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Found 13 results

  1. 1. Goasia - Outer Space Formant 2. Goasia - Alien's Ultimatum 3. Goasia - Back To Space 4. Goasia - Hybrids 5. Goasia - Yes, We Are 6. Goasia - Landed On Wrong Planet 7. Goasia - Life Reborn 8. Goasia - Basic Instinct 9. Goasia - XOR 10. Goasia - Area 51 So this just happened. Very nonchalantly. It's been 6 strange years since the release of Goasia's last 'Amphibians On Spacedock' album. But if you have heard any of their more recent 'Goa Trance Legacy' releases then you may have an idea of why this might have some hype around it. You may have an idea of why this is hype just from their previous album releases. You might wonder 'Why isn't there any hype around this' Well that's because no one thought of telling us a release was on the way. No bother, here we are. Goasia have been releasing Goa trance since at least 2006 and have their own very distinct sound. Vladislav Radulovic & Balint Tihamer make Goasia up and damn they have already given a lot to this scene, well strap in, press the big red button and prepare to Land on the wong planet as these fellas take you to magic land. Making this Spacedock Records 6th CD release, be sure to grab this sexy beast in physical if that's your jam. https://spacedockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sdrcd06
  2. Artist: Acid Destroyers Title: Monsters And Mad Man EP Label: Spacedock records Release date: May 15, 2019 Tracklist: 1. Acid Destroyers - Universal Language 08:16 2. Acid Destroyers - Ohm Devil 09:14 3. Acid Destroyers - Monsters and Mad Man 07:24 Things are going good in Goa land. You wouldn't say this judging by the number of posts in the review section, but the music is going strong these days. This collab on Spacedock records between Goa Madness founder Ohm Mind and Laughing Space Devil from Switzerland shows that they're on a creative cloud. Acid Destroyers deliver three solid fast paced, dense, acid goa tracks. The duo is aiming for dancefloor material. Stuff to get your head around deep in the night times. No doubt, they succeeded in their mission. It's addictive multi layered goa in your face with a phat beat. Can't wait to see them in november. Get this release for a bargain. It delivers. Buy link: Bandcamp buy link
  3. Artist: Various Title: SpaceDock Records Goa trance Legacy by Kanc Cover Vol.4 Label: SpaceDock Records Release: 26 December, 2018 1.Ephedra & Imba - From Star To Star 2. Hypnagogia - Cosmic Interference 3. Goasia - Polar Lights 4. Omegahertz - Kissing Nebula 5. Omnivox & Hand Of Damaru- Magical Mountain 6. M-Run - Vastness 7. Jikooha - Indigos 8. Via Axis - The 4th State (Psychowave 2018 Remix) 9. Nebula Meltdown - Epsilon Orionis Spacedock Records Goa Trance legacy series has, since Vol. 1 been a collection of fun tracks showcasing artistic talent from planet earth. Every comp has at least 3 tracks that are out of this world amazing, and a bunch of good-great tracks that open up themselves up upon more and more listens. A mix of old established artists and new artists can be found on their comps with little difference in track quality and direction. I thought Vol.3 was pretty awesome, I also thought that 2018 was done for albums after Proxeeus. But no, Spacedock sneaks one last incredible compilation of tracks to blow us all away. Ephedra & Imba - From Star To Star: A solid track all in all but it jumps into the main act pretty quickly and carries it throughout. I wouldn't pick this as an album opener but would certainly still place it on the comp. Lots of drive, strong sound design and great lead work. Hypnogogia - Cosmic Interference: A solid theme follows this track from start to finish. And boy oh boy does it get better and better. A pretty big climax at the end that Makes it one of my favourites. Goasia - Polar Light: A strong progression takes us into a track that really encapsulates its title I feel like i'm flying through the aurora borealis while i listen to this. When i listen in my car I get the urge to close my eyes and see where I end up. But then i realise I'll miss the rest of the track when I slide off the side of the road into a hot Australian bushfire where I narrowly escape with my life but then get pecked to death by Kookaburras, simply not worth it. The ending is bliss. Omegahertz - Kissing Nebula: Well. What can I say but that this inspired me to go back and listen to everything else I have by Omegahertz, it wasn't enough so I've gone through Stax and realised that I love his style. But I love this song the most. Pure psych up track that gets me in the mood for anything that i need to be in the mood for. Omegahertz is something of an anthem creator but nothing compares to Kissing Nebula. If he released another album I'd buy 2. This track is killer, which gives 2019 another stellar track that makes picking a favourite