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  1. Edit: Same issue as above, although im using my laptop on an Australian network and it's never happened before this week
  2. Lately i get a giant 'Banned' banner on my screen when i try to access the site. I can refresh past it, but seems like a 50/50 chance of happening. Anyone else?
  3. I feel like RA is the closest you can get, or maybe Triquetra's Gargantuan Tribes, although im guessing you've heard all of those already.
  4. Got this on the preorder. Listen to it every morning as i wake up. Suduaya has such a diverse range of styles that you can almost be certain you'll be getting something different. BTW your track on the Liquid Regen remixes was killer. Worth a purchase for anyone wondering.
  5. Haha. All the signs are telling me not to give this a listen. I've always been terrible at reading signs.
  6. Tsotsi

    Saurus - Fresh

    Artist: Saurus Album: Fresh Release Date: July 31st Label: Beat On Records Tracklist:- 01 - Echo 02 - History of a Dinosaur 03 - Tiempo 04 - Sex & Drugs 05 - God's Speak 06 - Fresh & Tropical 07 - Ragga Bass 08 - Maya Journey 09 - 12 Pack 10 - The End I don't know what it is that attracted me to this release. Probably the album cover and song title 'Fresh & Tropical'. It was a sunny hot day in Melbourne, I was drinking a mango smoothie weighing up the pro's and cons of adding bacardi (not a lot of cons really), it was hot and I couldn't think of any sunny tracks to play from my collection. Along came this little number. It's not often that a prog album will have a range of styles, bpm's and rhythm that can keep me listening to it. Bits and bobs here and there maybe. Saurus's first release has got us sorted, there is even a little progressive Hitech in there for those of you that absolutely must know what that sounds like. While i'm not gonna mark this with the Tsotsi boi seal of originality, Saurus has a sense of playfulness that comes out in his tracks, The Mr.Hyde track is pretty neat as well as Ragga Bass. Luckily the aforementioned Hitech track is only 4 minutes long. Long enough in my opinion. If you don't mind a little prog and you like dancing by yourself on your courtyard throwing back iced waters, this then is for you. Well there we go, who said everyone here is a Goa-head. 1 prog review for 2017. That should just about be enough. https://www.beatport.com/release/fresh/2065412
  7. I find the Reddit layout and commenting system annoying. Psynews was the first forum I found with a layout that makes complete sense.
  8. Well shit i didn't even realise DG4 got released this year too. DG5 for sure takes the cake for me. Like you said the melodies are a lot more prevalent and I found the tracks differentiated themselves from one another in a lot of areas, basslines, structure, all that jazz. Also I was out at a deep techno club when i checked my phone and saw that Neogoa released a new VA. Almost lost my mind and had to get talked out of rushing home to listen to it by my friends.
  9. I do headphones, not sure how good they are, a pair of Ultrasone dj1's. I'd use a rig but that consists of a sole Marley bluetooth speaker.... I'm an apartment dweller. Thanks indeed, these guys bless us time and time again. I feel like the release has a great range in the music. Compared to, (for example) some Global Sect stuff (Which is amazing) but often feels like none of the layers really jump out at you.
  10. Artist: VA Title: Dimensional Gateway 5 Label: Neogoa Records Date: December 2017 Tracklist:- 01 - Sun Sith - Arrival 02 - BlackStarrFinale - The Scattering 03 - Lectro Spektral Daze - I Ate Seven Of Them 04 - Xamanist - Star Forming Galaxy 05 - Maan - Field Quanta 06 - Third Eye Channel - Katarza 07 - Proxeeus - Nyarlathotep [Short Mix] 08 - Dragon Twins - Shattered Sense 09 - Negan - Wäwära Well wowie, If ever a compilation could fit into the theme of 2017 (Quality over quantity) this is it. Neogoa Records have released their 5th in a series of Dimensional Gateways. Unlike the dark portals of this world, defined by stability and assurance, dimensional gateways are like tunnels bored with unstable magic that can lead to bliss, new worlds or eternal imprisonment. One thing is for sure, the gateways will always be a journey. As a newbie to the genre it would be foolish of me to say something like ‘This has been quite the year for Goa’ But i’m young and foolish so. This has been quite the year for Goa. We’ve seen some pretty remarkable releases that have been top notch in terms of either production, originality, or nostalgia. While the review section for 2017 has been pretty empty most of what is here is gold. Sun Sith: … Holy shit. Sun Sith are Lunar Dawns Kristijan Ilisinovic and Sasa Precanica. Two lifelong friends who have dedicated themselves to absolutely blowing our minds with music. This has gotta be the darkest work of theirs. And i’m going to peg it as the track of the year. Blackstarfinale: Oh no, how is this melody going to work? Am i about to listen to pure aged chedder? Nope, you better not believe it. The scattering is a mix of uplifting twisted chopped and screwed bliss. Pretty freaking awesome how they work this track. Lectrop Spektral Daze: Yea you did LSD, you ate more than seven didn’t you? You ate a whole bag! Whats that? Only seven per bag? Oh well yea, you ate