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  1. There was a 2016 release from Avatar which is definitely still not 2019. Maybe i read it upside down. More than likely a faulty assumption as i found it in 2019. Removed to reflect real life.
  2. Whenever i go through an old disaster thread I wish that it didn't result in someone leaving the forum. We need more disaster threads. Hypnoxock + Artha
  3. Some absolute bangerz that haven't been mentioned. Proxeeus - Me, Myself, and a Gnop-keh Goasia - Polar Lights Celestial Intelligence - Anapa Median Project - The Constellation Of Aries Daimon - Codex Daimon - Wake Up And Smell The Ashes Xamanist - DNA (OSG Remix) Nervasystem - Narcosynthesis Artha - Insidelamp Psysutra - Acid Rush Psysutra - Postcard From Goa Damn Antares/Daimon, & Psysutra were good. Would do many many things to get more releases from them.
  4. https://m.soundcloud.com/drumcode/enrico-sangiuliano-symbiosis-drumcode-dc190 All hail Technonews
  5. Chuck it on ya list dawg, totally counts as a 2019
  6. Artist: Various Title: Goa Trance Adventures 2020 Vol.1 Label: Timewarp Records Release: Jan 11, 2020 Tracklist:- 1. Barmohak - Spiritual Ceremony 2. Tranquility Base Project - Where Did The Towers Go 3. Filami - Wavicle 4.Cactus Arising - No Stereotypes 5.Celestial Twins - Sleeping With LFO 6. MeloDeep - Foundation Stone 7. Wizard Project - Divine Intervention 8. N3V1773 - Spherical Wavefront Of The Mind 9. Psychedelic Quest - Psychotherapy 10. The Maniac - A Treatise On Acid Goa Trance Adventures, Goa Trance Wizards, Goa Trance Voyage & Magic of Goa Trance.... Yikes. and all Volume 1. Something tells me we are never going to see a volume 2. If you don't like getting spammed with 50 new tracks a week and therefore don't follow Timewarp, allow me. I have picked one Comp from their recent catalog A-Bomb to see if it holds up. After all, the team over at TWR bring us new artists and give them a voice to be heard, kind-of-like how Twitter gives every doinkus a chance to shout an opinion....Only much better. because it has the flavour of G O A. Well it was a roll of dice to decide which one of the 4 i was going to pick > Well close enough to a role of the dice, I decided I liked the word adventure more than voyage, Voyage is far to 'long ocean trip' for me, Wizards i'm down with but couldn't pick between the stuff that makes a wizard a wizard (Magic) or the sum of the parts itself (Wizard). Speaking of 'Kind-of-Likes' This comp is kind of like that sneaky Goa Full Moon Compilation with a bunch of recently released hits. Maybe they specified that, IDK, I they don't hit 'Enter' on their album descriptions which really makes the task of reading a paragraph much more daunting than the simple task of reading multiple broken down and congruent paragraphs. Barmohak is flagged as my most promising Timewarp talent, Barmo is the only one who really stands out there with his big-bad-boi leads, yea i'm drunk.......drunk on the power and self-importance of review writing. Whats that? Oh the song? Yea it's gotta cool organic intro which is always great, more organics please! I wish it would have been incorporated throughout the fast parts of the track. This track reaffirms my preconceived notions of Barmohak which is always a dangerous path that risks a life of confirmation bias. Alright then i'll say it. Some layers were a bit to wispy and could have been bulked up, maybe a little to fluttering and fast, take your time my dude. The first half was lit, got a bit tired after that. ~ Vilmar: Woah that's a lot of writing for one track. H: What are you doing here? Get back to the Goa Gilde review dude. ~ Tranquility Base Project comes out with a hopper topper of a title. Where Did The Towers Go? Seems like we have more than ever. Or is this the future? Having a little premonition are we? TBP Actually hits us hard with a serious banger. This is most things I Love about trance, the breaks into chaos into sneaky breaks back into chaos. Love it. Really good track. Filami knows how to keep a party moving and just because Wavicle isn't a real word doesn't mean I wont be open minded. The main melody is held for the majority of the track which is always very impressive, especially when it develops and morphs. Wait, it's almost like what you expect from a particle AND a Wave. Woah, that went full circle. I liked the outro too. I was going to say 'That Cactus Arising starts us off like any ol Timewarp fam', but then the beat half came in and I ate my thoughts. A midtempo treat that ignores the Sapien heuristic for putting people and things into