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    i am interested in music..all kinds, with a couple of exceptions...............
    and photography.
  1. Jamie moonweed, if you're reading this can you pm me your number? i have left farcebook...
  2. sat listening to an amazing duo.....not psy tho.... http://youtu.be/E8QpV8_WjrI and pondering.....
  3. I am watching James Bond movie ( Living Daylights )
  4. was indeed, my mate was the face painter... it was great to see all those smiley glowy faces.. who was the second act? thought he was a bit good...
  5. I was at the Suntrip special in Nottingham,Seb( Shakta) blew it out of the water... well good it was.... venue a tad chilly mind...............
  6. I was bored, I watched KiKis Delivery Service(2014..RT) it was actually watchable....
  7. Heymoonshaker/ Bethany Darling. dunno why vids wont work..o well ...
  8. Hey there... still around and partying, but not as much... Just got a fulltime job so have packed in all my p/t work as it wont fit in.... hoping this will hel me out of a bit of financial madness... Right now, I'm watching Dungeons and Dragons 3 ..til the daughter turns it over....lol
  9. went to see Seb (Shakta) last saturday, known him for quite a while, was good to hear him play a Goa retro set..... all been re-released via Suntrip I gather? hmm, time i bought some new stuff... I was gonna blag a cd but .. i cant do that, he's a mate... lol
  10. Just got up and had bacon, poached eggs and grilled tomatoes on a toasted bagel...yummm Morning. coffee time.
  11. My fave music in my fave bar in my fave town.... http://youtu.be/rgEHd3xYQb8?list=FLSkpu7wd3FECUImJ0DDmmDQ
  12. Wine, I bought wine.. |Pink of course...
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