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  1. 01. Bluetech - Holotrope (WHAT a wonderful year from Evan Marc ... 4 released albums and all of them are amazing! , the Holotrope is the best one! ) 02. Desert Dwellers - Breath (A perfect combination between psychill and mid-tempo ) 03. Avaris - The Forgotten Language (The most shamanic-forest album in a while after Tengri's album Icaros back in 2013) 04. Distant System - Infinite Continuum (The style is very similar to the Spiral Empire album , and probably it's the last musical work from Tyler Smith aka Androcell) 05. Entheogenic - Hypatia (Perfect for meditation and study, just in that mood I realized how this album is special!) 06. Cabeiri - Molecule Language (Focus the bass lines) 07. Lauge - Dawn (Very quality and melodic chill-gressive) 08. Spatialize - Beyond the Radar (Reminds me OTT) 09. Shwamp - Inner Landscape (VERY PSYCHEDELIC Downtempo Psy-BASS music! 10. Deep in Mind - Autumn to Spring (This guys combine live instruments: guitars, violin and more, very beautiful music!) Bonus: 11. Moon Duo - Stars Are the Light (Lovely psychedelic space-rock album) Just an AMAZING year for Downtempo music! there were SO many good albums so it was hard to pick only 10. I see a promised future for this genre. I'm really recommend to check this list, you might like some of it. worth a try
  2. 15 years ago I was a total Goa trance fanatic, a total freak of it . Knew every track I heard and could recognize its titles and composers of most of the released stuff (old and new), on those years we also had an amazing underground Goa trance parties in Israel which added the magic to it through the dancefloor. I believed that I won't be able to feel that love in other musical genre, but after some years, around 2013 I discovered the downtempo / psychill music that was close to the Goatrance style, which was a "comfortable bridge" between 2 styles for me and I felt in LOVE once again with music. Today my Goatrance doze of music is very small, I barely listen to it during the week. It's not challenging me anymore so I lost the stimulation to it. sometimes I can listen to some top tracks that I been loving the most since ever. but I don't spend much time to discover new released Goa trance music these days. Today my main music genre is downtempo in styles : Psydub, Psychill-ambient , Forest-chill, Psy-IDM, PsyBass with a very small glitch touches. Also I like Forest psytrance such as Parvati records. which I listen it way more than Goatrance. I have to note that I respect Goatrance a lot and way more than any other musical genre, I started my psychedelic journey with it and it has the most beautiful memories and moments of my life that influenced me a lot! . But as doze of my daily music it's not there anymore. So my answer to the question is: my musical taste has developed! and I feel good about it!
  3. I see, anyways feels like it wasn't satisfied. I trust my friends who didn't enjoy it, we are all big RA fans. I think whoever will play the music from 2 of them (Christer / Lars) , the music should be in their classic gos style, especially when it's very rare to see them playing this days ( 1 performance per year in good situation ? ) So they can still make a dream come true for many people. Thanks for feedback guys.
  4. Hey , Many of my friends return with bad feedback's and huge disappointments from RA's set @ ZNA this summer. They said he played new music in style of full on... I was really upset that I couldn't make this year to ZNA mainly because I still haven't had a chance to hear RA in Live set. Does anyone here was there during his performance and can review it for me? what was wrong ? Also as far as I understood the guy behind the deck was Lars , and not Christer. Thanks.
  5. Amazing album ! thanks for this creation !!! I will support this project by buying it on digital format for sure!
  6. in my opinion the album or Ra ‎- To Sirius was the first developed new Goa trance sound! also the ep Ethereal ‎– All Systems Are Go does.
  7. Hi It's been long time since I checked this forum, are you still interested in it? Anyways I will send you download link in private , check it out!
  8. I'm highly recommend to all Ambient sorts of music fans to visit Samsara festival next year! So satisfied after coming back, the music program was so perfect! all the main artists have played afternoon into the deep night before the morning. For all yoga lovers the yoga workshops was very close to the Chill (main) stage, so u could practice many different kinds of yoga at the morning/noon time while ambiebt music played to your ears. Needless to add about the amazing people, organization etc. One of the best sets was Perpetual Loop's set (!!!), Kick Bong's, Vibrasphere(ambient), Koan (!!!!!!!!), Goatika and so many more.... So dont miss it next time.
  9. Listened this one on CD last weekend with a friend in "Chill mood" but only a few grab our attention such as: SynSun, E-Mantra and Filteria...
  10. I found this release and 'Lead to Gold 2' which have some amazing tracks with acid lines and psychill rhytms in a style of 90's, 2000 era! So if someone interested I can Upload it for him. (It's mp3.com releases). Amazing music ) whoooahh !!!
  11. The Astral Projection Remix to 'Do you Believe' is AMAZING !!! as well as BPC (!!!), Sybarite & Atmos Remixes. Good sound Quality!
  12. Hi, Is anyone going to Samsara festival hungary this year? Have just booked a ticket for me, amazing ambient lineup and alot of workshops. Would be nice to meet someone from Psynews community.
  13. Microdelic


    for the guy who dont want to go to Israel take a look: https://www.facebook.com/Israeltravelwarning/videos/235524210291420/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED
  14. Microdelic


    and for kvd It is good to put your opinion but I think its the wrong place to do that.... but why in party when there is no any interests about politics and religion? I've met a lot of people during the years in world festivals that dont even want to hear about it. I've danced with muslims and Israelis in the same dancefloor . You cant change nothing by this opinion with free entrance because the 2 states it's a really difficult issue that can't be find out so quickly. I think that was a wrong idea...I'ts more like provocative thing i think... Next time I suggest you to offer something more sustainble like (even I dont agree with nationalizm and for me all people are ONE): Free ticket and bar drinks for Israeli and palestinian who arrive to the party toghether. how is that? and for the rest readers who also think about Israel negative things I really suggest you to come visit. many people chanched their minds after that, but not all of them. at least its better to make decition by your own experience then by fake news )... ahh and we have a DEAD sea, the lowest place in the world, a must visit place!
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