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  1. LOL :I) dude you got yourself banned

  2. #2 = Perfect Rainbow - Dream On Dreamer Probably not real CD, at least not on discogs based on this alone. #3 = Brain Accent - Anno Domini :posford: :posford: #7 = Hallucinogen - LSD
  3. sunwolf

    Ra - To Sirius

    Thanks!! I was thinking We can't snap through our true fantasies or something, this makes a whole lot more sense.
  4. sunwolf

    RA - 9th

    To Sirius unique too.
  5. I like their tracks. But what is with Zelur Project / Full Power of Goa / Sounds Of Cosmic Lifeforms?
  6. I think you mean to say "my food basket", not to play grammar Nazi against the grade 9 school drop outs.
  7. I hope he was ambient master because his goa trance sounded so bad I was going to throw it in the garbage.
  8. The Morphogenetic - Hollow Wind cOoL downtempo track.
  9. Hey I submitted that as a joke since I was seeing so many things like it though I'd contribute my own.
  10. I've been listening to Chi-A.D. recently... it reminds me how good music is that doesn't just sound loud with tons of layers, but actually has layers skillfully arranged to make beautiful music. I agree he over-uses samples in lots of tracks. But other than that it's amazing stuff.
  11. Free to download: http://www.noiseworx.info/html/_noiseworx020_.html Pretty floaty. Not great sound quality. Definitely worth a listen though IMO.
  12. This is pretty good. Some parts are too annoying though. 2, 5, 7, 8, 10 are good 9 is the best This guy isn't trying to copy X-Dream or Hallucinogen thankfully. If you aren't open to new styles that push the limits then don't bother with this artist.
  13. Whatever braggart. Braggart with good taste...? Only brags about his taste.
  14. Agreed, like Pleiadians are apples and Dimension 5 are oranges. Oranges taste better than apples. Oranges are healthier than apples. Orange juice is better than apple juice. Orange soda is better than apple soda. Etc.
  15. You're awesometer must be calibrated backwards.
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