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  1. Check out Marconi Union - Distance. My absolute favourite album to drift off to sleep to. Beautiful stuff. edit: ha, see I'm not the first to recommend that one. Just shows you how good it is Johann Johansson - Englaborn is another good one.
  2. Ital Tek Submotion Orchestra Eskmo (kind of, but amazing nonetheless and definitely worth a listen) Falty DL Swarms
  3. Submotion Orchestra's 'Finest Hour' is definitely the album of the year for me so far. Cinematic Orchestra meets Burial with one of the best vocalists I've heard in a looooong time. Absolutely stunning http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvgrJkY6mD0 Africa Hitech's album 93 million miles on Warp Records is pretty sweet too. Got this epic tune on it: Apart from that I haven't really heard much else to add this year, odd as last year there seemed to be a constant stream of amazing albums coming out!! Lets have some more recommendations on here guys, I got loads of good stuff from the 2010 thread
  4. Quite enjoying the new younger brother album. A few of the tracks are way too poppy (ie shine and night lead me astray) but the rest is very nice, especially pound a rhythm, train and spinning into place. You can stream it here: http://blogs.independent.co.uk/2011/04/04/the-barometer-younger-brother-album-exclusive/ As mentioned, Ott's Mir and Aes Dana's Perimeters are awesome too. Apart from that I haven't found any other stuff this year yet, still catching up on 2010. Got hidden orchestra the other day, amazing album! Time to do some digging soon methinks.
  5. try this one. Definitely uploaded the same size as I have on my pc. Just checked the original thread where i got this from and apparently Red Five's set is at the beginning for a bit. Eat static's one starts at 1.38 left
  6. damn, must not have uploaded properly. the actual set is around 2 hours long. And no, it's not my mix I got it from the website above: a set they played in Brighton in 2004 I'll try again
  7. Here you go Can any eat static fans out there identify the first tune? Absolutely epic!!
  8. One here Tis the 6th from top. Rather poor quality though, but it's a very long and rather epic set which more than makes up for it!!
  9. How is it that these Ultimae artists can keep getting better? Last year Solar Fields blew us all away with Movements and now CBL comes out with this.... Absolutely sublime from start to finish, with some unparalleled moments of beauty.
  10. +1000. My most anticipated album of 2010 I think.
  11. Simply amazing stuff... Definately on a par with the first three and possibly may rank above them after a few more listens. Full review to follow sometime soon
  12. Yup just heard about this. has made me about 1000x more excited bout the event. shpongle and juno in one night, get in!!!
  13. Already posted this, but be sure to pick up third ear audio's album when its released in july. you can preview it (full songs) on their myspace. Looks like it's going to be a cracker! Apart from that then the group i'd recommend most highly is pitch black and their label dubmissions. you can get a whole load of free tracks from them on their website, along with some live ones from their legendary live performances
  14. After about 2 years of waiting for this album, we've finally got a release date: 22nd July! I'm well excited about this release, the tracks on their myspace sound lush, and because it's doof you know it can't be anything but goood Sounds like its gonna be a perfect companion to summer too
  15. He has loads of free mp3s on his website He's also done looooaads of video tuturials on how to use ableton live for truly live electronica performances (also on his website). Talented bloke
  16. I reckon you would like Audiojack buzzman. Nice and trippy techno Also give Alex Under's Dispositivos de mis granja a try And trentemoller of course
  17. probs best to post on eat static's forum rather than here. merv reads that frequently so im sure hed be more than willing to help
  18. If you buy an iPod make sure that you buy the extra three year guarantee on top (around £40). It's well worth it, I've already got 2 new iPods out of mine after they stopped working (which they do A LOT) I'd also recommend saving and buying one with looooots of space (80gb or more). That way you don't have to upgrade when you run out of space
  19. yohankiwi

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    Next on the to-see list for me: . Supposed to fantastic!! Anyone seen it yet?
  20. actually, his new EP's out now. can download it here
  21. ah, there's so many. psybreaks has been pwning lately. Check out broken robot recordings, just been launched with 2 new singles from Rex. Also the following have released some wicked singles over the past few months: Plastic Shell AMB Far Too Loud Mesmer Hedflux Robosapiens Mood Deluxe also has a new album out this year. And Slackbaba's new one should be out soon too
  22. Ooh yeah, can't forget the 20th anniversary eat static album too. Gonna be a double CD apparently
  23. Merv's put up some more tunes on his myspace
  24. HOPEFULLY the new son kite will be out this year too And don't forget to keep up with the new record label Broken Robot for those that like their psy breaks. Have just released 2 new Rex singles which are both awesome and loads more in the pipeline!!
  25. I can only add to the glowing reviews that have been posted on this album. This one of THE best ambient albums I have ever heard, I'd put it in my top 5 five releases of any genre released in this decade and probably within my top 10 albums ever. This album is just so emotive, rarely have I been carried away by an album as much as I do when I listen to this. I really can't think of enough superlatives to describe the feelings this album evokes in me when I listen to it... Undoubtably a 10/10
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