hard. Omnivox & Hand of Demaru - Magical Mountain: A little Darker than you would expect a track called magical mountain to be, but then again not all magic is light and fluffy 'turn you into a pumpkin marshmallow' sort of magic. And then again it's not that dark 'so shut up already Tsotsi'. Alright alright, after Omegahertz's track it's hard to like anything as much. The truth is that when I play this track it's a certified banger. Omnivox has had some fun with Hand Of Demaru before, her soundcloud is mostly ambient so I can't tell what her influence is here. Atmosphere? I can say that the sway potential of this track is 10 sways out of 10 sways. Another anthem that would have a crowd under it's complete control. M-Run - Vastness: A huge unexpected track from M-Run. I follow him on FB and it looks like his constantly cooking bomb ass tracks in his studio. But of all the tracks i've heard from him this is the most unique in structure. That uniqueness is what I love about M-run. The distinct sounds are still there but the structure has been flipped, turned, chopped & screwed. Oh did i mention that it was wild? I've seen M-run crowds, it looks like an earthquake is bumping people around on a trampoline. That's music for you. Jikooha - Indigos: We soften things down a bunch with a Jikooha track. this wasn't what i was expecting when i saw Jikooha follow M-run on a comp. I was thinking way more crazy leads zippig and twirling. But you know what, this track is infectious. A slow burner that burns brighter and brighter as it goes on. It has an oldskool feel to it in its style and is super cruisy. Via Axis - The 4th State (Psychowave 2018 Remix): Don't know the original, don't know Via Axis but I know Psychowave. 'Dont be proud of your ignorance Tsotsi'. Look, let's move on; nothing since Sunshine Reborn has really captivated me in the same way from Psychowave. However, there is a very noticeable improvement in clean production and many more collabs are coming out. The synths that come in at 3:20 make a big difference and feel like metal being struck with jolts of electricity. We also get to learn a little about consciousness and then we get a finale worth writing home about. Nebula Meltdown - Epsilon Orionis: the fastest track on the comp but hardly feels like it. To me this was Vol.4's follow up to Manmademans Vol.3 track. Only placed at the other end of the comp. Very progressive. But it's a progressive world. Peer reviewed thesis's about dog humping and heteronormativity with fake data are being published in the states. But what's that got to do with another favourite track from Spacedock Goa Trance Legacy by Kanc Cover Vol.4? I can't remember... Progression, that's right. A track that demands your attention and closes this bad boy off nicely. Also the track I wanted the most when i first heard it. I'm as happy as a little fat spider right now. My top 10 for 2018 is pretty much just going to be Goa compilations and I'm fine with that. All tracks were certified 100% grassfed, sustainably grown bangers. But Omnivox was definitely my favourite. https://spacedockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sdrcd05-va-goa-trance-legacy-by-kanc-cover
  4. Ho-Ho-Ho, If you thought that the Christmas season was just about complete you can think again. You've all been good little cherubs and Santa AKA Kanc Cover has compiled a little selection of tunes to present you volume 4 of the Goa trance Legacy series. With a tracklist that looks like this:- 01. Ephedra & Imba - From Star To Star 02. Hypnagogia - Cosmic Interference 03. Goasia - Polar Lights 04. Omegahertz - Kissing Nebula 05. Omnivox & Hand Of Damaru- Magical mountain 06. M-Run - Vastness 07. Jikooha - Indigos 08. Via Axis - The 4th State (Psychowave 2018 Remix) 09. Nebula Meltdown - Epsilon Orionis I can't really see how this could be anything short of wonderful. Available now. https://spacedockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sdrcd05-va-goa-trance-legacy-by-kanc-cover
  5. Artist: Psychowave Title: Chronicles ep Label: Spacedock Records Date: July 27, 2018 1. Elephants In Pocitos 2. Fight Like A Woman 3. Life Waves Psychowave has produced two tracks which have found their way into my favourite list. His ear for melody and production technique is a treat and sends me into euphoria every time I listen. The new ep comes complete with some pretty artwork done by Natan himself and 3 tracks containing plenty of funk. Elephants In Pocitos - Not as many elephant sounds as I was expecting but still a well produced song thats got a fat baseline and trip atmospheres abound. Fight Like A Woman - Yea declare a never ending battle that you can escape from at any moment but subject your enemy to at any moment at your discretion. Yea that’ll do it. Great trippy song with good development and huge drums pounding away. Life Waves - A quick lesson on waves and a great collection of melodies intertwined with one another. My favourite of the three but just by a hair. This aint no Sunshine Reborn, but a less melodic more psychedelic trippier blast into happy land. Well done to SpaceDock for their continued support of a great artist, who has managed to avoid the norm of the Brazilian psytrance scene and produce Goa blasters. The title of the album suggests more eps to come in the same vein, I'm looking forward to those insta-buys. https://spacedockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sddg014-psychowave-chronicles-ep
