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Found 10 results

  1. Artist: Spintribe Title: Zephyr EP Label: Digital Diamonds Date: April 24, 2020 Tracklist: 1. Zephyr 2. Oizo 3. Zypher (LAVR Remix) Zephyr: Progressive rhythms pick this track up from the get go, with kick drums cracks like a whip, this is a song for the big speakers. Zephyr officially becomes a good track at the 4:30 mark when the 'i'm gonna make you move' leads fill every unused space on the dancefloor Oizo: "Ouue" + "Zo" - Starting off smack bang in the middle of funk town Oizo is not just a fun song to pronounce. The kick drums sounds like it belongs to an Instagram influencers derrière, bouncing a coin off baby wouldn't be a problem. While that's going on the percussion is a straight up sex-bomb under a 5G tower; molecules are vibrating all over this mutha. Definitely my favourite on the EP. Zephyr (LAVR Remix) drops the mood and gets right into the business of big and heavy stuff. The added psychedelia, slices of metallica and big 4:30 build sprout the remix into a big beautiful P. Cubensis with little forest faeries raving on top of it. If you combined the remixes engaging first half and the originals acid drop of a last half you'd have yourself a masterpiece. ~ A digital gem from Digital Diamonds. Spintribe & LAVR bring a little excitement to my day with a 3 drops of mood filled with funk spread all over groovy rhythms. https://hypeddit.com/link/t4equx https://digitaldiamonds.bandcamp.com/album/dd073-zephyr-ep
  2. Bratenschneider - No Time At All EP Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds052 Format: EP Released: December 2017 Second EP by Bratenschneider (in English 'Roast Cutter') on Digital Diamonds. This time Matthias has cut some juicy psy-tech minimal filets for you, flavored with fresh progressive electro spices. Download: http://www.digital-diamonds.com/index.php?id=digitaldiamonds052
  3. Immortal Sun - Sun Worshiper EP Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds051 Format: EP Released: November 2017 Debut EP by Immortal Sun on Digital Diamonds! After releasing on Techgnosis Records, Immortal Sun delivers 4 fresh, exciting and groovy tracks, with that pinch of psychedelic. An innovative fusion between Progressive Minimal & Microhouse, cutting edge Melodic Techno! FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www.digital-diamonds.com/index.php?id=digitaldiamonds051
  4. Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds050L Format: Compilation Released: September 2017 Tracklist: 01. Aerodromme - Cosmic Trigger (ExecutiveProducer Rmx) 02. Excizen - Someone One (Bratenschneider Remix) 03. Jitter - Funkee Shit (Alic Remix) 04. Daäna - Little Animals (Trilingo Remix) 05. Fredrik Astevall - Block (Luis M Remix) 06. Ben Rama - VALIS (Crennwiick Remix) 07. Code Therapy - Waves (Flembaz Remix) 08. Alic - Icedive (Trevor McGregor Remix) 09. Trilingo - Kalix (Code Therapy Remix) 10. Simmetune - Endless Moments (Ben Rama Remix) Digital Diamonds is proud to present 'Digital Decade', an ambitious release that celebrates the label's 10 years of activity in the underground scene and being run by Alic. Compiled by Ben Rama, 'Digital Decade' features 10 exceptional remixes of memorable tracks from the label's extensive back catalog, expertly crafted by Digital Diamonds artists both past and present. As one of the scene's more active proponents of 'psychedelic techno', it's no surprise that this sound is well represented here. Backed up by some progressive leaning numbers that don't shy away from melodies, this well-rounded release will appeal to fans from across the techno spectrum. Get it HERE: http://www.digital-diamonds.com/index.php?id=digitaldiamonds050l