categories. Good luck ever escaping a stereotype. Wait, didn't I stereotype at the start of this track? Well for a track that is kind of cruisy I feel Cactus could have toned down some of the louder layers in this and really made us dive deeper. I like the production quality but with every element the same volume it loses me a bit. Celestial Twins, the group that get me excited every time i read the first half of their name. that's not fair, I haven't really done a dive into their works. The ambient intro was sweet but there could have been a better transition to that loud ass kick drum and bassline. It gets much better when that evil vocal comes in, really takes you into the track a bit more. Melodeep hits us with a different tone and vibe that feels softer and more comforting on the ears. A welcome change up. This guy bangs hard but also bangs talentedly, Is Melodeep the Xander Corvus of trance? Who knows, that's to raunchy for me. Probably my favourite from the comp so far, the indian 'wallawallas' are awesome as well as all the vocal samples. An edge of Fullon against an edge of Goa, this shits the adventure for sure. Or is it the Mt William Estate 2013 Shiraz? lol, remember when 2013 was shit? time ages things kindly my friends. Wizard Project starts us off with something pretty unoriginal, low volume melody to high volume melody? I guess it would work as a transition. This one is loud boom boom zip zip music. More repetitive than what i'm about, but that's a preference, I don't mind repetitive and deep, this is repetitive and loud. But then the spoken words come in, why do spoken words always sound so good? The track gets better from there on. It is the Neville of 80085 here to show us why he is so damn good. A real champ and probs one of the hottest Timewarp talents. It feels lush and warm from the very first kick drum, then it gets psychedelic and cool. A really strong performance and great tranceadelic hit. Psychedelic Quest is out to entrance us as well. Psychotherapy comes in with a strong first act, energy builds and builds drawing you in deeper. The second act doesn't do much but fumble and drop the energy that was created. The main break saves the day taking the track into a stronger second half. The rest of the track is completely above par and pretty psychedelic. The Maniac coming in with A Treatise On Acid, the only track known to me before this comp. If we are going to believe that someone over at Timewarp Recs actually puts the time into curating these mass drops of comps then I have to say well done. The maniac finishes the comp off in the exact way that it should of been. A fast crazy and energetic blast of power and psychobaba that temporarily blew my mind apart.. WOOOOOOAWEEEE it just doesn't stop. What a banger. B Deepak gets better with every listen, this guy rocks. After skimming some of the other releases it seems like many of these tracks or all of them (I told you I didn't read the description) have been heard before. As someone who doesn't have the time to fit all the Timewarp releases in, this is a nice little collection that shows where everyone is at with their music. Some pretty trancey and fun music here and actually might prompt me to give at least check the Wizards release. If you were wondering if you should dig into one of these comps then I'd say go for it. https://timewarprecords.bandcamp.com/album/goa-trance-adventures-2020-top-10-hits-vol-1-tw003-timewarp
  7. Automatically does it for me, but then I just posted a youtube link elsewhere that didn't auto embed. (Do you see the grey box at the bottom of that screenshot)
  8. I've just woken up and listened to track 1. It's raining outside and there is no reason to rush to begin my day. The track is just about the perfect theme music for this moment. Musically I think it's, really well done as well. Is there somewhere we can download purchase etc?
  9. Wow, I only really paid this attention because i've seen @astralprojection Mention him so often and to be completely honest he is correct. Nova is completely underrated, how did that happen? Have we missed our chance for the glory days? Or is there more to come? I'm sure there is plenty I haven't heard that will keep Tsotsi entertained but who doesn't like new new new.
  10. Isn't there some way we could escalate this like its aliendna99?
  11. I don't know how people don't like Miley, she is giving the biggest middle finger to suburban moms who take their kids to concerts. I went to one of her concerts like 4 years ago, ever since then it's been trance and Miley. Not a stink of shitted underwear to be found.
