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  1. Progressive track just heard on HBR1.com sample says something like: " at the edge of ... there is spirit that dwells within our cells the spirit that possess DMT beyond all … " Cool track anyone know what it is?
  2. Yo psytrancers, i've not posted on this fourm in many years. I was active in year 2000 and up to about 2008 or so. During that time I threw some parties in Austin Texas. My goal in life was to live simple and to mind my own buisness and work on my spiritual practices. I also wanted to go around the world and party with all the beautiful people. IN 2020 we see 20/20 that there is a global cabal of tyrants that perch on humanity via government and corporations. The coordinated lockdowns and uniform maskin, with now forced medical treatments and "fake vaccines" has all rolled out across the globe at the same time. Every where you go the power structure is following the same script: Oppress the people. I've traveled and partied in Taiwan and China aside from my own base and the reason for that is need of currency. So i'm workin on that now but i'm just wondering what yall think. Are any of the rest of you wanting to travel and party across the world? How are we going to be able to do this with all this mask hysteria lockdown travel bans forced medical treatments and 28 day quarrantines (china). I mean wtf really. This is outrageous. WE gotta stop this if our way of life is to go forward in any way shape or form. I mean I have my spiirtual practices that keep me healthy and fit. Each on of us has our own responsibility and we cannot force others to anything. I just wonder if this New World Order has canceled the global psytrance scene? I reccomend these links although I don't agree with the whole "reptilian" narrative Icke talks about I think he's confusing a couple of different thigns there. But yea discuss! https://worldwidedemonstration.com https://davidicke.com
  3. I had a track I was going to use in a mix on my phone. I then found iTunes deleted it. I can't remember what album or artist it was. It was an ambient track from a complination. If someone knows one by the name "other worlds" please let me know. thanks
  4. Can anyone get lyrics for this track? I've been listening to it since ... year 2000 just about and... It has chanting that I want... written and translated if possible. I dunno what he's saying but it sounds like Bockimo ... something... (defiantly not saying badimo) And sounds very "demonic"... and thats really interesting BockSaga.info will tell you all about that. <--- bock saga explains everything including Shiva. xD If this is some African equivalent of the mythological all-father... That would be really interesting... I know the album is named shango after the thunder god... and that could also be the bock / all-father Which is the horned god / goddess figure everyone thinks is bad because they dunno wtf is going on... and have been forcibly indocrinated by the mainstream narrative for thousands of years which is our dark age of ignorance / kali yuga... etc. U know what I mean.... Anyway yea... any lyrics for this chant? boom shiva
  5. Hey Guys, I was wondering if any musician here could identify the instrument playing in this track: https://youtu.be/iorSbFmMNu0?t=52 I guess harmonica? But not all of them sound the same, what key is that one in? Is it a harmonica? Or something else? Any help appreciated! =D
  6. Hey Guys, I was wondering if any musician here could identify the instrument playing in this track: https://youtu.be/iorSbFmMNu0?t=52 I guess harmonica? But not all of them sound the same, what key is that one in? Is it a harmonica? Or something else? Any help appreciated! =D
  7. Wow. I feel stupid. Ok. Thanks a lot. Catching up now!
  8. Who is the guy talking in this track? I wanna listen to his talks.
  9. cool stuff... i'll check that out. BTW I was actually using cosmosis - afterglow, but it's old school style doesn't fit with the ultimae records stuff and dub step stuff i'm using... 不過我的中文不好。我是美國人。我學習中文,But the old characters are what I focus on now. The simplified ones I don't know yet. 因為你是中國人,你覺得中國好的地方找Psytrance跳舞?台灣友好地跳舞,中國怎麼樣? Also if you smoke pot in Taiwan it's 7 years in Prison or maybe the death penalty. Is this worse or better in China?
  10. Hey guys... I'm making a super long video about my time in Taiwan... I've composed a list of music which is kinda Asian sounding tracks. But i'm looking for more. Circular: 3 moons Asura - everlasting Circular - Calm Connect Ohm - Snow park Greenosophy - flying dots Fahrenheit 7 - Field rotation Ocycanta winter - clockmaster Solar Fields - the missing Solar Fields - Echo Solar Fields - Cobalt Sync24 - there is no spoon Solar fields - air song Solar Fields - insum Solar Fields - Monogram Hol Baumann - A forgotten ritual Solar Fields - Leaving home Solar Fields - red vortex Solar Fields - Blue light Solar Fields - Active Sky Solar Fields - Landforms (very nice Japanese melodies) Not all of these are Asian oriental sounding but some of them are... which is kinda what i'm looking for. Thanks for any suggestions.