  5. ---- FOR ENGLISH SCROLL DOWN ----Wanderzirkus und Digital Diamonds Netlabel multiplizieren sich am 30.09. im Kosmonaut zur Summe ihrer gemeinsamen Nenner: ▸▸▸ Das große 1x1:☬ Timboletti ▸ Copycow | 3000Grad▸ https://soundcloud.com/timboletti☬ Luis M Live! (Portugal)▸ Digital Diamonds Netlabel | Digital Structures ▸ https://soundcloud.com/luismlive ☬ Unique Repeat ▸ Parquet Recordings ▸ https://soundcloud.com/unique-repeat ☬ Mr. High & Mr. Deep aka. Hochkultur54 B2B Vittjas Tief ▸ Hypnotic Psy Techno | ɹǝqüɟdoʞ ▸ https://soundcloud.com/hochkultur54 ▸ https://soundcloud.com/vittjas-tief ☬ Gottlieb Scheppert Live! ▸ Plattenfreunde Neukölln ▸ https://soundcloud.com/gottlieb-scheppert ☬ Alic Labelfounders! ▸ Digital Diamonds Netlabel | Electric Power Pole Records ▸ https://soundcloud.com/alic ☬ Trilingo ▸ Digital Diamonds Netlabel | Techgnosis Records ▸ https://soundcloud.com/trilingo ☬ code-therapy Live! (Portugal) ▸ Digital Diamonds Netlabel | Techgnosis Records ▸ https://soundcloud.com/codetherapylive ☬ Floating Machine Live! (Portugal) ▸ Digital Diamonds Netlabel | Blind Arc ▸ https://soundcloud.com/floating-machine ☬ Victor Y (Australien) ▸ Open Records ▸ https://soundcloud.com/victoryclique ☬ Cornelis ▸ https://soundcloud.com/drcornelis ☬ Mr. Treehopper (Wanderzirkus) Wanderzirkus X Digital Diamonds Netlabel: Wir feiern zusammen 10 Jahre Digital Diamonds, Release Party der Geburtstags-Compilation “Digital Decade”, zwei gemeinsame Sommer die es in sich hatten, Geburt und Feuertod des Hauptbahnhofs auf dem AfrikaBurn und die Premiere Moyn Moyn Festival 2017…musikalisch durchgerechnet servieren wir standesgemäß auf 3 Floors die tanzbaren Variablen in Form unserer Lieblingsacts. Heisst unterm Strich: von Downtempo über Techhouse und Techno bis Progressive und Psytech wird es knallbunt, aber heftig! ---- ENGLISH ---- Wanderzirkus X Digital Diamonds Netlabel: coming together to celebrate 10 years of Digital Diamonds, the release party of the anniversary compilation “Digital Decade”, two shared intense summers, birth and death by fire of the Hauptbahnhof at AfrikaBurn and the premiere of the Moyn Moyn Festival 2017. Celebrating the huge variety of our common denominators we’ll serve you all the danceable variables of our favourite acts on 3 floors. On the bottom line: from Downtempo over Techhouse and Techno to Progressive and Psytech it’s going to be multifaceted and intense! VA "Digital Decade" Previews: Event links: https://www.facebook.com/events/780495188823895 https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1015509
  6. Floating Machine - Convergence EP Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds049 Format: EP Released: April 2017 Finally, Floating Machine (aka 50% of Code Therapy) delivers his debut EP "Convergence" on Digital Diamonds. This trippy release is packed with three original tracks, deep and hypnotic as we love it, plus a rolling and progressive remix of Luis M's track "Interferenz". FREE DOWNLOAD
  7. Luis M - Basslien EP Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds048 Format: EP Released: October 2016 Listen to the first EP of Luis M on Digital Diamonds. This man knows how to combine smooth rolling basslines with an excellent psychedelic setting driving forward. Ken Zo gives on a huge remix of the title track a great impression how to deal with sounds. FREE DOWNLOAD
  8. Alic - Ostkreuz EP Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds047X Format: EP Released: July 2016 Alic launches their 'Ostkreuz' now as a free release on Digital Diamonds! Packed with three outstanding remixes by Trilingo, Crennwiick and Monogram you get what you are waiting for. This is a special release in corporation with Netlabel Day 2016! FREE DOWNLOAD
  9. OUT NOW: Alic - Last Man Standing EP Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds044 | Format: EP | Released: January 2016 Tracklist: A1 Alic - Last Man Standing A2 Alic - Mission Magic Carpet B1 Alic - The Acid Flow (Triptacular Edit) B2 Alic - Ostkreuz (Crennwiick Remix) Alic is back with some very serious and smart melodic stuff on A-side of that brilliant Techno EP. B-side represents a fresh remake of "The Acid Flow", a track originally released on their album "Close Distance" in 2014 and Crennwiick contributes a super nice remix of the upcoming track "Ostkreuz" on Techgnosis Records. DOWNLOAD (WAV/MP3) The full release catalogue is available here.
  10. OUT NOW: Bratenschneider - The Edge EP Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds042 Format: EP Released: September 2015 Tracklist: A1 Bratenschneider - The Edge A2 Bratenschneider - Destiny B1 Bratenschneider - Endless Abyss B2 Bratenschneider - Free Way High-tech minimal with a psychedelic attitude! Bratenschneider gives a super great insight what a nice sound is cooked in Hamburg nowadays. DOWNLOAD (WAV/MP3)
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