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  1. You tried to get the Phototropic versions deleted by claiming my rights on the tracks "expired". I hope you know the difference between re-releasing rare Goa albums and stealing releases from their original label.
  2. I never agreed that my Copyright would expire or get handed over to another label. This would not work in the first place because all 3 albums have CD releases and the physical CDs cannot be pulled out of distribution, in fact sounds of cosmic lifeforms is still sold at psyshop etc. You cannot tell a shop to remove certain CDs because the Copyright expired, so a contract like that is impossible in the fist place. But i also do not have a written contract, it was just emails 10years ago, at that time no one cared about the release (it was unreleased for 10 years at that point), so i didn't think this would become an issue in the future.
  3. Jos Vranken of Classic Goa Tracks wants to remove the Phototopic releases of the Synsun albums by claiming that the Copyright is "long overdue" and the albums are now owned by Classic Goa Tracks. The purpose of suing is to remove the Phototropic versions of the releases.
  4. No, it is real. Jos Vranken claims, according to the lawyer, that the albums are "still claimed by Phototropic Records, even if the contract is not applicable anymore".
  5. Well i got a letter from a lawyer today about the releases Synsun - Full Power of Goa and Synsun - Sounds of Cosmic Lifeforms. In it the lawyer claims that i violate the rights that Classic Goa tracks has for these tracks and that it my contract is "long due", and therefore i lost the right to the tracks and i have to pay the lawyer. I didn't know at that time that my rights got lost at some point in time and also i was not contacted before that in any way by Classic Goa Tracks, the first contact was the letter by the lawyer. I am now contacting Synsun to resolve the issue.
  6. I kind of feel the overall vibe has changed, while i loved Goatrance ~2010 the music did not progress, but everything else did. I still love the classic tracks of the newschool goa vibe but it seems new tracks cannot reach up anymore, it almost feels like holding on to something that does not really exist anymore. During the peak of the second goa wave we kind of had tailwind and everything came together in a great way, but now it feels like walking upwards. The best chance for this music i see in newer techno tracks, slower and more acceptable for normal listeners.
  7. The sound quality is fantastic. They really put some work into those old tracks. Great label!
  8. Hi! I have been trying to find out the name/artist of the last track in the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkCbilrpTIE It starts around 18:00 Not oldschool goa, but still awesome Can anyone help me out?
  9. I also know of very bad experiences with Israelis. Someone i know organized festivals every year, until one year he decides to let a (well known) Israeli organize things. Of course, a lot of artists from Israel were hired and the festival was a desastrous. One Israeli raped a girl in the parking spot and fled the country before he could get arrested. The Israeli DJs who were staying in a hotel damaged the rooms so badly that the organizer had to pay thousands of euros to have them repaired. The festivals before the Israeli organized one were all a financial success, the Israeli one had a loss of more than 30.000euro. The guy who hired the Israeli never made another festival after that experience.
  10. You better stop lying about my mastering, and stop putting it down. The new version only has more treble, which puts hi-hats etc. in the foreground and melodies in the background. Also it sounds like it was made from the old mastered tracks, not from the original unmastered ones.
  11. I too was a supporter of Filipe a few years ago. But now i changed my mind. The most important thing is your own integrity and holding your boundaries. Therefore, i no longer support his lies (like his initial denial that he is behind submoon) or his manipulations for the sake of good music. I will not trade my dignity or the truth about things for anything anymore. But i admit, i had to learn this the hard way, but because of that, i have come to the very strong conclusion that supporting liars or narcissts will not get you anywhere in life.
  12. I guess we willl witness the day when 50% of Goa artists is just Filipe and his aliases. This year alone he invented 15 new artists, thats more than real artists joined in...
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