  6. Artist: Various Title: Goa Trance Legacy 2 Label: Spacedock Records Date: January, 2017 1. Artha - First Element Is Gone 2. Hypnagogia - Launching Green Lights 3. Omegahertz - Ecliptic Conjunction 4. Power Source - Goaway (2016 Mix) 5. M-Run - Trans Our Way 6. Goasia - Secret of Nazak 7. Prana - Derwish (Funky Gong Remix) 8. Total Eclipse - Blade Runner (Remix) 9. E-Mantra - You Are Empty Spacedock is sort of an outlier when it comes to the more well known labels, doing more with digital eps. That isn't to say they are a throwaway by any stretch with releases like the first in this series as well as Fragments of Evolution by Omnivox. With the second album of this series they have assembled quite the track list. The cover sports the same Matrix-esque style as the previous iteration just in blue, but let's see what's inside. First Element is Gone- Wow, why does Artha save his best stuff for compilations and Ep's? I wasn't thrilled with his latest Dream Telepathy, but this was absolutely brilliant in every single way. It evolved and twisted the whole way through. The more I listened the more I liked it with its crazy leads and M-run groove. Stellar opener! Launching Green Lights- This was sci-fi goa with sparkly and nimble lead sounds. There was a period where it seemed to lose steam, but still pretty good overall. Ecliptic Conjunction- Omegahertz took a giant step forward with the release of his last album Stax and this track also has some good 303 screech and bark. Good stuff. Goaway (2016 Mix)- Perhaps the most famous track in the Power Source catalog so it baffles me why one would remix an already fantastic track. I really can't tell that much difference between this and the original. Did you make it louder? See, and maybe it's just me, but ideally you take a track that is a bit on the weak side and attempt to make it better. It's a great track, but putting a remix label on it seems a bit disingenuous. Trans Our Way- His album Some Run Just For Fun is an absolute favorite of mine and I've been waiting for the next one with much anticipation. This is light and bouncy with a pretty simple bass line that I would consider good. Not great, and nowhere near his epic stuff from his album. What happened here? Secret of Nazak- This is another track that I felt was good, but not great. I felt my mind begin to wander half way through. New school through and through that could've used some more variation. Derwish (Funky Gong Remix)- I have never heard this track before so this is found money. This is a remix by Minoru Tsunoda who also remixed another Prana track Boundless on the Prana Remixes album from Suntrip. It's kind of eerie and has some really great bounce. He did a lot with a little. Blade Runner (Remix)- Any time I see Blade Runner I expect a grand science fiction atmosphere. I remember that the original was pretty good but had annoying sounds like the descending aliens from Galaga. Now those are still here (damnit!), but the rest of the track is more subdued with gentler sounds. Sounds less harsh, but also a little less interesting. Anyone else think of Jaws when you heard this? You Are Empty- An E-mantra track that is smooth, dreamy, uplifting...Can't go wrong! A good album that disappointed in a few spots, but was pleasantly surprising in others! Spacedock Records Bandcamp
  7. Artist: Liquid Flow Title: Cosmic Ascension EP Label: Spacedock Records Date: September, 2012 1. Cosmic Ascension 2. A New World 3. 2012 "Great moments are born from great opportunities." Nothing like a sample from Miracle on Ice. Right now it would be a miracle if the millionaires would stop acting like self-important pricks and get back on the f*cking ice. Don't make me watch basketball. Don't make me. Tomislav Savic is yet another Croatian in the seemingly dominant wave of artists erupting from the Balkans. Having released a successful Ep (Goa Terminal), album (Presence) and who knows how many compilation tracks he presents you with his latest EP release. It's on Spacedock Records and I tell you this fledgeling label is making me sit up and take notice. The Alien Humanity EP by Vox was one of the most impressive contributions to goa trance IMO and even had Jesus chiming in. Check the review, you'll see. Not to mention the great Unvisited Galaxies EP by Goasia and we might be seeing the rise of another goa trance label. One can hope. See that cover? Pretty ain't it? This digital release is exactly what you would expect from that cover. It is a ride through space with lofty melodies and high technology power. Bubbly effects and 303's boil like a cauldron threatening to overflow. A New World is a stormer with nothing necessarily new to offer, but it's power and layers had me twirling nonetheless. The closer 2012 has deep goa roots with floaty trance melodies. So while some may say we've seen this movie before I say true, but Event Horizon was a good f*cking movie. Recommended. Psyshop Bandcamp Mdk
