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  1. Hello! After night psychedelic trance release Sulima – Next Trip, pleasure announced powerfull psychedelic trance accompanied by beautiful ethnic melodies, including exclusive chillout track by Psychologist and friends. Format: Digital Audio Style: Psy-Trance, Downtempo Released: Jan. 2019 More info
  2. Hello all! Pleasure announced extreme fresh release. This time pure night psychedelic trance. On official Label’s page you can download free mp3. Format: Digital Audio Style: Psy-Trance Released: Nov. 2018 1. Sulima - Alien 2. Sulima - Cyberport 3. Sulima - Mission 4. Sulima - Translation More info Gladly waiting your support and feedback, with respect! Hado Records
  3. Fresh look on a downtempo style of Nikita Klimenko and friends. This unique publication, inspired and filled with all colors of Artist’s musical experiences, fantasies and demonstrating a new dimension of his creativity. The album comprised with exclusive remixes recorded especially for this release. How long have you walked through the dark and forgotten streets of your memory? You hear the noise of your thoughts. The unfathomable and delicate musical narrative strengthen the overall impression of listening and surpass all conventional knowing. Therefore, the album is difficult to place in any precise framework and this strangeness is self-sufficient. The comprehensive look of each participant is unique in its own way. All the compositions were created without losing the individuality of each project. Stylistics includes such musical genres as chill out, downtempo, click’n’cuts, electronica. Nikita used live and electronic instruments that explore the experimental aspects of ambient music. This concept album should have in their collection anyone who loves progressive experimental music with an invigorating atmosphere. It is recommended to present collectors and connoisseurs of good sound and strength spirit. Bandcamp.com / Beatport.com / Play.google.com / iTunes / Napster.com / Music.Yandex / Juno Download / Deezer.com / Anghami.com / Amazon.com Track-List: 01. Chronos - Inner Darkness 02. Chronos - I'm Not Pretty 03. Chronos - NESK (Mother Healing Version) 04. Chronos - Anatomy Of The Fear 05. Chronos - Your Guilty Soul 06. Chronos - Anatomy Of The Fear (Mahaon Remix) 07. Chronos - Anatomy Of The Fear (OkoloSna Remix) 08. Chronos - Inner Darkness (Dreaming Cooper Remix) 09. Chronos - Inner Darkness (JBC Arkadii Remix) 10. Chronos - Anatomy Of The Fear (Sol8 Remix) 11. Chronos - NESK (Unusual Cosmic Process Remix) 12. Chronos - I'm Not Pretty (Squarking Jazz Remix)
  4. The debut release from Denis Aksenov with the project Mapadha. These are two pacifying tracks of electronic downtempo with a soft melody and a measured rhythmic drum. Not hasty but assertive with a warm, natural and earthly sensation. This music evokes the imagination and easily draws soften, balanced and beautiful forms in the mind of the listeners. It is a digital release now available in different audio formats at online stores and streaming services. On the Label’s website you can download mp3 for free. Add it to the daily playlist, pass into the music and enjoy your journey Somewhere on the Earth. Psyshop.com Beatport.com Itunes.apple.com Junodownload.com Play.google.com
  5. Available CD version Bonus CD includes: Low Noise: 01. Intro (For Rave Orbita) 02. Cosmic Illusion 03. Energy 04. Saratoga Trips 05. Simple Machine 06. Red Dragon 07. DeCompression 08. LSDance 09. Outro (For Rave Orbita) Details: www.hadorecords.com
  6. HADO RECORDS Presents: 10-years anniversary release mind-bending psychedelic goa-trance album by ZIRREX - the major and widely beloved Russian psychedelic trance project of 90-s. ZIRREX - LOST IN TIME Special Edition Lost In Time - special edition of an album, which includes 3 parts. This is a reissue of an album originally released in 1998 on audiotape and in 2000 on 2-CD + bonus part with tracks, written in 1998-2001 and not included in original release. This music has stormed into the minds and changed mental perception of many psytrance addicts in 90-s. It still remains in favourites in lots of collections and minds of oldschool psy listeners. This album as well as all of the ZIRREX music is, without doubt, the most global and significant happening on Russian psytrance scene in 90's. Those days lots of people in clubs and on open air events danced, loved, smiled, grew up and became inspired with this music, it captivated and fascinated with its uniqueness and 100% recognizeability. And now, through many years, on the new uprising wave of oldschool psy sound of 90-s, this music is again in demand and twists the minds all over the planet. Having penetrated through space and time beyound many borders, this music has gained the true value in the hearts of psychedelic people all over the world - we were many times convinced in that with dozens of emails, comments and live talk with inhabitants of so many places on Earth. With this reissue of the album and with its new quality sound we thank them all for their flights in unexplored worlds and moments of mind expansion which they generously share with us. We thank them for warm hearts, kind words, love and inspiration. Lost In Time - more 3 hours of global, driving, genuine psychedelic, melodic, powerful, beautiful, complex, intriguing and positive music. Lost In Time - harmless natural psychedelic in qualitative music form. This is psychedelic trance the way it emerged in 90-s and then transformed to other music styles. High Noise: 01. Enter To Psychedelic 02. X-Indiane 03. Psycho Goblins 04. Acid Dream 05. Tadarinda 06. Lost In Time 07. Mars-4 08. Zirrex Medium Noise: 01. Hollysterius 02. Voyage 03. Power Bass 04. Astrolucide 05. Mahageon 06. Galaxy Low Noise: 01. Energy 02. Simple Machine 03. DeCompression Release date: 21, December 2009. www.zirrex.ru www.hadorecords.com Design by: www.thenames.ru Distributor by: www.psyshop.net
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