seven then congratulations! Some of us are too busy studying to just go and eat shrooms in Mexico. Great track, if you like drug references in your songs you’ll like this. Also if you like good songs, well this is one for you my friend. Beautiful beautiful track. Xamanist - Star Forming Galaxy: Every now and then i come across a track on a comp that makes me wonder why i passed that artists album up when i came across it. Progressive trance must have been the flavour of the month when i came across 7, but I tell ya, i’m going back to right my wrongs right after this review. A banging track and another one of my favourites. Aaaaah i love rolling basslines. Maan - Field Quanta: A nice driving bit of trance that starts with subtle bits of acid getting tossed around, easy to dance to though not the most unique track floating around with not much to differentiate it from other producers. The builds are all pretty fun though. Instead of leading to explosions of hysteria they end in slightly disappointing returns to the bassline. Katarza - Third Eye Channel: A less exciting track that gets points for being trippy, though without endless amounts of energy pulsing through it. More of a floating track then an arm flail enducing stomper. Instead of keeping your attention with hard melodies Katara mixes the beat up by skipping kicks and messing around with the basslines. Dragon Twins - Shattered Sense: Some spooky throat noises (Singing? chanting?) starts our journey into what is a remarkable track. The melody is insane, but then it disappears? I could have easily had another 6 minutes of that penetrating my cranium. Man i’m bitter about that, the lead was incredible. I guess that’s how some stories go. Proxeeus - Nyarlathotep (Short mix): We are lucky it’s easier to dance to Proxeeus’ tracks than pronounce them. Everytime i try I end up with a deep and very bad Estonian accent... The track is what you would expect from this wizard, awesomeness. Edit: Holy heck Proxeeus! That final 1.5 minutes. Negan - Warawa: Whats that? Fun basslines? Negan (Did Negans lose part of himself) has got us covered. The track is madness from start to finish, the acid lines are all over the place in the best of ways. Hare Krishna would have indeed been a bad boy. And we made it out the other side. Dimensional Gateways aren't so bad are they, 5 down and we are still kicking. I'm starting to think these things are more stable than i've been told. Wizards and their bullshit friends, just like politicians. https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/dimensional-gateway-5
  11. Looks like you're about to get real dark. Like darker than you already are. Like 100 metres underwater in a biotite chamber painted in vantablack.... Fuck yes.
  12. Haha 1st track is definitely my favourite. My taste is all over the place though. The whole album has this clubby feel to it that I just can't bring myself to dislike, Music that I could dance to just about anywhere.
  13. The whole comp is full of some pretty unique tracks. Starting strong with Hex Hard and finishing strong with Heliocentric was a good choice. Every track in between has its own confident style that separates it from the others. New Born's track is probably not the best track here but follows that style of his that im sure plenty of people must enjoy, similar to 'Universal Bus' with that strong single melody. Another album from this year that isn't finding it's way off my phone for a long time.
  14. It's a shame. Psynews has such a wealth of reviews and information on it. But forums in general are becoming less popular, so maybe its not trance exclusive. 2017 has been a great year i thought. For Goa, we've seen some pretty unique releases that touch the old and the newschool. The hypermelodic albums have been shadowed by the bass heavy strong kick dance floor blasters that have come out. Only a handful of prog and full on releases that i can recommend. Overall 6/10. For Goa im going to go for an 8/10
  15. Goddamn these guys are talented. New direction is awesome. Got a note on their soundcloud saying NeoGoa album release planned for late 2017. DG5 is NeoGoa's last for the year though yea? An early 2018 release would be a sweet way to start the year.
  16. Hoo fucking Rah! Such a relentless pounding track. Is Sun Sith a side project of Lunar Dawn?
  17. Damn i'm glad you reviewed this. I was put off by the Mahabharta remix: The intro was hot but the rest of the track didn't make a lot of sense to me, I'll keep trying. Nevertheless I decided to pass the rest of the album up (Big mistake). I've spent the last 2 weeks listening to Twisted for the first time and honestly wasn't sure where to go from there. Do i keep listening to old school classics? Do I continue lying in bed daydreaming about the Goa parties that i'll never experience? Or, do I somehow find my way back to the new? Well Jaraluca buddy, you got me there. Track 3-8 are absolute banging madness. 9 is as as Aspartic said, hypnotic and a sweet comedown from the rest of the songs. I pretty much only say positive things about Goa, you producers have yourselves to blame for that and this album continues that trend. Great work, will buy later this week.
  18. I reckon you gotta take them to a festival. It only hit me when i got to see the culture surrounding the music and what it all meant.
