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    Taiwan, Hsinchu City
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    Traditional Kung Fu (no wushu) Ling Mo Fa Qi Northern Shaolin. Goa gives me allot of energy to focus on it. I DJ goa/psybient mostly. Thrown a couple parties in Austin Texas. Used to smoke allot of pot. But then one day decided I wanted to learn how to get high without pot.
  1. I had a track I was going to use in a mix on my phone. I then found iTunes deleted it. I can't remember what album or artist it was. It was an ambient track from a complination. If someone knows one by the name "other worlds" please let me know. thanks
  2. Can anyone get lyrics for this track? I've been listening to it since ... year 2000 just about and... It has chanting that I want... written and translated if possible. I dunno what he's saying but it sounds like Bockimo ... something... (defiantly not saying badimo) And sounds very "demonic"... and thats really interesting BockSaga.info will tell you all about that. <--- bock saga explains everything including Shiva. xD If this is some African equivalent of the mythological all-father... That would be really interesting... I know the album is named shango after the thunder god... and that could also be the bock / all-father Which is the horned god / goddess figure everyone thinks is bad because they dunno wtf is going on... and have been forcibly indocrinated by the mainstream narrative for thousands of years which is our dark age of ignorance / kali yuga... etc. U know what I mean.... Anyway yea... any lyrics for this chant? boom shiva
  3. Hey Guys, I was wondering if any musician here could identify the instrument playing in this track: https://youtu.be/iorSbFmMNu0?t=52 I guess harmonica? But not all of them sound the same, what key is that one in? Is it a harmonica? Or something else? Any help appreciated! =D
  4. Hey Guys, I was wondering if any musician here could identify the instrument playing in this track: https://youtu.be/iorSbFmMNu0?t=52 I guess harmonica? But not all of them sound the same, what key is that one in? Is it a harmonica? Or something else? Any help appreciated! =D
  5. Wow. I feel stupid. Ok. Thanks a lot. Catching up now!
  6. Who is the guy talking in this track? I wanna listen to his talks.
  7. cool stuff... i'll check that out. BTW I was actually using cosmosis - afterglow, but it's old school style doesn't fit with the ultimae records stuff and dub step stuff i'm using... 不過我的中文不好。我是美國人。我學習中文,But the old characters are what I focus on now. The simplified ones I don't know yet. 因為你是中國人,你覺得中國好的地方找Psytrance跳舞?台灣友好地跳舞,中國怎麼樣? Also if you smoke pot in Taiwan it's 7 years in Prison or maybe the death penalty. Is this worse or better in China?
  8. Hey guys... I'm making a super long video about my time in Taiwan... I've composed a list of music which is kinda Asian sounding tracks. But i'm looking for more. Circular: 3 moons Asura - everlasting Circular - Calm Connect Ohm - Snow park Greenosophy - flying dots Fahrenheit 7 - Field rotation Ocycanta winter - clockmaster Solar Fields - the missing Solar Fields - Echo Solar Fields - Cobalt Sync24 - there is no spoon Solar fields - air song Solar Fields - insum Solar Fields - Monogram Hol Baumann - A forgotten ritual Solar Fields - Leaving home Solar Fields - red vortex Solar Fields - Blue light Solar Fields - Active Sky Solar Fields - Landforms (very nice Japanese melodies) Not all of these are Asian oriental sounding but some of them are... which is kinda what i'm looking for. Thanks for any suggestions.
  9. Christian Taoist Alchemy Shamanism Interested in all religions. Only 1 God, many gods below him.
  10. I think you are right, but people need more than just to surrender to the world. They need to also stand up for their own. Doing that in the proper way is the real trick.
  11. I always expect to find psychedelic / psytrance people as more thoughtful / more independent minded / more de-conditioned. But this is defiantly not the case. Not by a long shot IMHO. If anything this psy-culture seems to almost exert the opposite of diverse individual thought, and de-conditioning, and enforce a collectivist "we are all one" "crazy party" cattle like mentality, with simply a flare of neon colors / "live and let live" unless they A B or C type folk. It does make people very "passionate" however about their personal view. Does it open people's minds? No, i've not noticed that at all. It seems on this forum people are also conforming to a leftist type persuasion, generally rally around a single viewpoint: non-conservative if not anti. Psychedelics while they should de-condition people from their social organizations, do not seem to be having that effect. I wonder why? Do psychedelics truly decondition people? Is the only result of psychedelics in the western modern civilization a hippie woodstock chaos? Or are party people just not really psychedelic? Perhaps not really serious in this "psy" thing at all? They make art, they paint pictures, they make music, they wear colorful clothing, but that seems to be where it ends. Some will do burning man type stuff, but while i've been to regional burns and met maybe 1 guy who said he was republican, i've never been to the big one in Nevada for comparison. Kinda figure a conservative straight guy won't fit in there! Are psychedelics just creating a form of radicalism and rebellion? If so why do we not see psychedelic people rebel against psychedelic culture, which seems to have as rigid an ideology as any other? If you do take psychedelics as a means to reduce your ego / conditioning, or some sort of health issue, does that make you a humble quiet and thoughtful considerate or forgiving person? Or does that make you Tim Leary with his famous picture showing everyone the middle finger? Sure u can say "fuck you" and flick people off, and I've done it too, as there is a time for that. But is that really the essence of this "culture". Just shock people and be weird? Is there any relation between psytrance culture and shamanic traditions whatsoever? Does anything between them create a common source of personal integrity or honor? I recall in the regional burn I went to a few times near Austin TX, the motto was "fuck shit up". When I threw parties, I was trying to organize a sort of spiritual or intellectual type of thing, but I found most my friends resented this, just wanted to "fuck shit up" with loud music and drugs. But were they interested in shamanic healing or concepts? Not so much.
  12. Nothing obligates me or anyone else to serve anyone. I was born free as created under God. As for protecting the vulnerable that is a choice of an individual to make. I recall it's ok for a business to refuse service to people not wearing shoes or a shirt. I figure I can work for whoever I want. I don't support forcing someone to work under any circumstances, just as I don't support forcing someone to buy a product under any circumstances. It should be optional / incentivized, not obligatory as that violates your natural rights of free association / free will. Also, I don't really want to debate this issue. But attempting to or succeeding in destroying someone for not baking you a cake or for any other reason is not a enlightened or ethical practice.
  13. hm... interesting. They should make it open carry. But I guess they are afraid they'll get shot. But then whoever shoots will also get shot because everyone has a gun. But then suicidal shooter exists. One tried to kill Trump just recently. Guy was a British expat. He knew the cops would shoot him, but he was willing to die to kill Trump. So it is kinda hypocritical to ban guns at Trump rallies if you are pro right to bear arms. But they probably also ban all weapons. Maybe the guy should learn the secret kung fu death touch. And then just shake his hand eh? But that's too arduous, he just wanted to make a statement. Hope he enjoy's prison.
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