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  1. I had to go to the bank and I so I had time to think about what happened. I will be honest to you all: I feel deeply ashamed. I feel ashamed for I am always trying to say nice things, to say that I am trying to be a better person day after day. And all of a sudden, boom!, I just needed a push from a person like Radi to go shoving and knee-jerking like he does. I feel I am being hypocrit. Did I really need to call him "son of a bitch", if it makes me equal to him and his offenses? Does it matter? To me, it does. A lot. Psynews and every site I am a member of, is like a circle of friends. Interned may be indeed a weird world, but our personality, desires and sorrows are seen thru our typed words. You don't know me personally, but when I offend other people in the personal level I lose sleep. I am a drama-free person, but I like to respect and be respected too. Right now I feel very uncomfortable. Can't explain in words. The saddest thing to me is that Psynews was the last link I had with the psychedelic trance world: I don't go to parties anymore, I don't organize them like I did in the past. But being here kept the flame burning. Well, thanks for your support and kind words. But I will really go out. Rotwang, you can really delete my account. I won't return here again. Best regards to you all.
  2. Came back to shed some light on this: you mentioned in a post a couple of months ago that you didn't understand why people got angered at you for you posting graphic photos of minors you have a fetish for, while it was alright to discuss homosexuality in Psynews, while there was another topic where I was talking about my former BF. So, in your mind, Radi, paedophilia and homosexuality walk hand in hand. This is what I am talking about. But it does not matter anymore. This will be indeed the last post I write here. Sadly, it was to you and about you...
  3. Yes Rotwang, I let that gross comment on homosexuality pass because I didn't want to cause a tsunami in Psynews. And Radi was talking about me, we know that. Rotwang, this year - Psynews related - I had a great joy: to have the opportunity to apologize to you, something I wanted so hard. Thanks for your understanding and accepting it That said, I want my account deleted. I am not going to be polite here: the reason is RADI. This is my last post here. I thank you guys for the great experience of sharing our love for electronic music. And I apologize for any offense I did. Rotwang, I ask you as a moderator to delete my account. Thank you.
  4. Following your train of thought Radi, I am authorized to say that all Bulgarians are MORONS, RETARTED SONS OF BITCHES, like you. Right? At Mods: you either do something about Radi, or I will be out of Psynews.
  5. My God! The iPhone 5S Gold color costs half the price of a nice second hand car here in Brazil in the black market . And I want one .
  6. I am sorry. Hope he is in the heaven for pets and that you get better soon.
  7. I had this for years. Then a doctor said I have two veins that way too close to the skin inside the nose. A lot of things cause them to 'leak', including exercises, itchings, hot water. He performed a procedure called "cauterization" with a chemical product. It stopped and I haven't had a nosebleed for more than a decade.
  8. I mean, electronic music in general, every subgenre and styles? I have this experience I want to tell you: some guys kept asking me to play electronic music in our lounge bar. As our trademark sound is chill-out, new age and ambient, I kept refusing to play uptempo music. But in order to please everyone, I decided that on Thursdays we would play electronica exclusively. I flyed up, paid Facebook promos, invited DJs of every genre. The first night was OK, a good crowd. But as the weeks went by, fewer and fewer people came to the electronic nights. I again, flyed up and paid FBs ads, and DJs involved practically demanded their friends to come. To no avail. So last Saturday a friend of mine told me: I can't stand electronic music anymore, no matter what genre. He said he's returning to heavy metal after years of house, techno, psy. Also, last Thursday, I killed the electronica night by replacing it with an event called REMEMBER NIGHTS, when we play hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s. It was our best Thu in months. I don't know if this is a local thing, that is happening only in my city (other bars have also dropped their electronic nights), but the feeling I have is that electronid music will become a niche music in the next few years. What do you think? For those who are going to say: invest more in deco, sound system, etc...it was all done.
  9. Thanks Rotwang. Now I understand what he said. I wish he had brought this up while he was feeling this resentment he kept for months, so we could have discussed it, and I would certainly have apologized. Not wanting to sound the Wise Man On Earth here, but resentment is a piece of darkness inside one's heart. It is natural to feel it, but we must do our best to clear things up by talking and forgiving.
