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  1. Very expensive sorry...in corona times 10usd for 1 single name it's too much. you must to think about people who need a name and doesn't have much money in this difficult times. I suggest you to offer it cheaper for around 3-5usd and I'm sure someone will contact you mate. Also you better consider to sell names for tracks and albums! maybe this is a better move to make some cash. think about it, AZ. If you want more ideas feel free to contact me here: fortrollsonly@gmail.com
  2. I won't waste any time for additional attempts for this crap. ofc it's a matter of taste...but for me there is nothing good in it. feels like each track made with a couple of hours. Disgust..
  3. Feels bad for Asia2001 about this release, very cheap and bad sound (in all means) very hard to listen, there is no story on it, very messy and pain my ears. its been the biggest disappointment for me since ever in music industry. better he never released it. for me it was a nightmare as Asia is in my top 3 Goa trance artists.
  4. https://youtu.be/SK01auAAGKo I'm really hope Eikon is the track that plays in this video. Please tell me it is! Anyways, great tracklist!
  5. Bluetech @ chill out gardens! can't miss it...just can't. I'm so there!
  6. My first downloaded Goatrance album was Astral Projection ‎– The Astral Files from some Torrent source. back in 2007. I'm amazed by it especially from the "Zero" track.
  7. Always been loving this one. I like the dancing crowd at the background.
  8. Bluetech's remaster version of Elementary Particles album. Amazing album and amazing Artwork !!!
  9. Parasense first album Apple. Definitely!
  10. Asia 2001 + Cosmosis or Shakta + Prana
  11. Thanks for your opinions guys, was really nice to read it! well I think there are several factors for my current state about modern Goa trance, the main factor of course is about myself and my musical taste development. I remember when I felt in love with modern Goa (was already in love with the retro a few years) I was really hyped by it! the main artists at that time was very original and different from each other, and most important memorable and psychedelic!. I could feel the hard work of each artist because of the uniqueness of their own style. I was inspired ! the year 2013 was a pick year for me with modern goa, because I made a festival season in Europe and was lucky to hear some of them in live and many of my dreams came true. But somehow after that I lost it in one wave, the familiar artists overworked themselves and the magic gone and I couldn't continue the journey with the new artists mainly because they were not challenging for me and not original. so i decided to take a pause in hope that someone will amaze me again while I discovering other genres of psychedelic music but the hope didn't arrive. so i let my musical inspiration to the Psychil and downtempo music which I listen till this day and into it like I was with modern Goa before. I don't wanna think that the factor of age is something affected on it. I think my relationship with modern goa have changed mainly because of my musical taste. It's something natural and I need to accept it. like many things in life. : )
  12. 2013 was the last year when I really enjoyed new school Goa trance, it consisted mostly of 2012 year releases. So for me the last year of solid and original produced new school Goa trance was in 2012. after that something happened. same for new and old artists of modern Goa. the old artists lost their creativity in my taste and their new music wasn't that special as their previous works (such as: Filteria, Goasia, E-Mantra,) - all of these albums after 2013 was a total disaster, and the new growing artists just did copy-past from the others ... many cheesy sounds and same ideas that wasn't original . The years 2006-2012 was the best years of new school Goa, sometimes it felt that this is my genre of all time. but sadly I lost it between new styles of music I discovered around that time such as Downtempo / Psychill etc... also the last new school goa cd's I bought was "Space of power" from global sect and Ra - Earthcall from Suntrip. so between 2012-2016 i bought only 1 modern goa cd... Today if I listen goa, which is 20min max per week, I prefer to listen to retro goa of 90's - early 2000 and modern goa of 2006-2012. All the new releases of last years just sounds terrible for me. but I respect all the hard work of all the artists and labels to keep the goa music alive. I know that many people enjoy it and this is very important. Just shared my thoughts here.
  13. Indeed , the Blue Planet Corporation is perfect for morning, I've experienced it once in the forest during the cold sun and rainy morning and it was amazing. Dimension 5 is also fits very well in the morning. as well as Man With No Name and Transwave. But artists like: Miranda, OOOD, Electric Universe. Cosmosis, Green Nuns and typical Koyote and Matsuri styles of Goa are defiantly for the night time Galaxies ! even Astral Projection. I like this post. I think Goa trance especially the old retro stuff is more for night time, less for morning even if I experienced it more during the day times..
  14. 01. Bluetech - Holotrope (WHAT a wonderful year from Evan Marc ... 4 released albums and all of them are amazing! , the Holotrope is the best one! ) 02. Desert Dwellers - Breath (A perfect combination between psychill and mid-tempo ) 03. Avaris - The Forgotten Language (The most shamanic-forest album in a while after Tengri's album Icaros back in 2013) 04. Distant System - Infinite Continuum (The style is very similar to the Spiral Empire album , and probably it's the last musical work from Tyler Smith aka Androcell) 05. Entheogenic - Hypatia (Perfect for meditation and study, just in that mood I realized how this album is special!) 06. Cabeiri - Molecule Language (Focus the bass lines) 07. Lauge - Dawn (Very quality and melodic chill-gressive) 08. Spatialize - Beyond the Radar (Reminds me OTT) 09. Shwamp - Inner Landscape (VERY PSYCHEDELIC Downtempo Psy-BASS music! 10. Deep in Mind - Autumn to Spring (This guys combine live instruments: guitars, violin and more, very beautiful music!) Bonus: 11. Moon Duo - Stars Are the Light (Lovely psychedelic space-rock album) Just an AMAZING year for Downtempo music! there were SO many good albums so it was hard to pick only 10. I see a promised future for this genre. I'm really recommend to check this list, you might like some of it. worth a try
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