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  1. When i first listened to this about 8 months ago I wasn't impressed, seemed way to repetitive. After his 'Mushroom Island' track on 604 Syndrom I knew I had to give it another chance. And i'm glad I did. The album is minimal in the way it progresses....In a roundabout sort of way. But the new layers, builds and explosions of melodies are all there, the one thing it doesn't have (And im being careful not to use the word 'missing') is that atmospheric undertone that could have added a sense of darkness. Although I'm glad he didn't go there, nice to have straight up, in your face goa. The production feels spot on and there isnt a note or sound out of place (Even the acid attack at the end of ultimate state of consciousness seems completely purposeful yet absolutely insane, that takes talent), in other words, It's clean, spotless, and still unpredictable, like a raver dropping acid during the car check lines at a festival. I'll be rocking this for a few more weeks for sure. And Oh My Good God! Cosmic Trance is ridiculous, almost like the sweetest punch to the face you can ask for. woke me up like 2 double ristretto's with a side of warm milk a dash of hot water and 1 sweetener just never will.
  2. Check the guys over at goapsy records out. I found this to be pretty house influenced. A little different than the stuff you posted but I guess thats the new tech influence? Or I have no idea. one or the other.
  3. Reading some of the posts from 2004-5-6 is heartbreaking. Hope those guys finally got to hear the comp. Riot Fuel and Trashed are my favorite tracks so far. Have only listened twice so far tho.
  4. I'll vouch for us young'uns. I'm 24 and am still blown away by most of the releases that have come out since i started listening 1.5 years ago. Missed the whole old school thing and honestly don't find it as appealing as what you producer's all release today. I've even learnt how to mix just so one day I can play it at some parties. I will say though, since joining this forum I haven't seen any of the "That's not Goa" stuff going on, so I'm assuming a lot of that comes from somewhere else though it sucks to deal with i'm sure, that's humans for you. Atleast you don't have Rick and Morty type fanboys and girls. Any way I love what you all do and you got no debate about whats Goa from me.
  5. Right on. I honestly think if Australians started producing Goa you would start to get this diversity in the scene. Plus the Australian music scene is pretty spot on, nice people, fun parties and great receptors of music. Goa producers and Dj's this is your calling. Come spread your magic over here.
  6. Thanks for the guide. Went for a HTC 10, built in DAC might be to hard to pass up. Lets see if it makes a difference. Article was a great help btw.
  7. Been listening to this all day. Imba and Proxeeus on fire together, probably the first time I've been able to distinctly tell two artists apart on a collab.
  8. Alright, backboning of the 'best earphones for Goa' thread, I thought I'd ask, does anyone here have a specific phone that they have found works best with fast electronic music? specifically Goa? I'm still using an iPhone 4 (I know, I know, It's a very impressive show of patience. Thank you all very much). It has recently been brought to my attention that phones like the HTC 10 and LG v20 use DAC technology to create a better sound through headphones. I think some lesser known brands like Vivo do this too. Has anyone looked into this before or noticed a phone providing better audio than others? does it even make a difference or is it just audio-washing used by tech reviewers?
  9. just got this a few weeks ago. Have no idea what the heck is going on with the first track. very confusing. the rest I thought were pretty decent. Future tech a sure standout though.
  10. Try looking online for 'dj' headphones, cancel noise pretty well and have distinct separation of layers. I got a pair of ultrasone DJ1's on special for $80. Can be uncomfortable though, and you look like a bit of dork walking around with headphones that say 'DJ' on the side. Goa music helps you not give a hoot about what people think however.