  19. Artist: Gubbology Title: Anachronism Label: Troll N' Roll... Ektoplazm release Date: 20/9/2017 Track list 01 - Time Is On Our Side (143 BPM) 02 - Bronze Age Youth (143 BPM) 03 - Communicative Zone (145 BPM) 04 - Dark Arts (148 BPM) 05 - Space Junk (147 BPM) 06 - Primordial Soup (145 BPM) 07 - Ultraviolett (143 BPM) 08 - Amber Archives (143 BPM) Ok it's late night so bear with me. I don't know where to begin. I've been going through threads learning everyone's perspective on Goa music today. A lot of it the discussion comes down to originality, a sense of playfulness, and artist skill. Well. The folks over at Troll N' Roll records have teamed up with Ektoplazm to deliver, to you, Gubbology - Anachronism. I won't go into individual songs as that would take far to long and I have a lot to say already. The relationship between dark psy and forest has always been apparent. While I've noticed aspects of it in some goa releases it's never the defining feature. No more, Gubbology has shown how beautiful the two, three, four?? genres can dance around in a twisted display of respect for one another. Gubbology keeps each aspect away from one another until like a magician he brings them all together in beautiful climax's. For that reason I can't really say that we should label it into a genre as it's just Gubbology's unique take one psytrance. Every song bounces around playfully, going from light happy energetic dance floor destroyers to deeper darker twisted funk. Each track is original from the last. Each track is fun. Each track is a challenge for you to keep up. If it was easy to do this I imagine I would have heard more like it before. I can't believe this is given free to us via Ektoplazm, that generosity is twisted in it's own way. Well i don't know what else to say. Can you tell I think this album is worth everyone's time. And it might not blow you away the way it has me, but i think you're all going to like this. Regards, http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/gubbology-anachronism Edit: I completely disregarded the Suomi influence up there. Oh the Suomi! I love how the suomi style of 'i'm just going to do whatever the fuck i feel like' really pays off here. I can say this album is a gateway into atleast 4 different genres. Would love other peoples take on it
  20. Gosh dang, never stop making new school. As a young new listener i can tell you that the new school is an absolute game changer. yea the beats are more in focus (Sometimes) and i can believe that back in the day people were less concerned with the beats (That point about the cocaine is pretty wild). But psychedelic rock wasn't all about the beat either, people danced more freely i suppose. Now a lot of people listen to mostly electronic music and in the psy festival/club scene its mostly full-on and progressive. So music tastes have developed or regressed depending on your perspective. But no one was around asking artists in the 90's for albums (This is a guess) artists came out with the goods and the people went wild. Today we want Goa, artists are filling a demand i suppose and to hit that demand you gotta do some similar things. New genres still pop up all the time (Heard of Microhouse? Trap? Hitech?) I'm unsure if inspiration from the genres happyhorse mentioned are as important anymore. The blending of genres is what helped create the Goa sound but then it was created and cemented into a genre. would be wicked if artists went back to basics and used the updated version of those genres to create 'a real new goa sound' maybe, but I don't know for sure that it's not happening already. But if they are like me and cant get off on anything that isn't Neo Goa, then i don't expect them to try. I just can't bring myself to find a problem with Goa or new Goa, my favorite type is the hard beat funky bassline psychedelic stuff produced by GoaTree and Hypnoxock. Imba you bring out some bangers, proxeeus, Ra, Artha. it's all hot and it's definitely all Goa. On that note Astral hasn't really connected with me at all, even their 'Trust in Trance' days are a miss (Don't kick me from the forum), this EP doesn't change that, but then again maybe im just part of the Neo-Gen.
  21. When i first listened to this about 8 months ago I wasn't impressed, seemed way to repetitive. After his 'Mushroom Island' track on 604 Syndrom I knew I had to give it another chance. And i'm glad I did. The album is minimal in the way it progresses....In a roundabout sort of way. But the new layers, builds and explosions of melodies are all there, the one thing it doesn't have (And im being careful not to use the word 'missing') is that atmospheric undertone that could have added a sense of darkness. Although I'm glad he didn't go there, nice to have straight up, in your face goa. The production feels spot on and there isnt a note or sound out of place (Even the acid attack at the end of ultimate state of consciousness seems completely purposeful yet absolutely insane, that takes talent), in other words, It's clean, spotless, and still unpredictable, like a raver dropping acid during the car check lines at a festival. I'll be rocking this for a few more weeks for sure. And Oh My Good God! Cosmic Trance is ridiculous, almost like the sweetest punch to the face you can ask for. woke me up like 2 double ristretto's with a side of warm milk a dash of hot water and 1 sweetener just never will.
  22. Check the guys over at goapsy records out. I found this to be pretty house influenced. A little different than the stuff you posted but I guess thats the new tech influence? Or I have no idea. one or the other.
  23. Reading some of the posts from 2004-5-6 is heartbreaking. Hope those guys finally got to hear the comp. Riot Fuel and Trashed are my favorite tracks so far. Have only listened twice so far tho.
  24. I'll vouch for us young'uns. I'm 24 and am still blown away by most of the releases that have come out since i started listening 1.5 years ago. Missed the whole old school thing and honestly don't find it as appealing as what you producer's all release today. I've even learnt how to mix just so one day I can play it at some parties. I will say though, since joining this forum I haven't seen any of the "That's not Goa" stuff going on, so I'm assuming a lot of that comes from somewhere else though it sucks to deal with i'm sure, that's humans for you. Atleast you don't have Rick and Morty type fanboys and girls. Any way I love what you all do and you got no debate about whats Goa from me.
  25. Right on. I honestly think if Australians started producing Goa you would start to get this diversity in the scene. Plus the Australian music scene is pretty spot on, nice people, fun parties and great receptors of music. Goa producers and Dj's this is your calling. Come spread your magic over here.
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