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  1. The first Bulgarian pure goa trance album is a fact! Goa Galaxy presents "Galaxy Unit – Parallel Universes" (GOAGALAXY020)! Welcome the debut release by the sideact project of Zdravko Minev (Alien Acid Blood). It is available for digital download and on limited edition CD in 100 copies. Support us and enjoy the good music! Get a copy: http://www.goagalaxy.com/music/020-parallel-universes/ https://goagalaxy.bandcamp.com/album/parallel-universes https://www.discogs.com/Galaxy-Unit-Parallel-Universes/master/1254669 Comes with Goa Galaxy sticker and two Galaxy Unit stickers.
  2. The time for the first goa trance album from Bulgaria finally has come! Goa Galaxy proudly presents Galaxy Unit and his album "Parallel Universes". Our 20th release will be out on 20th of October 2017. It will be available for digital download and on limited edition CDs. Galaxy Unit is a goa trance side project by Zdravko Minev who is generally specialized in rock and industrial music. It is a pleasure for us to release his debut album in the psychedelic genre. Samples here: Stay tuned for more details: http://www.goagalaxy.com https://www.facebook.com/goagalaxy
  3. Goa Galaxy - organization & netlabel presents: VA - Galactic Discovery GOAGALAXY005 The first Goa Galaxy compilation promoting new artists. Style: Goa Trance Release date: 07.07.2013 Audio: MP3 320 kbps, FLAC Tracklist: 01. Astralunka - Oniric Wild (8:15) 02. GoaAngel - Fallen Star (7:37) 03. Carbon - Enlightenment (9:08) 04. Structural Mind Engine - The Source (5:30) 05. GalaxyUnit - Dominators (7:39) 06. Shtrom - Electro Magnetic (7:54) 07. Somnus Inc. - In-Somnia (8:01) 08. Hybrid FX - Spirit Magic (8:13) 09. Cactus Arising - Our Destination (7:42) 10. OGO - Mystical Forest (6:17) Compiled by GOAdelic Download VA - Galactic Discovery www.goagalaxy.com
  4. Support the first Bulgarian Goa Trance producer. Check the release at http://goagalaxy.bandcamp.com/album/nanomolecularix-ep !
  5. Go Slavs go! Really original conception. Generally I like releases with conception in music and art. Looking forward to be released!
  6. Goa Galaxy - Bulgarian Goa Trance organization and netlabel presents: OGO - Nanomolecularix EP GOAGALAXY001 The first pure Goa Trance release from Bulgaria! Style: Goa Trance Release date: 04.04.2012 Audio: MP3 320 kbps, FLAC Tracklist: 01. State Space (6:54) 02. Cosmic Dance (8:10) 03. The Jazz (5:18) Download OGO - Nanomolecularix EP www.goagalaxy.com
  7. Goa 4 Life! The melodies hold me to love Goa Trance! The melody keeps me trancing! I consider - no melody, no music!
  8. The worst cover art I've ever seen! It's worse than the covers from early 90's. No taste...
  9. Really stupid covers are posted here!
  10. Yeah, many people that saw them in live act said that they have great performance and real live playing years ago. But last year when I was at party with them it was only simulation. Everybody can understand it.
  11. I've been not to many parties with live acts but I'm very prejudiced against "live acts" because many of them are not real. All big artists I saw as S.U.N. Project, Astral Projection, Atmos and others just simulated. So one of the true live acts that I liked is Son Kite's in 2004. It's not my favourite style because it's Progressive (Blaaaah), but the performance was excellent.
  12. Open Mind - Sporadic Hallucinations (EP) - 2010
  13. S.U.N. Project - Drosophila - 1997 Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala - 1996 Ominus - Ominus - 1997 One Man Game - Total Trance - 1997
  14. Let Astrancer give us more like his great tracks Dzog Chen, Ashram and Athanaton!
  15. How to add the front cover art to every mp3 of the album? It cannot be done by Winamp...
  16. Oooh, I'm very pedantic in that. I prefer *.mp3 but only in 320 kbps bitrate. If it is in *.flac or *.wav it must be converted in high level. Then the downloaded release in digital audio format should has full cover art. If it is not available i do everything to find it. Resize and improve the images to be in identical size. All releases are checked in Discogs and PsyDB. After that both - audio files and cover art images are unified by CD-Tag program to filename 01 - Artist - Track, 02 - Artist - Track... (for mp3), 00 - Release - 1 (Front), 00 - Release - 2 (Back), 00 - Release - 6 (CD)... (for covers) and Artist or VA - Album - Year (for albums). Then everything is listened to by Winamp (latest version with cover art window) and scrobbled in Last.fm. Sometimes I ask myslef: Why I do all that things?
  17. Great release! One of my favourite directions of Classic Goa Trance. A lot of thanks that it is for free!
  18. I know only 3 his tracks but all kick ass! Hope more tracks to be made and released.
  19. According to me simply Newschool Goa cannot take me to mind trip, but inspite of that I love its powerful, fast and curly melodic sequences.
  20. Much Indian! VA - Club Goa - 2005 http://www.discogs.com/Various-Club-Goa/release/1492268
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