  11. A pretty unique collection of tracks here. Well done. Bought and all.
  12. Artist: VA Title: 604 Syndroms Label: Mamomam Records Date: January 2017 Tracklist 1. Zopmanika - Namaskaratha Mantra 9:27 2. Lectro Spektral Daze - Source Of All Life 8:26 3. Ephedra - Leaving the Shadow Side of Myself 7:03 4. Trinodia - Factorized 10:15 142bpm 5. Siam - Electric Discharge 8:13 6. E-Mantra - Unhcegila 7:25 7. Omnivox - Textures of Reality 8:51 8. Oxi - Sagittarius Love 6:33 9. Title 01 - Desert Ghost 9:13 CD 2. 1. Artha - Controlled (Old School Remix) 9:29 2. Space Element - Biotech 7:56 3. OmegaHertz - Zeta Zone 7:08 4. Jagoa - Rainy Saturday 7:41 5. Journey into Sound - Gallifrey 7:33 6. JaraLuca - Unexpected Experience 7:53 7. Omneon - Dark Matter 6:50 8. Ohm Mind - Mushroom Island 9:17 9. Proxeeus - Kuiper Belt 10:02 What’s that phrase again? Oh yea, DANCEFLOOR DESTROYER! Top notch kicks, I mean absolutely outstanding kicks, solid basslines and production like OMG. Spaced out layers without subduing leads, melodies and highs. Oh and that album cover. I tried to resist for weeks, but every time I saw it I got a little bit more curious. Probably the best example of dancefloor focused goa i've heard (Open to suggestions). Why is this important? All trance should be able to make it to a dancefloor and goa has to be the best form of trance I know. Yet it’s near impossible to hear played on a night out. Even Australian doofs choose hard chunky kick bass over acid leads and melody. I think the production of Goa has a lot to do with that, those soft spacey kicks can be and are great, they add a lot to a track and obviously are all part of the bigger picture in a song but it makes it unpalatable to the casual raver...You know, the ones that say ‘Fuck Yea! This is psytrance’ halfway through a Vin Vici set. Well, no longer will we allow that, not after 604 Syndroms. Storytelling, top notch production, distinct layers, atmospheric banger after banger dancefloor spectacular. Alright let's begin. Zopmanika - Namaskaratha Mantra - Oh yea, what a way to start a comp. I love me some vocals on a track, even better when it's an absolute stormer of a goa track. One of my favourites on the release if not my number 1. Lectro Spektral Daze - Source Of All Life - Somewhat of a generic intro, appreciate the lil’ vocal all the same. And then boom. The kick comes in hard. Plenty of psychedelia early on. Two tracks in and things are looking good. Ephedra - Leaving the Shadow Side of Myself - More vocals, jesus the Goa gods are looking down on us tonight. The intro is almost magical, but we ain’t here to daydream about the stars. Another stormer! Alright I won't say that anymore, from now let's just assume. Ephedra absolutely kills this track, from start to finish it had me moving. Bravo. Trinodia - Factorized - Look, we should allow a little bit of cheese in our diet, a little bit of cheese goes down just perfectly after a Moules Marinières. The production is just so clean it’s hard to complain and why would you? Factorized is fun, it’s hip and the kids are gonna love it! Darker synths come in towards the second half of the track, the melody changes up. Have a listen, just one won't hurt. Siam - Electric Discharge - Magic, I love how Siam builds this track. Fun bassline, Screeches all over the place working beautifully. One hell of a high powered electrical discharge infecting my ears right now and all i want is more. E-Mantra - Unhcegila - Ooh ok, I’m actually excited to review an E-Mantra track. First of all, this comp doesn’t need a fall back artist, just in case. E-Mantra clearly does, not, give, a, fuck, he smashes this track. All over it, up and down, caressing my synapses right to the end. Omnivox - Textures of Reality - I can’t figure it, but another favourites of mine. Great use of effects, sunny melody surrounded by squelches, dark atmospheres and a deep grumbling bassline. There it is, that's what I like about it. Oxi - Sagittarius Love - uh huh, pretty good until the break just before halfway through, and then it’s great. Blast off Houston. It’s a blazer. Title 01 - Desert Ghost - I spent me about 15 minutes trying to figure out who the actual artist of this track was….The breaks are pretty good. Non of the artists are going for builds and drops but in their own Goa-ry way it’s happening. A nice, crazy, fast, hectic finish to CD 1. And onto CD 2. I’m almost drooling to see what delites await us on the other side Artha - Controlled (Old School Remix) - Ok, so I wasn’t paying attention the first time I heard this and could not for the life of me figure out why it sounded so familiar. It’s also worth noting that Artha was the guy who fostered my relationship with the genre. So good sign yea? Different enough that it has me wondering which i like best…Right now I’m just thinking that all goa is the best TBH. Ah and that long ass break hasn’t been chucked out. Love it. Love it all. Space Element - Biotech - Ah raw acid all over the place (The leads damn it! I’m talking about the leads!!). Non stop charging trance that doesn’t let up. OOOOHHHHH that riff. One another classic that I shan't be forgetting anytime soon. OmegaHertz - Zeta Zone - Something a little different for us all. CD2 was meant to showcase the oldschool sound. If Artha’s track didn’t do it for you OmehaHertz has got you covered. I mean Personally i’m not getting the old school sound? Is it the strong focus on melody? If that's oldskool then the kids have got it all wrong. Zeta