  12. Yea i feel that, Terraformer was such an advancement in skill and quality. Impressive too since Global Sect had trouble finding cosmic stuff for Space Of Power. They might have helped kick off the scene. 2019 has been my favourite year so far. I think the 2006-12 scene had a few classic albums that will stay on a lot of favorite lists for a long time, but outside of that list I say there is more quality from the last 7 years.
  13. I love these chats. Psychill / Downtempo are my 2nd choice for music, but i like to boost my pulse when I listen to New School Goa. I hear people compare New School to old school all the time and really don't hear it. It might be because i missed the 90's and the first wave of new school. But even when I dig through old albums I don't find myself connecting any dots. I see this as a huge benefit. To me this is just what the genre is about, Crazy bright melodies that dance around one another aren't owned by AP and insane alien language leads aren't owned by Pleiadians (Not that any one is making that argument). So when I hear something like Median Project I don't also hear Astral Projection. Maybe after 15 + years of listening I will have had enough (hopefully not), If you look at it this way, the BPM is always going to be in the same ballpark, the sounds of 303's & 604's will always be in the same ballpark, The overall 'Vibe' of a track is not going to stray to far for each style of Goa. It only makes sense that eventually the formula loses its magik. I also hear all the new artists on the scene get better and better and that helps keep my attention, not many 2nd or 3rd releases in the last few years have disappointed me.
  14. Tsotsi

    Merr0w - Odysseus

    Artist: Merr0w Title: Odysseus Label: Global Sect Release: December 12, 2019 Tracklist: 1 - Lost in the Triangle 2 - Lunar Tides 3 - Odysseus 4 - Trippy Jellyfish 5 - Their Own Light 6 - Sea Wolf Howling 7 - Fractal Octopus 8 - Last Breath On Seashore ~ Under the sea, under the Sea, Darling it's better, down where it's wetter Global Sect entered the scene committed to providing rare and focused styles of the Goa trance genre. For most of their existence so far this has been cosmic themed Goa that takes you as far into the depths of space as you can go. I even began to think that this theme would be carried through for eternity. With the release of Merr0w's newest album we see that it is not the theme that matters but that there is a theme. And what better artist to show us this than the guy who really does seem to love all the magic of the deep water myths and kingdoms. Brice Fruyt is all about the sea. Don't believe me? Merrow comes from Gaelic that stands for a Mermaid or a Chimera, so like a water chimera, so like a Taor. Just look at that cover art, that's some straight up cool work, and the merch available along side this release is outstanding too. Life under the water is fantastical, but it's also slow, you can tell from listening to these tracks that a lot of time and attention has been given to them. You can't just whip up a 17 minute track like Trippy Jellyfish, that comes from somewhere special, somewhere deep inside, more mysterious than the unknown depths. Well Lost In The Triangle sure does kick it off nicely. A fine tuned super duper producer type track. Bubbles and mysterious storms of electro goodness rush around you while the maelstrom spins you down into the depths. The melody shoots at you like the stream from a TFL-B54270-Aluminum-Alloy-Water-Jet-Thruster-Pump. Merr0w knows we need a little chill time before we deal with the next onslaught from the depths. You have exactly 3 minutes until the bulging Lunar Tide comes to clear away the wreckage from the first track. At full moon we never stood a chance, the final act of Lunar Tides is like a opening a giant clam to find:- Or This Life under the sea can be lonely, you might take either. Odysseus, King of the island of Ithica, battler of mystical beasts and subject of the gods Wrath, this guy really pissed Poseidon off. Merr0w creates an epic tale that slaps harder than a giant squids tentacular club. Fast and loud, the melody and background noises develop and morph, shift, ebb & flow. A groover that comes at you harder than Charybdis from that damn Vortex. Like the 8 long years spent with Calypso the nymph (The nymphs from the myths not the internet) on the island of Ogygia Triple Jellyfish is here for a long time. Wait. You're telling me Odysseus spent 10 