  11. Christian Taoist Alchemy Shamanism Interested in all religions. Only 1 God, many gods below him.
  12. I think you are right, but people need more than just to surrender to the world. They need to also stand up for their own. Doing that in the proper way is the real trick.
  13. I always expect to find psychedelic / psytrance people as more thoughtful / more independent minded / more de-conditioned. But this is defiantly not the case. Not by a long shot IMHO. If anything this psy-culture seems to almost exert the opposite of diverse individual thought, and de-conditioning, and enforce a collectivist "we are all one" "crazy party" cattle like mentality, with simply a flare of neon colors / "live and let live" unless they A B or C type folk. It does make people very "passionate" however about their personal view. Does it open people's minds? No, i've not noticed that at all. It seems on this forum people are also conforming to a leftist type persuasion, generally rally around a single viewpoint: non-conservative if not anti. Psychedelics while they should de-condition people from their social organizations, do not seem to be having that effect. I wonder why? Do psychedelics truly decondition people? Is the only result of psychedelics in the western modern civilization a hippie woodstock chaos? Or are party people just not really psychedelic? Perhaps not really serious in this "psy" thing at all? They make art, they paint pictures, they make music, they wear colorful clothing, but that seems to be where it ends. Some will do burning man type stuff, but while i've been to regional burns and met maybe 1 guy who said he was republican, i've never been to the big one in Nevada for comparison. Kinda figure a conservative straight guy won't fit in there! Are psychedelics just creating a form of radicalism and rebellion? If so why do we not see psychedelic people rebel against psychedelic culture, which seems to have as rigid an ideology as any other? If you do take psychedelics as a means to reduce your ego / conditioning, or some sort of health issue, does that make you a humble quiet and thoughtful considerate or forgiving person? Or does that make you Tim Leary with his famous picture showing everyone the middle finger? Sure u can say "fuck you" and flick people off, and I've done it too, as there is a time for that. But is that really the essence of this "culture". Just shock people and be weird? Is there any relation between psytrance culture and shamanic traditions whatsoever? Does anything between them create a common source of personal integrity or honor? I recall in the regional burn I went to a few times near Austin TX, the motto was "fuck shit up". When I threw parties, I was trying to organize a sort of spiritual or intellectual type of thing, but I found most my friends resented this, just wanted to "fuck shit up" with loud music and drugs. But were they interested in shamanic healing or concepts? Not so much.
  14. Nothing obligates me or anyone else to serve anyone. I was born free as created under God. As for protecting the vulnerable that is a choice of an individual to make. I recall it's ok for a business to refuse service to people not wearing shoes or a shirt. I figure I can work for whoever I want. I don't support forcing someone to work under any circumstances, just as I don't support forcing someone to buy a product under any circumstances. It should be optional / incentivized, not obligatory as that violates your natural rights of free association / free will. Also, I don't really want to debate this issue. But attempting to or succeeding in destroying someone for not baking you a cake or for any other reason is not a enlightened or ethical practice.
  15. hm... interesting. They should make it open carry. But I guess they are afraid they'll get shot. But then whoever shoots will also get shot because everyone has a gun. But then suicidal shooter exists. One tried to kill Trump just recently. Guy was a British expat. He knew the cops would shoot him, but he was willing to die to kill Trump. So it is kinda hypocritical to ban guns at Trump rallies if you are pro right to bear arms. But they probably also ban all weapons. Maybe the guy should learn the secret kung fu death touch. And then just shake his hand eh? But that's too arduous, he just wanted to make a statement. Hope he enjoy's prison.