Zone is beautiful. My gosh. Jagoa - Rainy Saturday - Literally dealing with a 3 and a half minute build here until the track takes off, it’s a beautiful thing. “And no one had a bad trip” Perfect, melodic bliss. Gah that production, those 303’s that goa! I would buy this track alone for the price of this comp. But shhhh! Don’t tell the algorithms. Journey into Sound - Gallifrey - Another story focused banger. Journey really takes you somewhere special with Gallifrey. JaraLuca - Unexpected Experience - JaraLuca decides now is a good time to take is into Existential questioning. All worth it for what's to come... Look. Lets level with each other here. I want to stop praising each track. I really do. Everytime i start writing that a track is a little less than the others it goes and proves me wrong. Unexpected Experience isn't about to break my stride, in fact it adds to it. Another banger for the library. Omneon - Dark Matter - A dark broody psychedelic banger that has me feeling more than a little bit acidy (Not the leads this time). My only complaint, not nearly near damn long enough, but gee I can always just hit replay. Ohm Mind - Mushroom Island - So i wasn’t a big fan of ‘Birds Will go to Heaven’ I found it a little repetitive and less-ish. But boy did Ohm Mind just win himself a fan. This I thought I had all my favourites picked out until this came on. Absolutely ridiculous track that just goes and goes and goes. I obvs shouldn’t be speaking about favs before getting to Proxeeus so i’ll chill. Proxeeus - Kuiper Belt - THE TIME FOR CHILLING IS OVER!! Proxeeus, what have you done to me. This acid (Fuck i’m talking about the leads damn it!) drenched arpeggio master piece is a stormer. Typical Proxeeus style but just so so sooooo good. The track gets better and better as is expected with our man big Prox. I couldn’t ask for a better consumation than this. Thank you Proxeeus, thank you Mamomam. It’s as though every artist on here, some of them seasoned vets, took what they new about the way goa was being produced and just said. Not this time round baby. To be honest, if you’re looking for tracks that blow your mind and make you run around the room screaming “What was that! How’re they doing that!!!!!” Then it’s not gonna be this comp (Save for the final two pieces). But the production, focus and pounding drive of every single track here is outstanding. Absolutely worth a purchase. Mamomam have two goa releases under their belt and anything we can do to encourage them to push that number up is worth it. https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-604-syndroms
  13. Spot on, That pretty much summarises the review I've written for Mamomam's VA - 604 Syndroms compilation (Posting later). That dancefloor focused Goa sound that doesn't sacrifice everything we love about the genre. I'm hoping more artists start doing this every now and then to get more tracks played by dj's at clubs and parties
  14. Been listening all morning. Thought Labyrinth was the standout, but every track is pretty sweet. Funny you say that, those are always the tracks where i keep my expectations at nil. definitely proved myself wrong on this one.
  15. Yea man track is hot, straight fire in the house. No feedback to offer really. You find a big difference in the production of the two styles?
  16. Tsotsi

    VA - Lusadelic

    Artist: Various artists Title: Lusadelic Label: Woorpz Records Date: 2017, June 9 01. Tryambaka Tryambaka - Underverse 02. Alienn - Gotcha 03. Zinx - Personal Chaos 04. D_Maniac - Unbroken Tradition Unbroken Tradition 05. Lost In Space - Haunted By The Phantasm 06. Demosys - I Can See Sound 07. Juggling - Out Of The Box 08. Myrah - Pink Happiness 09. Psilocybe Project - Mass Media HappyHorse said it best when he said 'Good full-on exists' On that note Woorpz records presents Lusadelic. This compilation is designed for dance floors and those of us that like hard pounding beats, crazy leads and strong acid (synths that is). I'm just going to call this psytrance since it is not... and let me be clear... it is not, like other full-on that i've heard. On that note I have a little Portuguese something something for us all. D-maniac has compiled a list of all Portuguese artists and thrown it onto this compilation which is pretty hot...for your information. The compilation contains a bunch of banger's worth checking out, my favourite of which being - Personal Chaos, Underverse and Pink Happiness. Although not being easy to listen through from start to finish (Lacks variety) I don't think it was designed for such. The first half is probably the most exciting purely because You don't grow bored until about track 6. Luckily Myrah has a unique enough style to offer a fresh breath of air. I would not recommend listening to this one through and through. Take your time, play a few tracks here and there. Relax. Dance. Be free. All in all some good tracks here. Not my usual sub-genre but still A LOT of lead focused tracks going on and plenty of change ups within the songs. Each song has something individually, it's only the compilation as a whole that I would critique. 10/10 would recommend to fans of full-on. 7/10 for the rest of us who want a little something different in our ears. **Edit** I originally reviewed each song, but it didn't feel genuine, Full-on is hard to review individually so I changed it to the album as a whole as it was easier to vibe. https://woorpzrecords.bandcamp.com/album/lusadelic-compiled-by-d-maniac
