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  1. So is the label or the artist that has a final say in the matter in the case of a single artist album ? Surely cant be the label dictating terms then ... Maybe CE wanted to sound like this . Maybe it isnt made for earphone listening the way filteria isnt . I for one would not have it sound like cosmic dimension. The final mix just sounds like weak sauce not musically speaking .
  2. Sorry for going a little over the top yesterday but objectively speaking yeah its true it is loud. but not like filteria loud. This has a much better flow to it and sounds punchy in the right kind of way . There is a calm in the storm and pretty good twists and turns if you keep an open ear . The music just hits the spot like the way it hit me with artifact303 . It captures the morning vibe really well but thats just IMO
  3. Has to be ektoplazm . No doubt about it . I got the Dohak album from there . Its one of the better dark psytechno albums. Need to keep exploring everything on offer there . Great job Mr. Basilisk
  4. Gray matter has to be the most psychedelic track to come out this millennium . Ufffff so much energy
  5. This album is pure gold man . Made from the heart . Each and every sound is crystal clear . Melodies are driving me crazy . and the bass ... dont know what it is . Its kinda teleporting me to goa. Pure state of mind. And this is on my sound link mini. listening to this in a huge rig will send some trance people nutty
  6. Ok guys its friday the 13th today and i have fever like really high fever !!! LMAO Please someone review this crazy bomba album .. didnt know fever could put people in a trance situation We are celestial beings .. cant express how happy and weird im feeling . Goa fucking trance i love you
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5YGdGi9M2g&index=7&list=PLjAN2Ez8EzGpTR8XUWu7ofaCc0oXfaBY3
  8. Have we had a thread like this before ? Im sure we have , but for the benefit of all the current posters who love downtempo grooves lets get all the dreamy floaty stuff here !!
  9. Daniel is good. Chronicles of the universe is getting a lot of play time here . Really solid album. And i have always been a fan of Suduaya! I approve : ) ps - cant see the youtube links
  10. I whole heartedly endorse this thread . Im a big big fan and would love to hear a follow up.. he is an amazing downtempo artist too Cannot even begin to describe the emotions when i first heard B2S.. it was like a dream portal opening up . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc-i6-KRhEQ
  11. Cool track . Thanks for the heads up about the psychedelic krembo compilations. Hope you find their debut track .
  12. I love V/a Boulevard of broken drums! I too would like to hear more music like this. Pity COSMs other output doesnt quite add up . Mood deluxe is very good but uptempo breaks doesnt quite cut it quite like downtempo. Im pretty sure you have checked out Digitalis , cybernetika already .... You could check out ECT - Extra celestial transmission .. although may not be exactly what you are looking for , im hoping there could be a few tracks you could enjoy
  13. Saw waking life yesterday , yeah i know quite late on the bandwagon. I myself couldn't believe i was watching it only now. Brilliant . 4.5/5
  14. Im a sucker for modern powerful melodic dynamic goa like artifact303 . The back to space album still rules. Sadly havent heard anything quite like it . Also stuff like crossing mind .. can any one desribe what he sounds like ? pure psy goa is what it is according to me ..
  15. Join the club. Stopped going to parties in 2006. I guess this is the general feeling all over not just in India . the crowd is ,well , different , the music too plain . I do go for the occasional party, went for LOUD two weeks and had a ball. Primarily because we bumped into the right people It was an indoor followed by an outdoor at a secret location , .but guess what they were playing heavy twilight and no variation in the music and no melodies at the outdoor so left soon. Like anoebis said organise your own , easier said than done , but there are people doing it so its not like it cant be done! Im planning to be in goa too in december . Hope to bump into you if im there.....
  16. The more slowly Ra work , the better. Will it be out this year ?
  17. ^haha. Indoor - Progressive Trance Planet BEN - Trippy Future Garden Pleiadians - IFO MFG - Project Genesis Etnica - Alein Protein
  18. This has been on repeat since the morning and im still gaping. TIP is really killing it !!!!!! Play this baby loud
  19. ps : german translation anyone ?
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