  8. Artist: Goasia Title: Defected Reactor Ep Label: Spacedock Records Date: March, 2015 1. Defected Reactor 2. We Live There I recently went a little bandcamp crazy and bought a bunch of digital eps without even listening to the samples. This was one of them. We are all familiar with this duo and I believe they are in the category of love 'em or don't love 'em that much. This ep should be a cautionary tale of always listening before you buy. This music damn near put me to sleep. No drama, no gravity, hell no goa. The second half of We Live There was pretty good, but not enough to save the experience. These tracks smack of some noodling made awhile ago and then just thrown out there. I will actually go on record saying this is the worst thing I have ever heard from Goasia. I'm not even sure it's them or some computer generated midi program. Spacedock Records Bandcamp
  9. Artist: Various Title: Goa Trance Legacy Label: Spacedock Records Date: October, 2015 1. Digicult & U-Recken - Into The Heartland (Astral Projection Remix) 2. Power Source - Sparks (Remix) 3. Goasia - Haunted 4. Filteria - Memory Lane (Future Live Remix) 5. M-Run - Last Survivor 6. Omnivox - I Am The Storm 7. Prana - Boundless (ManMadeMan Remix) 8. Psychowave - Catch The Rabbit 9. Shakta - Amber Mantra This was the first compilation from upstart Spacedock Records and like the second one in the series it brought together a great line up. There are no unknowns here. Just veterans of the scene with some old schoolers represented. Right off the bat we get yet another Astral Projection Remix that was also featured on the Digicult album Soul Samadhi. It's really quintessential Astral isn't it? With it's shiny layers and pounding beat. Maybe one day when my kids have put me in a nursing home they'll release some new material. But probably another ep of remixes as a final f*ck you before I die. Power Source is back with a remix of a track that was found on an ep they released back in 2011. Never heard it because I never thought Power Source was that good anyway. Sure Goaway is great as is Memory Bubbles and I'll give you Granada...but that's it! On to the track, they have a sound in there that sounds like an alarm went off in a Tesco when you tried to walk out without paying for your girl's maxi pads because you're embarrassed. Be a man. They know it's not for you. Is it buttercup? It's a positive, shiny track that's a little too full-on. Like if Erasure made goa. Goasia is one of those projects that you either love or you think they're cheese merchants. I think they're great. Sure they're a little quirky, but so is Uncle Ted. Just don't sit on his lap at Thanksgiving. And this track is quirky, but fun. I like that it keeps changing, always staying very lively. Not bad, if a little long. Filteria needs no introduction and he's earned his bones with four great albums, but I've never heard this track. Sounds very Heliopolis. There are several breaks so there's ample time to reorganize. Pretty good. M-run authored one of my favorite goa albums in Some Run Just For Fun, and with this long beast he gets crazy. It's fast paced, powerful and that lead is like dancing on the sun. Relentlessly psychedelic. Great track. Fragments of Evolution (also released on Spacedock) was a melodic and powerful tour de force and this track is no different. Plenty of motion and leads that leave char marks. The ManMadeMan remix of Prana's Boundless is one of the most psychedelic tracks I've ever heard. All power and bubbly liquid it's super intense and futuristic. Golden! Psychowave is heard from much (still haven't listened to his album yet), but the stuff I have heard was really good. Here he slays with writhing 303's and adds an operatic female voice. Gives it a layer of eerie above the power. Gets a little weird near the end and the strings don't quite fit. Other than that it's pretty great. Amber Mantra by Shakta was pretty obscure until Suntip put it on his release. Great old school track that hasn't lost any steam. Way to go Spacedock, you pretty much nailed it with this one. Spacedock Records Bandcamp
