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  1. Delirious Noon - Launch to Lanctus The album I play to people new to modern (ish, 6 years ago now!) psytrance. Cracking, phenomenal melodies, punchy bassline, peaks and climaxes. In terms of Goa stormers, Transwave - Quasar, Zero Density, GNOTR - Ring of Fire, Cosmosis - Howling at the Moon.
  2. Indeed, a bizarre outlier.
  3. That is another factor, but I so rarely buy new games these days that I can justify it for something special. I probably wont be getting it until the Summer though, and then i'll be torn between that and No Man's Sky.
  4. Everyone has Fallout 4 except me . . . It's a choice between trying to get a degree and playing a brilliant looking video game, and it's not an easy choice.
  5. Colorbox - Train to Chroma City I always think of this album as a good example of a narrative driven / concept album, besides being bloody good Goa!
  6. Procrastinating when I have work that I should do!
  7. 7/10 I actually like this, it's got some solid techno influences but shares in the trancey side of Darshan. Some Darshan then:
  8. These days: Anything where the cover features a photograph of the artist's face, including (but not limited to) the addition of sunglasses and lightly clad women. More than 7/8 years ago: Psytrance which has typically been slowed down slightly and stripped of much of its "trippy" fx, leaving a psychedelic but subtle atmosphere.
  9. The Future Sound of London Beaumont Hannant Cell Tangerine Dream Children of Paradise With some groups I have such strong associations with the artist name and the music they make that I find it hard to judge the name on its merit alone.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pIU1pUMZhA Top 3, for sure.
  11. '96 - Alien Proten. '97 - Very difficult indeed, putatively I.F.O but personally Multimoods... maybe
  12. Got to agree with Trance2MoveU on Gangnia. I've always mentioned them in any of our many 'underrated. . .' threads, but they still don't have anywhere near the attention they ought to. The prices on discogs are astronomical as well.
  13. You're an absolute trooper Trance2MoveU; your relentless efforts have made Psynews the enclyopaedia which it is!
  14. Such a shame, their old albums are so freaky and twisted and psychedelic. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is suchhhhh a good track. I wonder if they even remember what it sounds like now.
  15. Favourite Transwave tune? Mine's Zero Density, unbelievable track. Yes! I adore all of the early Global Underground discs, especially this one.
  16. Just to be clear I think this thread should definetly include mixes from parties, it's what mixes are for after all! A tracklist would be appreciated though.
  17. I find I am always a number of years behind the releases, unless something absolutely exceptional emerges that catches my attention (such as the Deviant Electronics release or filteria's most recent album). No need to sweat it though, the music isn't going anywhere once it's been released, I can't imagine I would have been able to keep up with a fraction of all the oldschool releases coming out in the early nineties without the wonder of youtube!
  18. Voice of God is on Sinking Sand and i'd put it in my top 50 tracks of all time!
  19. Pure garbage in my opinion. I mean this particular track of course, not the whole of nitzhonot, although I have to be frank and admit that I don't get on with the genre in general.
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