years trying to get home but for 8 of those he was gettin' some on a Mediterranean island? Sounds better than going home to mumma and pappa if you ask me. If those 8 years were anything as good as the 17 minutes and 12 seconds of pure inspiration coming from Triple Jellyfish then I can't blame the guy. Like streams of power coming from the Neptune's magical trident this track blasts you into another dimension. Only ever letting up to shock you with another tsunami of energy Trippy Jellyfish is one heck of a journey that makes hits you by surprise every time you think things might be calming down. A song sung by The Sirens themselves, a lure of symphonies that traps you in a scaly grasp. The sound of Triton's Conch Shell Trumpet begins tooting overhead and now we are in the thick, there is no way to go but right through Their Own Light. A treasure greater than anything found at the depths of the Bermuda, just listen to that damned production quality. Melodies that morph faster than the Agulhas current are just the cherry on top but by no means the whole meal. The howls of a wolf through the trees are horrifying enough, but one from this guy:- No thanks. Good thing nothing but good luck is meant to come from the sighting of this thing. And after the first howls in Sea Wolf Howling that good luck brings itself to you in the form of one of the best Merr0w compositions you have heard. The Akkorokamui shoot their tentacles of raw rusted synths and melody through the darkness and wrap them around your body. This is one monster you don't want to fight but give yourself in to. Maybe the terrifying bastard is benevolent. Urchins, Lobsters, Poseidon and Odysseus all come together for one glorious moment of fractalised unity. Like a storm crafted by Aeolus Fractal Octopus is wild, fast, loud and exciting. it's been 10 long years but the journey has come to an end with one last piece to guide us home, and one Last Breath on Seashore. Merr0w get's to really bring the ocean into this track with enigmatic atmospheres you really do start to feel like you are in a lost world. A beautiful way to finish this adventure of deep sea myths and monsters. ~ I think everyone here will agree that this has got to be Merr0w's best work to date. The theme is carried along completely from start to finish, the melodies are great, the atmospheres are bubbly and deep, the production and composition of sounds dance around one another like sinking treasures. It's Merr0w but unlike you have heard him, perhaps unlike we will hear him again. Well done to Global Sect and Merr0w for this fantastic release, special shout out to Andrei Verner who has nailed the artwork. https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/merrow-odysseus
  15. Tsotsi

    VA - Lost In Bass

    Artist: Various Title: Lost In Bass Label: Troll N' Roll Records Release: March 22, 2019 Tracklist:- 1. Katastrof - Blurry Days 2. Toxic Anger Syndrome - Cell out 3. Gubbology - Cold Heart Warm Ass 4. Squees - Itchy Grub 5. Sonic Bandits - Techno Morgan 6. Frosty Fennic - Lost in Lost Out 7. Oliveira - Crystals 8. Kalumet - Ashram 9. Fractal Fungi - Keep Your Pants On 10. Svajigt - Gaffeltrucken 11. Total - Oljud 12. School Of Crystal Healing - Vayra Medicine Katastrof - Blurry Days: The compilation starts of nice and evil. Electro concrete blocks grind across the soundscape leavings shavings of psychedelia all around this track. The intro is trollrific. the rest of the track follows through with the relentless sputtering of composite layers going at one another. Toxic Anger Syndrome - Cell out: Moody and creepy is how Toxic Anger Syndrome starts and finishes Cell out. The higher pitched moments in the middle leave me a little unimpressed. Gubbology - Cold Heart Warm Ass: Exactly how i feel when the seat warmers take me by surprise. This guy gets better and better with every track. How he fits so much into 7 minutes is just testament to this little show off. A Leshen in the night that hangs over your head to taunt you with fingers of vines that come out from the tree tops to play. Squees - Itchy Grub: Another short track comes out of the depths to make you sway and stomp softly. Pulling at every part of your attention Itchy Grub sucks you down and spits you back out. Sonic Bandits - Techno Morgan: A fast pounder that trips you into another world. Tighten the Velcro on your jungle boots because from 2 minutes on you wont know what has taken over you & you're gonna need some reliable