much better
  14. Thanks K-Ban, for some reason the links aren't showing,you can find them here, https://www.facebook.com/groups/542000639196026/permalink/543204589075631/
  15. its been a while since i posted any mixes,so i thought i would share some, thay have all been on DI fm over the last couple years, Many of the styles vairy from goa, Forest,to ambiant Downtempo I'm especially drawn to this style of goa,the darker side I guess you would call it,(which do include many differant genres psy/ industrial and so on) Anyway hope you guys enjoy these: all mixed on Reloop RMP-1 and Numark axis 2 Cdjs Masters Of The Old Religion (Part 2) [from summer Solstice 2013] Tracklist 1.Brainflowers – Goaliens [Why Not Records] 2.Purple & Lunar – Subtle Thrust [sub Terranean] 3.Germinator – It Is [Nova Tekk Media] 4.Moksha - Calaido (King Mix) [bTM] 5.Menis – Loading Up The Freeway [Atomic Records] 6.Frontline Assembly – Columbian Necktie (Remixed By Cydonia) [blue Room Released] 7.Factor – Pol Zirkular [21-3 Records] 8.Kopfuss Resonator – Tommis Machine [Nova Tekk Media] 9.Tim Schuldt – Mummy Machine [Transient Records] 10.Fractal Glider – Skanda's Tail [booM! Records] 11.Chakra – Hell Razor Puzzle [Krembo Records] 12.Acidlab – Happily Damaged (Rmx) [Adodisc] 13.Radiation – Barbequed Mind [Transient Records] 14.Mono Substance – Midnight Sunrise [sub Terranean] 15.Psy Sex – Survival Kit [YoYo Records] 16.Slinky Nuns – Caught In The Zipper [DAT Mafia Recordings] 17.Dodgy Connection – Off Limits [Aurinko Records] 18.Chi-A.D. – Manitou [sphere Records] 19.Cydonia – Haunted World [blue Room Released] 20.Neptune – Meantime [Trust In Trance Records] https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7334951/Hallucinary%20-%20Masters%20Of%20The%20Old%20Religion%20(Part%202).mp3 Nemestrinus Tracklist 1.Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Rytmus [Chronicle Of Mystery Records] 2.Bloomen – Moodular [Chronicle Of Mystery Records] 3.Uminum – No Control [ResonantEarth.com] 4.KA-Sol - North South [Devils Mind Records] 5.L.A.B. – Spellbound [Digital Psionics] 6.Ekoplex - into the unknown [Ektoplazm] 7.Psyko Disko – Sikamoto [sub Terranean] 8.KA-Sol - Shut Up Alien [Devils Mind Records] 9.Total - Freaky Forest 2004 [Troll N' Roll Records] 10.Arronax - Forest of twilight [Phototropic Records] 11.Battle of the buddhas - Marron [Devils Mind Records] 12.Toi Doi - E-Tium [Lei do Tempo] 13.Toi Doi - D-Liss (Recycled Mix) [underground Alien Factory] 14.Shivaॐ With Alienapia – Mirrow Monk [space Baby Records] 15.Nirmanakayas – Chaos In Forest [Chronicle Of Mystery Records] 16.Distorted Goblin – The Story Teller [D-A-R-K Records] 17.The Grobians - Tresktrans [Chronicle Of Mystery Records] 18.Eldiavolo – Darkness Sound [Psymoon - Records] 19.Shivaॐ – Three [space Baby Records] 20.Shivaॐ With Alienapia – Luga Wood [space Baby Records] https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7334951/Hallucinary%20-%20Nemestrinus%20(9.4.2012).zip The Prophacy 1.Ch-AD -01.07.99 2.astral Projection - Liquid sun 3.Juno Reactor - feel the universe (otto edit) 4.Xploring Inner Space - Echo Head 5.Man With No Name - Teleport (2000 Mix) 6.Deviant Electronics - Versuvius 7.Technossomy - Rejuvenation 8.UV= - The Pharm 9.Tristan And A Green Nun - Babylon N Ting 10.Sandman - Highway 101 11.Sibilant - The Fly 12.Killing Joke - Demorcracy (Hallucinogen Remix) 13.Psykov - Megalithic 14.Love Groove - 3 Prophets Drizzle 15.Sandman - Nostradamus (remix) https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/Public/Hallucinary%20-%20The%20Prophecy.mp3?w=AAB-kjzR1hwou3NCQxFavIpw8TxacsbbnYc0fa5R9CjckQ Winter Solstice 2012 mix [Psychill ambiant Downtempo] Tracklist Drug squid - Intro [iD&T] DLS - Travelling Clairvoyance [Outsolation] shpongle - Monster Hit [Twisted] S.M.I.L.E. - Astral Dollars [Dope Records] Neera - Sacred [Return To the Source] Delph - Leaves [Romour records] Polyploid - Just Pray [Chill Tribe Records] Energy Flash - Film 3 [Dope Records] Clip - Tumbler [Qube Records] Bunker Din - A Pocket Epic [Chill Tribe Records] Disco Volente - The Words [Transient] Goasia - Reach New Land [Dimensional Records] Ajanta - Lunar Garden [underground Alien Factory] http://www.adrive.com/public/sb5whC/hallucinary%20-%20winter%20solstice%202012.mp3 Centauri Track list: 1.Etnica - The Gilis Voyage [subTerranean] 2.Morphem - Hypnotone (Rebuilt By Cydonia) [subTerranean] 3.Hallucinogen - Dark Magus [Nova Tekk] 4.Cydonia - Animals [Concept In Dance] 5.Slinky Wizard - Pople Like Us (Polenski Mix) [subTerranean] 6.Man With No Name - Deliverance [Concept In Dance] 7.North Central Positronics - The Great Bear [Dat Mafia Recordings] 8.Hallucinogen - Soothsayer (The Lysurgeon Warning Remix) [tip Records] 9.Translucid - Dark Black [iD&T Music] 10.Offoria - Dimensional Exploration [NMC Music] 11.Chakra - Hallucinator [Melodia Records] 12.Lumen - Out Of Memory Too [Psychic Deli] 13.Endora - Endorian Gravity [Matsuri Records] 14.Tim Schuldt - The Next [MDMA Music] 15.Orichalcum & The Deviant - 3 F.M. [tip Records] 16.Man With No Name - The Far Side [Concept In Dance] 17.Darshan - Digital Damage [Dragon Fly] 18.Sun Dog - Touch The Sun [Why Not Records] 19.Laughing Buddha - Earth Medicine [subTerranean] 20.Darshan - Navigator [Phantasm] http://www.adrive.com/public/HgXtcV/hallucinary%20-%20Centauri.wav
  16. nice idea to try something differant,but like its been said you could you never do this with goa, with great tracks why mess around with them, especially with old school, mixing it can be an art form in its self though im not a big fan of full on, what your doing looks very skilled
  17. Just brought mine,Thanks daeke for making this possible, what an awesome release!
  18. yeah my copy is on its way!! I can't wait, ganna be awesome.
  19. tracklist looks good, I've just put that zirrex track in a set too, though I ended on it!! anyway i look foward to hearing this one:) is there a download for this?
  20. not bad at all, for a first mix IronSun, the first few transitions were very good. keep working on your sellection for next time! good work
  21. Anoebis, this set is awesome!!! great track selection
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