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  1. The old one seems locked up.
  2. unknown goa trance album

    #2 = Perfect Rainbow - Dream On Dreamer Probably not real CD, at least not on discogs based on this alone. #3 = Brain Accent - Anno Domini :posford: :posford: #7 = Hallucinogen - LSD
  3. Ra - To Sirius

    Thanks!! I was thinking We can't snap through our true fantasies or something, this makes a whole lot more sense.
  4. RA - 9th

    To Sirius unique too.
  5. What music are you listening to right now?

    I like their tracks. But what is with Zelur Project / Full Power of Goa / Sounds Of Cosmic Lifeforms?
  6. Underestimated artists

    I think you mean to say "my food basket", not to play grammar Nazi against the grade 9 school drop outs.
  7. Underestimated artists

    I hope he was ambient master because his goa trance sounded so bad I was going to throw it in the garbage.
  8. What music are you listening to right now?

    The Morphogenetic - Hollow Wind cOoL downtempo track.
  9. Discogs entries that shouldn't be there

    You didn't find it funny?
  10. Discogs entries that shouldn't be there

    Hey I submitted that as a joke since I was seeing so many things like it though I'd contribute my own.
  11. Favorite track by Chi-A.D.?

    I've been listening to Chi-A.D. recently... it reminds me how good music is that doesn't just sound loud with tons of layers, but actually has layers skillfully arranged to make beautiful music. I agree he over-uses samples in lots of tracks. But other than that it's amazing stuff.
  12. WOO! Will DAT Records try to release some others as well?
  13. Space Vibes System - Lifeform

    Free to download: http://www.noiseworx.info/html/_noiseworx020_.html Pretty floaty. Not great sound quality. Definitely worth a listen though IMO.