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  2. One of my favorite cosma tracks, i adore the fact that it combines dancefloor energy with beautiful soundscape formations and a melody to remember! Definitely a unique style, that doesn't sound formulaic and thus doesn't feel outdated at all. 9.2/10
  3. I want to comment on one track and to be honest, on a specific part of one track: 2:10 - 3:00 of baktun vision serpent. I would like a longer buildup of the breakdown and then the melody should evolve into a massive soundscape! The ending also should involve an evolution of this melody! That would make a stellar track! Amazing melody nonetheless, one of the best i listened in the past years, really solid and memorable-not a fluffy generic neo goa style, and love how the melody and bassline fit together! This part is a dancefloor filler surely! Eagerly waiting for a remix Bravo
  4. Keep the spirit alive!!! https://www.facebook.com/ManWithNoNameMusic/videos/vb.294870914266521/477117232708554/?type=2&theater
  5. Is this track new? https://www.facebook.com/astralprojectionofficial/videos/316992065535673/ Short clip but sounds amazing nonetheless!
  6. fuck, i missed it! What was the asking price? Anyone that bought 2 and want to sell one ?
  7. First of all, nice selection of original titles and nice cover! I consider Etnica/pleiadians/crop circles (especially pleiadians) probably the most mindblowing project of the genre! The energy they transmit to the listener is out of this world! And most of these tracks are surely some of their best work. It is self-evident that, when you try to remix aural musical pieces that are considered the pinnacle of the genre, it means that it's gonna be haaaaard work! Morphic resonance put lots of effort, the listener can definitely comprehend that. Melodies, bass, fx, percussion, sequences, are definitely solidly made! However, all of the original titles sound better to me (different species remix almost matches the original)! I know that sometimes the original title that you love, has a certain appeal in any of the future comparisons that can be made and one may be a bit partial, but i am truly being as much objective as i can! The 4 intergalactic space horsemen have managed to put so much essence and feeling in their tracks, so much tech wizardry, so much complexity, and so much whatever fucking this is, , that no remix will ever surpass the original. And i totally mean it! (of course a remix is not fundamentally made to surpass the original title, but from the listener's point of view it surely can happen) All in all, it is a really nice and well made album, a perfect effort to reapproach the masterpieces from another artist's point of view, and i guess this is what the artist wanted. Well done in that! This is another proof that Christian has much potential My respect also to DAT records! But the most important conclusion after this release, is that, even after 20 whole years, the original titles not only don't sound outdated, but they seem to shine thoroughly and proudly to eternity!!!!
  8. track @ 1:26:00 ??? 00:28:30 id? 1:04:20 id?
  9. In greece we have some local festivals aka as panigiria (in greek it is called πανηγύρι), where traditional music is being played. These festivals are taking place mostly in villages of the country, and are part of our customs. Some tracks are nice to listen to and dance to, if you get into the certain state of mind! One common characteristic of many tracks is that they use huge amounts of reverb ( ) and the synth presets are more than basic. This is why i called it panigirtzidiko preset Now get off the screen and dance: no synth in this, but it is a classic old school track , sincerely it is a classic, the main instrument is klarino, and it is a wind instrument. now, i'll present you the full power of a panigirtzidiko track, get up young sith and kick up some dust (this track is new school, has no class and is totally for sitting,chatting, and trolling ): :D :D :D
  10. awesome set! does anyone know the 3 tracks at 28:00, 58:00 and 1:26:00?
  11. simple sequences, weak bassline, bad percussion, and that loooooong cheesy melody based on a panigirtzidiko preset! :D one may think that the torture ends at the middle of the track, but then comes the quantization at 7:30... now close the damn thread!
  12. What is the tracklist of the video? PS. I am trying hard and eventually won't comment on the 'Macedonia' name.
  13. Pads can also be in the intro or the breakdowns... Pads are not strings, they can be formed in a vast number of soundforms.
  14. Well, i'll be brief and ripe. THE GOOD All tracks, have: *really tight composition, with an amazing beat overall (stomping and aggressive kicks and bass), *varying sequences (not formulaic at all), *good percussion *original psychedelic sounds and FX, *nice atmosphere *intriguing and raw synth sound presets (some remind me of the 'speed of light intergalactic infinite space' pleiadians used) *lots of nicely tuned 303 THE BAD *absence of thick pads, so absence of this kind of soundscape *well, let me be more descriptive in this one, cause it is one thing that almost all nu goa lacks, at least in my ears: While you get to listen all the good aspects, i described above, on each track, filled with psychedelic goa vibes, the climax builds intensely all the way, then suddenly you realise that the PEAK of the climax is missing. You know, that melody that makes the whole track make sense and that will make you full of awe and all that complex feeling that we are so fond of in goa music. In the end, the listener gets to cherish all the good aspects of each track, but is left with that unfinished feeling. As we say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so a depiction of what i describe is this: So much potential in the producer, i am really waiting for the upcoming releases. Keep the spirit alive
  15. Many nice collaborations, but if i had to pick one, then it would be a certain collaboration between olli and boris! They are really good producers, but for me, few tracks gave me that 'wow' feeling! Well this collaboration brought one of the very best, perfect balance between each artists highlights!!! Of course, i am referring to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjbVIwFfKPQ
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