footwear. My Favourite so Far. Frosty Fennic - Lost in Lost Out: Organic intro and sweet hymning tells me this tracks gonna be a ride. Not the kind of ride that shoots you 2000 km's into the sky right away but the kind that gets you there in it's own time. Prepare for some whirly durlies. Oliveira - Crystals: Starting the track off like a Bluetunes prog banger Oliveira brings in a kick that assures you that will not be what you're getting. Instead we get a deep and exciting track that like all tracks here today suck you in. Another favourite for the stromy poise. Kalumet - Ashram: Just like the title suggests spirituality is everywhere for the intro at least. Speckled electrosis gets flung at you for the short 6 minutes and 18 seconds that make this track up. The first few minutes do it for me but the last 3 seem like they could have been a little more exciting. Fractal Fungi - Keep Your Pants On: Oh so Fractal Fungi is the morality police now huh? Not allowed to take my dacks off in the middle of the city? Not even if it's 3am? Or is the track that Fractal plays when a reveler can't help but go full frontal schlongle in the muddy center of the dancefloor? That would be a great inside joke. Psychedelic track that bangs and bangs and bangs, the outskirts of the track are like the outskirts of a dark forest that call you in for some mystery. Calling. Calling. & gotcha! Super trippy madness. Svajigt - Gaffeltrucken: I love the title and even more so when I find that it means Forklift in Danish. This is one Gaffeltruck you don't need a licence to ride. Just the courage to stand in the middle of a dark swamp alone with this playing in the background. *Shivers, all right then. Total - Oljud: Creepy ass intro has me scared straight away, the most evil of the tracks so far. The main lead is super aggressive and in your face but kind of in an endearing way. Like our fates we just have to accept it, my fate is clearly to sit here in darkness looking over my shoulder to make sure that a J├Âtnar hasn't just been summoned to gobble me down. School Of Crystal Healing - Vayra Medicine: Wow, just what the doctor ordered. A nice mellow outro track that heals the broken parts of you. Parts twisted and warped from the psychosis of some of these tracks. The second half takes us off into a new world that i was hoping for but not expecting. The best surprises of all you might say. I leave this Comp feeling rejuvenated and refreshed thanks to SOCH. I feel like Troll N' Roll have hit a six with this release. Some of the tracks didn't do it for me but will definitely appeal to those that like this labels darker and twisted works. The rest of the melodic pieces are what grabbed me. Favourites were 1, 3, 5, 7 11 & 12. https://trollnroll.bandcamp.com/album/va-lost-in-bass
  16. That track is pretty groovy. Very promising project if it ever formally becomes one.
  17. One track descriptor that has never sounded right to me is 'daytime Goa', and going to Apsara this year makes me wonder even more. Imo all Goa sounds better under the stars than the sun. Maybe with the exception of Elysium. So what are some examples of Day Goa? What makes it so?
  18. Lol, make your own lists you bullies. I was going to leave it but now Celestial gets mentioned twice. 11: Hypnoxock - Eurythmia is now Nova Fractal - Fractal Landscapes 12: Celestial Intelligence - Peperetual Energy is now Psysutra - Gamma Phoenecis.
  19. Rehashing an old thread instead of making a new one. With so many new releases since our last best of new goa/essential I wonder who has updated their list, or if the best has come and gone. I also feel like 10 albums is no longer able to properly explore all the essentials of the SWOG, 1. Khetzal - Corolle 2. Artha - Influencing Dreams 3. VA - Terraformer 4. Lunar Dawn - Kolovrat 5. Sab Kuch Milegator - Kauas Aikain Taa 6. Median Project - Constellation 7. Antares - Exodus 8. Morphic Resonance - The City Of Moons 9. Hypnoxock - Eurythmia 10. Celestial Intelligence - Perpetual Energy 11. Nova Fractal - Fractal Landscapes 12. Psysutra - Gamma Phoenecis. 13. VA - The World Beyond 14. Sykespico - Perspective 15. Nervasystem - Timetravel 16. Psylent Buddhi - Secrets Of The Atom 17. VA - Temple Of Chaos 18. VA - People Walk Funny 19. Kadasarva - Steamagination 20. Ephedra - Journey Through My Head For me 'Essentials' refers to any album that properly displays a particular style at the top of the game.
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