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Found 4 results

  1. Artist: O.O.O.D. Title: You Think You Are Label: Vertigo Records Date: November, 2012 1. KARR 2. The Philosopher's Tone 3. Inner Inca 4. The King And Eye 5. Bube (The Tube) 6. Happiness (OOOD Remix) - FORUFREEZER 7. Dum Dum 8. English Pizza (OOOD Remix) - OOOD AND LOOPUS IN FABULA 9. Shpiral 10. Eye Of The Beholder (Sonic Species rmx) - OOOD AND OTT I haven't listened to an O.O.O.D. album since aLive. Is that wrong? It was so good that I didn't want to f*ck any of it up by listening to their style change. Stupid really, because as any artist will tell you, unless you're Boris Blenn your music should evolve and grow. I know they made other albums...the one with the egg thingy and then the brains on the cover. Never heard them so...I'm guessing they're not making goa any longer? Nope. They do more. Let's start with the project which is a four piece outfit that plays live with real drums, guitars, and keyboards. They just don't stand behind a deck and twiddle knobs while getting blown by a groupie. They're actual musicians so they have talent. I mean, they're DJ's too, so they probably get their fair share of chicks with daddy issues. Aside from their first album, all I know is that Colin has made a name for himself in the mastering field. So what are they up to? Eclectic. Original. I would say their style on this album is psychedelic and would call it Suomi-like, if they were looney toon Finns. But they're from the UK and the craziest people I met when I was over there were the soccer fans. Dems some crazy f*ckers. I love hockey, but I'll be damned if I wanna fight anyone over it. There are all kinds of crazy sound manipulation going on all the while getting that groove going. It's out there at times, I mean who would think of putting Elvis and a 303 together? They did, and it's damn good. Bube (The Tube) is some funky sh*t Crystal Method would be proud of. That bass is pure filth and volatile fuel for the dance fire. They play with different rhythms and draw from a lot of genres. Sometimes it's techno or breakbeat or...whatever, but rest assured it's always with an eye for you people to shake your tukus. Like moving the back end? I defy you not to get down to English Pizza. It's like the soul train awards up in here. "Hey blonde chick! Get back behind the decks! Save your talent for the uh, talent!" Also I wanted to note that they didn't end with the cliche downtempo number. Nope, they tore the doors off with a pretty good storming track full of bass snarls and more pounding than a headache. The sound quality is top notch so you hear every note and sound they intended. Is it perfect? Of course not. I would say there isn't one track that you simply must hear. They all have their quality moments, but nothing stands out head and shoulders above the rest. And when that happens you have to really pay attention to detail because when you hear a cracker you know it. You feel it. And that guy isn't here. But the funky stuff is here for all to enjoy. And if you pay attention you will also appreciate the detail behind this. Yeah it's not goa, but you know what? Grow up. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  2. Artist: Trold Title: Time For Solution Label: Vertigo Records Date: May, 2013 1. In The Hand Of The Shaman 2. Vacuum 3. Adventure 4. 10 000 000 X 14 5. Order In Chaos 6. Miracle 7. We Are The Devine 8. Alright What the hell is this? No seriously, what the hell is this? Forest trolls and psychedelic vikings deliver their 3rd album and I'm shaking my head. Where's the motherf*cking forest? This is like going deep into the Swedish wilderness and finding a McDonalds next to a Wal-Mart. Where is the dark atmosphere? The pads soaked in dread and leads creeping from behind ancient oaks? It's not bad psytrance so let's get that out of the way right now. But when you set the bar so high with Time of Illusion certain expectations are had. That album was frightful yet intelligent. Layers of mystery wrapped up and tailor made for getting hopelessly lost in the woods. This? All the rough edges and less accessible aspects of this project were sanitized for a more family friendly clientele. F*cking Vegas without the gangsters. I know I'm not an authority on forest music, but I don't need it dumbed down for me. So enough telling you what it ain't. What is it? Crystal clear psytrance where you can hear every note and every staccato stab of the bass. I know Colin mastered this, but there are instances where this resembles and OOOD album. It's drug samples, long tracks, and rhythms you can get down to. But all the energy and evil creatures have left the building only to be replaced by softer Disney melodies. Order of Chaos recaptures past glories with its acidic serpents tongue, but it's still too clean. Too obvious. Miracle is a good twilight track that might fit on a Timecode or Nexus Media compilation. The last track sounds just like something OOOD would make. Sorry Colin I'm not picking on you, I'm just sayin'. And that's my point. Where the last album had a forest maze with a nutcase Jack Nicholson in pursuit, here there are baby changing stations and stroller rentals every 100 feet. This must be what hardcore Metallica fans felt like when Enter Sandman came out. I don't like my forest rated PG, but that is what has happened I'm afraid. Funny thing is even though it may sound as if I didn't like it, I enjoyed it. It's twilight and some full-on with rounded edges, but it is outstandingly produced. So if you go into this not knowing what Trold has done in the past then this will have some appeal. But having heard and loved their last album this can only be seen as a disappointment. Time for another solution. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  3. The legendary psychedelic Vikings known as Trold are back with a new collection of their epic musical tales that they put together into their 3rd album on Vertigo Records titled ‘Time for Solution’. This long awaited CD contains nothing else but modern psychedelic trance music in it’s best. Release date in the begging of April 2013! More info @ www.vertigo-records.com https://soundcloud.com/vertigo-records/sets/trold-time-for-solution
  4. Artist: Yudhisthira Title: Sine Qua Non Label: Vertigo Records Date: November, 2011 1. Sacred Cave 2. The Room 3. Spiritual Entity 4. Material World 5. City Scapes 6. Maya 7. Om Nama Narayana 8. Kaneo 9. Weirding Way "A condition without which it could not be..." Latin meaning an absolutely necessary condition. