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  1. anybody remember that crazy intriga track on a free ektoplazm comp? cant remember the name or the name of the comp
  2. try pizza without the dough in the oven (called pizza dip technically) : cheese/white sauce, tomato sauce, cheese topping and whatever topping you need, melt this in the oven and dip roasted bread in there, so much easier than getting an oven that goes to 300 degrees
  3. look up epic twitch fails on the youtubes and prepare for some smell-TV im doing well myself blasting egg-fumes in my near vincinity but i never wrote that on a forum
  4. what do you mean by that? otherwise thank you very much for your comment! for those interested, i could release a 3 track EP from GoaD in the far future!
  5. how ripe? :s let us not discuss how ripe we want women 1 the lighting 2 laptop 3 cellphone 4 secondary laptop 5 fridge
  6. hmmmmmm some flaws by me on mastering, especially on track 10, i spent more time on theorizing how to arrange my setup for this than actually getting tracks exported and getting it done, theres so much options and tricks to pull in mastering... ive almost got a reworked version ready of this but its not that different from these files on ektoplazm, so it should be good enough for the public most tracks shine like gold to me at first glance... maybe some djs could report on how this feels on a big system? i hardly get the chance and time to play a dj-set myself these days
  7. download a fix for the first track from my facebook in the free downloads section! somehow an error slipped into the final version. https://www.facebook.com/stryderq/
  8. this release is now fully mastered and sent off to neogoa, it should be released anytime soon, just so you know, the mastering for this release will be ULTRAKILLARGH, ive grown a new understanding of audio and mastering since dragon twins and i believe it is for the best also some very nice tracks on this compilation again!!! its awesome! the katedra remix, steel shakti and sky technology tracks are the nicest ones in my opinion! samples coming soon! watch a three minute preview video on my facebook of insider katedra remix!! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=982402535111669
  9. first thing i get is this thread, and nothing psy related, second is a band called beartooth, which is, disgusting music as such the most disgusting music genre is called grindcore if anyone cares lol, no examples pls
  10. Merry Christmas from Psydance Records! This year we celebrate christmas with magical chillout tunes from Japan by Quoi! Very lucid, dreamy and cute ambient with a little rhythm going on! Much in line with the other chillout releases on our label! Be sure to check it out and drop a comment here! https://psydance.bandcamp.com/album/fleeting-moments other places to go if you like this: https://psydance.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/psydance https://soundcloud.com/stryder https://www.facebook.com/stryderq
  11. mastered samples here: https://soundcloud.com/stryder/sets/va-celestial-transvibrations
  12. haha you said it buddy!!! just before i was trying to explain this to my neighbour but he didn't understand! yea it takes a few tries to cut it really clean hehe! man your track is so fantastic!!! i can't get my head around it, it reminds me about how i feel about shakta - ten spins around the sun and they have a bit the same mysterious atmosphere... even if its been months or even years since ive heard that track, i can always recall that melody! just like that acid line in meganeura, it's just so... WICKED COOL!!!!!
  13. ok about the mastering: this is one of the first albums done for neogoa where i moved away from the traditional mastering idea of getting the spectrums of all tracks similar to eachother, instead i chose to listen to each track carefully, and keep its original mixing as alive as possible. also inspired by the requests of dragon twins to keep overcompression and loudness out of his release, i tried to keep things a bit softer here (but not THAT soft) this means that all tracks in this compilation have their own unique approach to the mastering, for instance proxeeus, which sounds very retro and acidic, must be the softest one done in reference to when this style was popular! the last track, an ambient track, has much softer values than let's say the one before or almost any other, tracks 6 and 7, the newschool goa stormers, have indeed a bit of pumping going on and have more compression than other tracks, simply because the music lends itself to such an approach, they are already so full of sounds and layers that a heavy mastering only adds up to the power and shine of the track! the only little exception to this philosophy is meganaura, my absolute favorite of this release!!! for this one i started with soft dynamics since it is retro and acid-sounding, but however i put in a monstrous bass enhancement and also pretty heavy master compression to give this track extra power and performance since i really felt that this track should sound as intrusive as possible! what lies beneath was a tough nut to crack since it has alot of different passages who each required different settings... nevertheless i am satisfied by it, i tried to pour in a bit of that montoya splendor of the old days and i think it worked! so, music mastered intact to their original mixing, with a few touches of myself in some tracks, that's the main idea behind the mastering of this release!
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