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Found 4 results

  1. 1. Goasia - Outer Space Formant 2. Goasia - Alien's Ultimatum 3. Goasia - Back To Space 4. Goasia - Hybrids 5. Goasia - Yes, We Are 6. Goasia - Landed On Wrong Planet 7. Goasia - Life Reborn 8. Goasia - Basic Instinct 9. Goasia - XOR 10. Goasia - Area 51 So this just happened. Very nonchalantly. It's been 6 strange years since the release of Goasia's last 'Amphibians On Spacedock' album. But if you have heard any of their more recent 'Goa Trance Legacy' releases then you may have an idea of why this might have some hype around it. You may have an idea of why this is hype just from their previous album releases. You might wonder 'Why isn't there any hype around this' Well that's because no one thought of telling us a release was on the way. No bother, here we are. Goasia have been releasing Goa trance since at least 2006 and have their own very distinct sound. Vladislav Radulovic & Balint Tihamer make Goasia up and damn they have already given a lot to this scene, well strap in, press the big red button and prepare to Land on the wong planet as these fellas take you to magic land. Making this Spacedock Records 6th CD release, be sure to grab this sexy beast in physical if that's your jam. https://spacedockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sdrcd06
  2. Artist: Psychowave Title: Chronicles ep Label: Spacedock Records Date: July 27, 2018 1. Elephants In Pocitos 2. Fight Like A Woman 3. Life Waves Psychowave has produced two tracks which have found their way into my favourite list. His ear for melody and production technique is a treat and sends me into euphoria every time I listen. The new ep comes complete with some pretty artwork done by Natan himself and 3 tracks containing plenty of funk. Elephants In Pocitos - Not as many elephant sounds as I was expecting but still a well produced song thats got a fat baseline and trip atmospheres abound. Fight Like A Woman - Yea declare a never ending battle that you can escape from at any moment but subject your enemy to at any moment at your discretion. Yea that’ll do it. Great trippy song with good development and huge drums pounding away. Life Waves - A quick lesson on waves and a great collection of melodies intertwined with one another. My favourite of the three but just by a hair. This aint no Sunshine Reborn, but a less melodic more psychedelic trippier blast into happy land. Well done to SpaceDock for their continued support of a great artist, who has managed to avoid the norm of the Brazilian psytrance scene and produce Goa blasters. The title of the album suggests more eps to come in the same vein, I'm looking forward to those insta-buys. https://spacedockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sddg014-psychowave-chronicles-ep
  3. RELEASE DATE - 3rd October 2017 Here it comes from Serbia. Young talented Goa Trance producer Nikola Petrović aka Imba, bringing us amazing collection of energetic acid lines combine with dynamic sort of melodies and presenting some serious Goa Trance dance floor tracks here. Absolutely noticeable is his collab companion on this EP, also one of the firmly present artist on nowadays new school Goa Trance scene. It's about Proxeeus and we are welcoming them both at your label with this wonderful release. Title: Golden Times EP Artist: Imba Label: Spacedock Records Format: Digital Catalogue Number: SDDG012 Distributer: Bandcamp Genre: Electronica Style: Psychedelic Goa Trance Track List: 01. Imba & Proxeeus - Golden Times (152 BPM) 02. Imba - Festival Season (147 BPM) Label info: www.facebook.com/Spacedockrecords Samples:
  4. Artist: Goasia Title: Unvisited Galaxies Label: Spacedock Date: May, 2012 1. Tribal Experience 2. Chemical Brain "What it does is...reaches into your brain...chemically." People ask me why I review Ep's so much. It's like junk food...gives you that quick burst of energy and who the hell has time to sit down and have a full meal. I've got kids and anyone who has kids will tell you that you can't turn your back for a second. The other day I'm rinsing dishes to put in the dishwasher and I look down and my 9 month old is holding a knife. I'm all for letting them explore there world, but she could hurt someone with that. Namely me. There is always something going on, so finding time to digest a whole album and then write a review is a time consuming experience. Remember when I reviewed that darkpsy/forest compilation and I said I was on the crapper? I wasn't kidding. You can lock the door of the crapper. So Ep's are nice short dime bag of music, but unfortunately like potato chips, you cannot stop at one. So that's why I do it. What are you writing a book? Balint Tihamer and Vladislav Radulovic have been at the forefront of goa trance since it came back with a vengeance. Their most recent album Dancing With the Blue Spirit had some excellent tracks where these gentlemen aren't afraid to take goa in different directions. This short 2 tracker is no exception. The cover lets you know that a space theme is in place. Tribal Experience has some tribal chants right in the beginning. I know, I didn't see that coming either. The melody is catchy and not threatening. The way Gremlins weren't threatening. Maybe a little scary, but you knew you could just kick them across the street. Oh and f*ck Gizmo, he started all that sh*t. Like they have done in the past, they meld psytrance with goa so sometimes the lines get blurred. Not bad, but I liked the second one better. It had more racing melodies with a wink to Nitzho imo. Pumping and churning that comes in waves. Thank you gentlemen for a nice little sample of what you're working on. Recommended. Juno Download Mdk
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