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Found 4 results

  1. Artist: Material Music Title: DNA Label: Goa Records Date: June 4, 2018 Tracklist: Sigh Formulation Psy. System Blue Mysost Psychoactive System DNA Psychic Power Planetary Movement Pa-R-Rel Universe DigiMafia I've come to learn that every time I hear a Material Music track all the way through I pretty much am always going to have a good time. Not always easy to comment on because some times they are simply pleasant trance tracks. Pleasant meant in the best way possible, pleasant is good, pleasant is great...Praise be to pleasant. Sigh Formulation - No fucks given for an intro so that's how it's gonna be here too. The first act is alright but doesn't really engage me. The next act knows what i'm wanting and hits me with it. So much was going that at the halfway point I thought the track was over. As soon as I stopped focusing so hard and just chilled out a little I didn't really appreciate this track properly. Psy, System - A track that asks you to take cruising altitude as soon as possible. Drive down a highway to it, in the background as you furiously comment and post on Facebook or pour a martini and jump around the room. Blue Mysost - Cosy Cheeze! Blue Cozy Cheese, just in case any one wanted to know what Mysost is. I mean this in an endearing way, Blue Mysost really is what i would want Lounge Trance to be. I want to be ordering a Negroni on a spring day with this in the background right now. Psychoactive System I don't know what to say really, another great background trance track. The first JOOF playlist I ever heard was when I starting paying attention to trance, a random playlist picked for a study sesh in the library and before you know it i was in the zone, pages and words flying,. All thanks to pappa JOOF. So far this album has been like that moment, wonderful music to have on while multitasking. DNA: More beautiful music to trance out to. Distinctly different yet again with a cool atmosphere to go along with it. Even on the 3rd listen i still got tranced out to this. The extra crazy parts snap your consciousness back into reality until the track takes you off again. Psychic Power gives me the first bad ass intro of the album and takes us in a new direction. more demanding of your attention Psychic Power is here to spin your mind and feet around. Exciting and engaging. Planetary Movement: Carries the new theme of 'listen up we are here to dance' along in a synthetic flurry of analog ... Yea i know that doesn't make sense. Pa-Ra-Rel Universe: The magic is knocked up to 300 degrees for this track. Floatey and enthusiastic Material Music creates a great atmosphere that feels like an exploratory journey through candy land. I like loud-and-in-your-face which is what the psychedelia littering this track is. A favourite from the album. Digimafia - Oooh very interesting intro. I reallly think there is nothing better that sets a tracks then a bad ass intro and Digimafia gets that done just right. Cool factor is at 150 Metres above sea level. Intensity factor blows the mercury out of the vial. One of the best and most exciting tracks I have heard from Material Music. It's so many different things at once and it all works together just right. I feel like I can appreciate both sides of this album. The first 5 tracks feel to me like great lounge tracks. Not that we really have places serving delicious cocktails and playing wild lounge Psytrance, but there should be, and this album belongs on the speakers. The second half of the album is pure hyper-speed mind travel. Material Music is a pro at mixing tracks up in different directions so seamlessly that you sometimes think the 5 minute mark will surely be the end of the track. And when he goes hard he throws psychedlic bliss our way. Each track here is going to find it's way into one playlist or another as it does what it does extremely well. I dunno, the guy has good ideas all over his tracks. https://materialmusic.bandcamp.com/album/dna-goa-records-lp
  2. Released already on the 14th of September 2018 on Spiral Trax. Comes the 6th album release by psychedelic trance dance producer MATERIAL MUSIC. Material Music - Divine Dance = 11 Tracks. http://spiraltrax.bandcamp.com/album/material-music-divine-dance-spit139-spiral-trax + world wide distribution *) Yo like?
  3. Kommer 30. Juli 2018 overalt. MATERIAL MUSIC - 2DRAGONS [GEOMAGNETIC RECORDS] 01. Access Material Virus 02. Avalon Vacuum Technology 03. Alien Wis-ard & 2Dragons 04. Black Hole Dancing With Anti Matter 05. Inside the Reaksjon 06. Galactic Connection (Gamma~Maya) 07. Turquoise Planet (Trance Healing) 08. Oxytocin 09. Sound of Everything 10. Superconscious Minds (Synchro Science) 11. Magenta Platinum (17th Cha-kra) 12. Undefined Field (Singularity) 13. Turquoise Planet (Ambient Healing) Pre-listen here: http://www.goastore.com/material-music-2dragons.html Or maybe here? https://www.psyshop.com/2Dragons-Material-Music/geo1dw928/
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