  10. JZ TRANCE press. SPACEDOCK RECORDS in WONDER NIGHT of GOA TRANCE OCTOBER 17, 2015 Club AGEHA - ARENA stage, TOKYO JAPAN Arena stage: GOASIA / Suntrip records / Spacedock Records / Serbia OMNIVOX / Spacedock Records / Croatia TSUYOSHI SUZUKI / Matsuri Records / Japan ARAKI / Jz Trance / Spacedock Records / Japan YOSHIHIDE / Jz Trance / Japan Full info https://www.facebook.com/events/1066168156727356/
  11. Artist: M-Run Title: Viral EP Label: Spacedock Records Date: October, 2013 1. Bastard Train 2. Viral After the massive praise Mario received for his debut album Some Run Just For Fun he's right back at it with a brief 2 track ep. This smacks of striking while the iron is hot so we don't forget about him. No worries my friend. Gone however is the complexity and ass wiggling goa grooves and in its place is 4 on the floor speed goa. It reminds me of Colorbox with its rapid pace like going through a mile long tube waterslide. Man, that would be fun as f*ck. 2 tracks are hardly a large enough sample size to really hold this against his album, but if you were looking for a continuation of Some Run, well this ain't it. If you're looking to spin and twirl to fast goa melodies this will get you there. BTW, don't sleep on the Ep barrage that seems to be Spacedock Records. They've dropped some quality goa goodies. Beatport
  12. Artist: Vox Title: Alien Humanity EP Label: SpaceDock Records Date: June, 2012 1. Alien Humanity 2. Desired Piece 3. Inner Polarity (Year of Prophecy Mix) *Picks up phone and punches numbers* "Hey Tawana, how are ya? Kids doing ok? Glad to hear it. Mind patching me through to the big guy? Yeah, no problem I'll hold." *Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?* "Mike is that you?" "JC!!! Whassup brother?" "Oh, it's been stressful. What are they thinking taking my rules for humanity out of public schools?" "I was gonna ask you about that." "Do they need more proof I exist, what do I gotta do? Did they think Katrina just happened? They're like children...give them an inch....Sounds like they need a refresher. What city don't you like?" "Whoa man, appreciate the offer, but I don't need that kind of pressure." "And the whole men lying down with men thing? How much clearer do I have to be? "What passage was that?" "Ah, man I don't remember. Somewhere in the back I think. That book is like two thousand pages and you know what it's like when you contract out. Never know what you're gonna get. Take Moses...I know he wasn't my first choice, but 40 f*cking years? Dumb ass kept making left turns. Let you in on a little secret. That was my inspiration for Nascar." "No sh*t? Yeah it's hard to find good help. Remember that time you said you were gonna make a new creature to scare people and make them realize that there were consequences for their actions? Whatever happened to that?" "Oh yeah the Snooki project. Those a-holes at Comedy Central leaked my plan and put it on TV. That They ended up giving her a TV show. Your race is so screwed." "Sounds like you need to relax." "That's another thing. Why did you people make pot illegal? I put it there for a reason. You didn't see the hobbits making a law against it." "I don't have an answer for you. How are your investments?" "Church on every corner brother, I'm making bank." "Well look I just called to say thank you for that Vox EP. It's gotta be some of the most slamming goa I've heard in a while. Dark and atmospheric with brain melting melodies. Absolutely hypnotic. I knew you had to have a hand in this. Love the cover how each letter has upper and lower case." "Cool right? Yeah, I had a moment." "So when are you coming back?" "I dunno, I got some stuff I gotta take care of up here. Tawana's asking for a raise, telling me her kid needs braces...I gotta ticket the other day...the AC went out...." "Keep your head up man and we'll try to keep it together down here." "All right sounds good....oh and Mike? Lay off the porn." "Yeesh...you saw that?" Psyshop Juno Download Mdk
  13. http://spacedockreco...ted-galaxies-ep Goasia - Tribal Experience 6:01 Goasia - Chemical Brain 8:11 Goasia, synonym for today's Goa Trance scene!!! Huge honor to open our chapter in Spacedock with Goasia, one of the greatest Goa projects treat us with brand new digital EP. After two magnificent albums, one XXL extend play and colab album with Omegaherz, plus a numerous tracks on various compilations, Goasia present new material and pre-release of 3rd album. Tribal elements and galactic feeling in atmosphere, will declare these tracks as anthem of the milky way. From Other Spaces, with Planet Riders all together Dance with blue Spirit and ride with us in to Unvisited Glaxies and explore new vibes of Psychedelic Goa Trance music. €2 for FLAC! http://spacedockreco...ted-galaxies-ep Moar goasia for everyoune! Goasia definitely stepping it up here! Every new release from Goasia has been an improvement in production and this is no different!
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