  17. Open that purse Spacedock. Imma deposit a coupla big ones in it today. $$$$ Vol. 3 baby!!
  18. The only Power Source I've listened to is the aforementioned 'goaway' track. Agree with review, seems like the album is a step toward producing regular trance.
  19. Ok I know everyone hates Beatport but here is the active link all the same https://www.beatport.com/release/talking-with-osho/2098150
  20. True haha everything sounded like Goa to me for a bit there, Don't know how to remove tags but duly noted.
  21. Hey Punit, sorry for the missing links, i've added them in to the original post and ill post them here too. Use the Bandcamp link, way easier. https://freshfrequencies.bandcamp.com/album/spirit-of-goa-trance-v2-frshcd025-fresh-frequencies https://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/frf/frf2cd025.html
  22. Added a link in for track 1. There is a beatport link on google but it goes to a dead page. Scheisse. I just threw and album up here that can't be purchased. Sorry for that gang, I assumed if I had it then it was out there. All the same give it a listen on YouTube, I made the review as I thought it would be something you would enjoy, didn't consider the fact that it would all be pretty useless without an official release.
  23. Artist: Lifespirit Title: Talking With Osho Label: iM Electronica Date: 2017, July 01. LifeSpirit – Tomorrow Never Comes (7:55) 02. LifeSpirit – There Is No Question (8:22) 03. LifeSpirit – Being in Love (8:24) 04. LifeSpirit – Deeper You Go (8:22) "There are people who have philosophy of life but they don't have any life" "Is that the philosophy of life" "No" - Zip, Wurp, beep. Simplicity can be bliss. You know it, I know, it goes without saying. Why am I saying it then? Because simplicity really can be bliss. Lifespirit epitomizes this. Talking with Osho is the EP brought to us by Lifespirit, Who I have not heard from until now. Almost no information exists for this ep, I don't even know how I got it and it's only been a week. Nevertheless Every song here progresses into a series of amazing melodies that follow a conversation with Osho who pops up for the intro's and breaks of each song. Tomorrow Never comes - An awesome intro into the EP, we meet Osho and the journey begins. I love how LS doesn't overuse the vocals or attempt to make it spiritual in that dicky sort of way. He has done a great job with this track. The melodies aren't to aggressive but make you wanna sway and jump and stomp your feet. There Is No Question - A deeper, dreamier more atmospheric track than the first, the start of which reminds me of a Merkaba track. Everytime you think to yourself that the track should change it up a little it does just that. Right until the end where we are lead into a final minute of bliss. I like how he doesn't throw the best bits in where you might expect them. Oh and the simplicity of it all. Being In Love - Picks up where There is No Question left off with a nice mix right into the tracks intro. Another slow steady progression into a great melodies that almost comes out of nowhere. Once again Lifespirit doesn't over use the melodies that he has concocted and changes it up pretty quickly.... Then It' back again, but better. Oh Osho, so wise. Deeper You Go - Ill go deep with you Lifespirit. This track is easily the hottest on the EP. Those of you that love those crazy leads whirring in your ears Should love this. The track is hot Hot HOT. not going where you expect at first. Maybe that's the message behind it all. Who knows. We could never know, maybe that's the message. Maybe there is no message. Oh shit, Osho has taken me down the rabbit hole. All in all this is an awesome EP. He hasn't gone over the top at all and has focused on doing what he does right. I definitely recommend listening to this EP, even if that means a naughty DL. I also recommend listening to it as one piece. The tracks are nicely mixed into the next while there isn't a boring part. The tracks aren't the most layered tracks out there but I can see that being a big bonus for most of you. I would say that if you ain't about that spiritual shit you should stay away . But I really can't, we should all go on a journey with Osho. https://www.beatport.com/release/talking-with-osho/2098150
  24. Great review and amazing album, if this doesn't bring people over to the goa side i don't know what will.
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