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  1. Edge of tomorrow. Incredibly realistic aliens and an interesting concept for a story-line. Predictable ending . 8/10
  2. Such a bad ass album. full marks to ka-sol for weaving together this journey into the dark recesses of the mind. greenbuttskunk is a black hole.. taa baa fel 100 fel .. what does that mean? love the drums here.. very stompy. MOAR MOOAAARRRR 10/10
  3. You know the adage " the whole being greater than the sum of its parts " doesn't apply more fittingly to any other thing than a good electronic music set . imo atleast ! so lets get everybody's favorite set down here for our listening pleasures .. There have been really good ones like Anoebis' 1994 mix which i have been listening to a lot , i discovered some tunes that i had not heard before ( and more to come i guess! ). What i really like about good sets is that it brings more life to individual tracks than if you hear them in isolation. dunno if you all feel the same way and even albums that play out like a DJ set are much more enjoyable . I still havent heard a grinding set that has had me swaying from the word go till the end .. Lets hear them !
  4. We used to be a group of people who used to party together 10 years back and i guess everybody moved on except me. They still tell me .. you listen to psytrance? lol
  5. If their last event was anything to go by, it will be a blast . Had a super time thanks to the heads up from K-Ban.
  6. Glad a review is up. I was expecting more word on his album but i guess you cant really not discuss the persona behind the music . His music comes across as exactly the opposite of what folks describe him to be - one would expect him to be producing gabber mixed with dark psy leads with a nitzo beat . At any rate its a beautiful album that very never gets too samey , boring or dull for me at-least . The layering is intricate and very soulful. What makes it all the more diggable is the fact that the album is like a dj set . A untold story told very well. Ataraxia is my favourite !
  7. Artifact303 + prana .. I wonder what the final output will turn out to be like , each pulling in a different direction
  8. Interesting . Its not old-school , not even your typical new school that tries to be oldschool . Its complete new school with modern full on production that isnt cheezy but yet has that distinctive melodic quality which cant be called full on yet doesn't pass off as old school for a purist. He is a billiant down-tempo musician too . This tune from Floating spirals is soooo chilled . My top downtempo tune from any artist ever. I could just listen to this forever .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc-i6-KRhEQ
  9. Agree. I haven't gone back to Lost in the wild again. Its as if you dont have the time to breathe while listening to some of his tracks which could be a good thing under certain circumstances. You really have to be in the right mood for Filteria.
  10. E-mantra for me too. The first few albums were pretty good and then with every new release i didnt notice any innovation or new ideas. Everything sounds the same . Even Filteria sometimes . Ok signature sound is one thing but i would really look up to an artist if he destroyed that perception or rather that possibility of what one would expect them to sound like .. CM went down with his latest track on ten trips , very weak track.The melody reminded me of some pop song . Massive respect for anyone that knows what im talking about. I think the video has some children singing "We are not going to get ya " or something...
  11. I sampled V/a Heart of Goa 2 and dont think there is quality the way there was in the first release. Ovnimoon are focusing too much on quantity and that's not a good thing.
  12. Super like!!! whats the tune around the 55 minute mark???!!! just too good ... ))))) e. got it .. prana!!! massive tune
  13. oh i didnt know . Feel free to delete the thread . dont want to touch a nerve
  14. Sorry if i didnt search correctly but i checked in the 2011 section and couldnt find a review for this work of art! Please someone show me the review or explain how this amazing album went unreviewed ??
  15. https://soundcloud.com/vladimirgockov GOCH is coming out with a new album... the previews have already started creating a flutter .. getting goosebumps listening to arched orb !!!
  16. This album has grown over time. I like Inner Inca and Dum Dum now, both really crank up the psychedelia. I guess whats missing is the rhythm that gets one into a state of trance in the other tracks , i mean there are nice build ups and all to keep the listener interested but that quickly gets lost if you dont take those build ups to their logical destination. They are not bad in any way mind you , it could have just been sooooo much better. 7/10
  17. Another really bad album is Talamasca - Psychedelic trance .. i mean considering some of his earlier output that is , it straddles the fine line between cheezy full on psy and euro trance .. which makes it doubly worse. nothing psychedelic about it
  18. http://www.discogs.com/Electro-Sun-Higher-Than-Ever/release/2902448 it took me lower than ever.. if ever there was a competition for cheezy music .. this is the winner
  19. I too think i need to revisit this one . I was swept off my feet when i heard their remix of ra's track on V/A Ten spins around the sun . Maybe that will give me more perspective going back.
  20. Agree, "Arcanum Arcanorum" is indeed very good. Thanks for the heads up!
  21. Crossing mind never ceases to amaze. Loving the change in modulation, pitch tone etc . Im already drooling in anticipation of a new album whenever that happens that is .
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