  16. I dunno if it works better that way, but today in age, people are offended by everything, and demanding tribute for their hurt feelings. While on the other hand, what offends me or some other individual is not heard or cared about. So it's not really about being nice is it? It's like we are being told how to behave and we get no say in any of it. So I'd rather just let everyone be an asshole equally than let only certain groups of assholes be assholes. Freedom of speech, association. IMHO the politically correct assholes are the worst of all, but everyone official considers them ladies and gentlemen. But they are the most insular clique of self-rightous ideologues alive in America today. If you don't want to bake a gay wedding cake for someone or believe in traditional idea of marriage they destroy you and the government backs it up. As far as Donald Trump goes, I doubt he and I would be the best of friends. I doubt I'd be able to work for the guy either. He has really high standards. I have always thought they should just build a wall on the border between Mexico and Texas. It does seem everyone pisses on America and considers it their own country no matter what country they are from. I also do think that America has the best potential to help the world, so destroying it is not a good idea. I'd like to see constitutional conservative culture restored, and end the tyranny against Americans by their government. Americans start to hold government accountable like they are supposed to. China as a global master would be a very dark and oppressive reality. No notion or culture of freedom or liberal thinking there. Just a lust for power and money. Nothing comes before the CCP not even God. Russia may be a better leader I dunno. I dunno what will change under Donald Trump, but I hope a better foreign policy and a sense of pride to be American instead of this incessant government sponsored culture of shame and hatred against white males, straight people, Christians, conservatives, southerners... I thought Ted Cruz was the better choice, But he lost. Maybe next time he can win. I've never been that nationalistic, but living in Taiwan for the past 2.5 years and seeing these people, how nationalistic they are, how everyone is a foreigner to them, how it's 99.9% Asian, how differently they seem to think, and how silly and unproductive some of their behavior is. How obedient to authority they usually are. It's nice to have America. Best case scenario: we have a distrust of government, and a will to assert our freedom, and we don't like bullshit.I just wanna be left alone. I dunno if anywhere on Earth such an idea is seen as legit, by anyone in power. It would be great if America was a great country, not for reasons of decadence or greed but morality and principle. I think Trump can turn it around from the path it's on and perhaps restore some of that old virtue.
  17. Yea I realize that. Everyone who wants Trump realizes the game is rigged, and is hoping some technicality will win this unexpected incumbent the office. He did use ad-homiem, it's a personal remark about his character to say he's a "sociopath". Others call him the SJW (social justice warrior) list of personal remarks: "racist, sexist, homophobe, misogynist, bigot" etc etc. Violent assholes are injuring people at Trump rallies on a regular basis, where do you get your news? MSNBC? Read alternative news sites like: Daily Caller, Breitbart, Infowars, Redicecreations, Drudge Report. If ever you had a day where you think or say someone is a shit-head, that amounts to most of the evidence people are using against Donald Trump to label him a bad guy. But i'd imagine you may have that inclination to say something to that extent once or twice and that did not really cover the entirety of your character in that moment. Thus when I hear Donald Trump insult someone, it's really nothing to me. Because everyone is basically a selfish asshole. Small impolite remarks like this are insignificant, and actually suggests a sign of humility in the fact that they are not presenting themselves as some perfect angel being without a sign of humanness. Well u amounted your comment to pretty much he's a "sociopath" so yea the side swipe was a reflection of a superficial remark. Seriously guys if all I do is say Hillary is a dumb bitch is that really a valid consideration to who you vote for? These protestors come to Trump rallies beat people up and say the equivalent of "Trump is a dumb bitch". All that means is "I don't like". They put in the word racist, misogynist, sexist, etc. But it's really just the same meaning: They don't like him. Hillary is someone who will do or say anything to sit her ass in the oval office another 8 years, she has zero personal principles about what she represents or won't do to get herself that seat of power. It's a darwinian dog eat dog lifestyle for her. She is not your friend. It's all about her own mastery, she is bought by foreign donations and billionaire elites to push their agenda, she's been in their circles her whole life as far as I know. The woman card is a gimmick that the elites have been setting up to play for a long time. They taught everyone that women are superior, gentle, non-violent, peaceful, fair, beautiful, flawless, infallible, angel, victims, and would save the world if macho monkey man would just step out of the way and stop beating her over the head (the feminist ideological virus). How many of you guys on this forum regularly beat up women so they don't break that "glass ceiling"? It's bullshit, and it's said in order to make people hate. It makes women hate men, and it makes men hate women who live this narrative, that has somehow become politcally correct. Actually I was for Ted Cruz 99% of the time until he started talking about considering having sex with rats and stuff. He would have let the states decide what to do abut drugs, and limited the government to protect The Constitution. All the conspiracy theory guys however revealed he had Goldmen Sacs connections and thus that brought him down. Also for me Donald Trump even though nothing like me represents someone who is an outsider and has all the unlikeable aspects of a person that I may display. That is, I don't have all the official opinions and politically correct views or X Y or Z or act all pretentious and socialized. The status-quo is very much nothing to do with me or cares about what I do. So Donald Trump is more of that kind of outsider than Hillary Clinton. That said the jackasses who support and promote him are a liability. These doochebags you meet on the internet who troll you and call u a Hillary voter or whatever make me want to vote for nobody just to get away from them. I dunno if they truly support Trump or Hillary but they render any discussion hostile and purposely try to get you angry out of the blue. The mob forming around him is a problem. Anytime you get a group of yes-men it's a problem.
