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Favorite track by Chi-A.D.?



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  1. 1. Favorite track?

    • Astral Warrior
    • Serpent's Fire
    • Beyond The Singularity
    • Anno Domini
    • The Flame [Of Eternal Life]
    • Pathfinder
    • Shadow Spirit
    • Celestial
    • Biocandy
    • Eye Am The I
    • Liquid Neon Sky
    • Other

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I've been listening to Chi-A.D. recently... it reminds me how good music is that doesn't just sound loud with tons of layers, but actually has layers skillfully arranged to make beautiful music.


I agree he over-uses samples in lots of tracks. But other than that it's amazing stuff. :)

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You know why there are more votes in the "other" category?


Because this artist has made so many amazing, wonderful songs. You have to include more songs in the poll like the one I'd put way up there with Exit Eternity, and that is..








From the Earth Crossing album: My favorite New School Goa album ever made along with Filteria's Sky Input, Khetzal's Corolle, V/A - Pyramidal Trancendence, V/A - Opus Iridium, and RA's 9th... to date.



Update: Speaking of which.. where the heck is Exit Eternity? :huh: Is there like a limitation of poll spaces? :unsure:

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Yes I can't believe Exit Eternity is not in the poll, but I still choose Eye Am The I, that's tough to choose but Exit Eternity, I listened to it too much I think :)


1/ Eye am the I

2/ Exit eternity

3/ Anno domini

4/ Astral warrior

5/ Liquid neon sky

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I found a slow and deeply atmospheric remix of it on Audiogalaxy ages ago which i haven't got here.Can't find it on discogs.Any idea if it's ever been released?


Yeah, I voted for "The Flame of Eternal Life", more exactly for this remix below. I hope we're talking about the same version of "The Flame". Its final minutes (at 05:40, when the first melodies are introduced, and at 08:04, when everything goes spinning) are a hurricane of beautiful melodies, it made me a fan of Chi-ad. A psychedelic vortex.

Biocandy, Eye am the I, and many others are pure gems. I still remember when I would buy a CD with any Chi-ad's track and would hurry home, eager to listen to is ASAP. He never disappointed me.




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I'm gonna vote Astral Warrior. Eye Am The I is also great but I haven't had Infinitism very long so I'm not sure how that song will stand up against Astral Warrior over time. I haven't heard anything from Earth Crossing or Eyes of Gaia, though.

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I've ordered Infinitism last week, it's waiting for me at the post office. B)


I'd go for other, the track called 01.07.99 (not kidding). Mainly, but not only, because of nostalgic reasons, it appeared on one of my first Goa-compilation albums I've bought. I tried to find the clip on youtube but couldn't find it. Very nice atmospheric stormer, I love it!!!


I've got some tracks of Chi-AD, listened to some...I'm far from an expert on this.

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Zero Barrier is pretty trippy as well.



Zero Barrier Defiantly. There are so many. But this track just is IT for me.

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The old school sound of Space Tribe is cool, IMHO.


I don't like Boris Blenn's sound and style, like, at all... His tracks One Love, Electronic Pulsation and Out Of Time from the E.U. debut are amazing, and there were some decent tunes on Paradise Connection, but overall his music is naaaaaaaaaah.

totally agree

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