  10. Don't you think "forever" is too severe a sentence? And that everybody deserves 2nd, 3rd, 4th...chances? I really had troubles with Elysium, but I also believe we are beings in constant transformation, and I want to believe he will be back someday, more productive and friendly. As for Alien, it's a pity. I understand now he is overreacting to minor stuff. Hope he comes back too, I liked him.
  11. Just woke up, had coffee and went to the backyard only to discover that Silky, my French bulldog, tried hard to help me by taking all the washed clothes from the line 😕. I don't know if I laugh or cry.
  12. I am completely lost here. Could someone explain what happened to Neurogen, Colin, Paradox, ME? I don't remember having any argument with any of them.
  13. Man, I apologize on my knees for any offense I made to you. Please excuse me. I am really sorry. Admins: how do I do to read past posts I wrote to Neurogen? I really want to read them. Thanks.
  14. Hey man. What's going on? You guys trapped in old scars? Overcome this, it's never too late. Blackmailing about identities? Because of music? Get it over with guys. World needs understanding, not fights.
  15. Just updated my 4s to iOS7. The same, but different. What I liked best is the Control Center. Very useful.
  16. I have Kraftwerk In The Mix. "Radiactivity" is one the most melodic tracks ever written, and there's this sadness in the track one can almost touch. They have been to Brazil a couple of times last years, sold out in minutes. I think it is fair to say that they are the most known German artists abroad.
  17. I disagree. As I wrote originally, northern European countries share the same refinement at creating electronic music. But Germany is really outstanding and has had a regular line of good artists and their works. AFAI remember, Belgium had a peak in early 1990s with a popular, but funny, school of techno. I remember clearly Praga Khan was a hit in Japanese clubs at the time. Of course Belgium scores great in techno ranks, but where's the Belgium's X-Dream? Atari Teenage Riot? Not diminishing Belgium scene, but it pales in comparison to what happens in Berlin. Or Tokyo.
  18. The recent thread about X-Dream revived this feeling I always had: why are Germans so good at creating techno and trance? It is funny that two of the most "reserved" people in the world, the Japanese and the Germans have this refinement, this fine-tuned style that, to me, is par with classic music - despite being completely different branches of music. IMO, I think their sense of self restrainment is what makes them express emotions in a orderly way in their music. All nations in Northern Europe have a refined school of electronic music since its origins, but Germany is outstanding in that field. This is my opinion, of course. But if I had to pick up a place to be to listen to, to experience and dance to electronic music I would be divided between Berlin and Tokyo. Even though I really dislike "We Interface" because of its electro undertone and those horrible vocal messages, I concede it's a classic on its own.
  19. This thread is all about experience. To listen to The Delta, for instance, in a huge sound system or at home makes the band sound like two distinct acts. One very entrancing and powerful, the other a dry thump-thump that does not shake your body. The so called sub-sonics, or the absence of them at home, can make you change your opinion in minutes.
  20. It is funny with me here: I am the barman of the lounge, I make the best mojitos. russian clubs and cosmopolitans in the city - or so it is said. And yet, I don't like drinking. I drank socially when I was younger, but as I grew older I realised I don't like the feeling of alteration that alcohol causes. I like being sober even in places where everybody is supposed to drink, in clubs or bars. I don't like at all waking up the other day feeling tired and my head not clear. Of course this is not the golden rule, every now and then I enjoy a beer or a drink, but only to relax a little, never to excess. I have friends who drink 6, 10 bottles of beer, I can't understand how can that quantity can make someone feels good. But each to his own. On a side note, I see men my age who drink regularly and I don't want to look like them: they look older than they are, they don't look healthy, worthy going to bed with. Their faces are round and you can see that it was beautiful some 15 years earlier. Their body looks like a pear upside down, and the classic paunch is there too. The appearance aspect is enough to me to not drink the night away.
  21. The other member gets married too...and X-Dream will be the tech-trance version of ABBA. X-ABBA. ;(
  22. @exotic: as I mentioned in my post, the book was psychographed. Search "psychography", I won't try to explain it here, it's too extensive. As for your understand and believing on what I believe, this is up to you. Not me.
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