  18. I think Donald Trump is the only thing that could turn America around from it's disintegrating state of decadence. Sounds to me the OP has listened to some liberal commentator and is mindlessly repeating their talking points like a virus replicates itself. It's quite illogical to say that if someone had not invested their money they'd have more... by what spending it? 10 Billion is rich enough for me anyway. Hillary Clinton will be the last nail in the coffin of the American dream, which never fully came to fruition. Her tyranny would destroy what is left of America and we would be merged into a global superstate and permanently usurped by foreign powers. As it is now Donald Trump has the spirit to rally the people to a higher standard and actually give them the opportunity of achieving it by creating jobs. However the state of things is very grave, most people are mind controlled and unable to think for themselves and are addicted to passions of ad hominem attacks and personal insults like a 5 year old naughty boy or girl. We live in an Idiocracy. What will happen under Hillary Clinton will be the total eradication of all American culture, all intellectualism and notions of freedom, gender itself will be eradicated. IQs will plummet, and re-educations camps built for dissenters. It will be a "soft" tyranny of female dominance and may pave the way for radical feminists to carry out the extermination of man as they have always desired. Their dream of a lesbian Amazonian paradise will take the forefront perhaps secretly. Hillary already had 8 years in the White house, this time it will be to finish what she started, Waco style. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waco_siege
  19. hm... I sort of contradict all forms of feminism. The reason for seperate genders is the revelation of the union of opposites. It's also more adaptive than having a hermaphrodite. Two targets is harder to kill than one target. I'm not talking about or really concerned with biological nature. But, males and females start off female in the material world because the feminine is the matter. This suggests the feminine is the basic aspect not the totality. Women have mitochondrial DNA and that is probably associated with physicality, while men have x and y chromosomes, while women only possess the y. But males being an extension of females is kind of a subtle attempt to assert female dominance by ideological feminism (Something the feminine seeks in all things according to the inward disposition of the feminine). They will not succeed in this, the only thing they will create is a collectivist society, sort of like the insects. But succeeding in this will only invite invasion from the outside, as is taking place today as the Islamic civilizaiton moves into the weaker feminized white man's civilization. The West is under attack because the East is simply bigger and stronger in it's basic forms. Any attempt to weaken males will only result in stronger ones replacing them. Women will not really be the winners. Look at Sweden, the most feminized nation on earth. Their rapes are up 1200% and all done by migrants. The Swedes, are afraid to say it, in fear of being called meanies and racists. This is what feminization results in. An ossified collectivist nation that is too weak to help itself. While a lot of men organize their lives around women, it's sort of maladaptive, they become thuggish, xenophobic, obsessed with their group and their status at best, and at worst mommies boys and total useless whimps. The best men are a man's man, and they actually provide soceity with greater benifits.
  20. AH... that's it. I wrote down the album name not the artist name. Thanks allot friends!!! Genious. Psykovsky - Tanetsveta
  21. Tandavista... at least that's what I wrote it down as. Looking for an artist that starts with a "T" and has a 2 CD album before 2012... I thought it was spelled tandavista or prounounced this way... Is there any more psytrance sites that list artists by alphabetical order?
  22. I actually wrecked on my scooter while listening to this one. I guess it inspires one to drive fast! That said it sounds allot like the previous 3 or 4 albums. I'm kinda missing the "online information" type sound from EU.
  23. https://soundcloud.com/cyclotronmajesty/2012-the-end-of-history Blue Planet Corporation : A Blueprint for Survival , Sub Sonic Underground E-Mantra : Pathfinder , Pathfinder Pleiadians : I.F.O , Alcyone Jaia : Blue Synergy , Brainstorm Artifact 303 : Back to Space , Magnetic Fields E-Mantra : Pathfinder , Metamorphic Resonance Pleiadians : I.F.O , Maia Blue Planet Corporation : Disc 2 : Hemo Static II E-Mantra : Pathfinder , Above the Skies Chi AD : Virtual Spirit , State of Mind E-Mantra : Pathfinder , Distant Signals Chi AD : Virtual Spirit , Serpents Fire Blue Planet Corporation : A Blueprint for Survival , Aquablue Artifact 303 : Back to Space , Beyond Lightspeed Dimension 5 : Transdimensional , Harmonic Convergence Pleiadians : I.F.O , Merope E-Mantra : Pathfinder , Approaching Nibiru Jaia : Blue Synergy , Spiritual drops and eternal ices Total runtime ~ 2 Hours, mixed in the year 2012 on American DJ DCD pro 500 CD Decks with 19 inch American DJ Mixer + Tractor. Soundtrack pro was also used for remixes to correct for mistakes. Oh and I owned every one of those albums except Artifact 303... =)
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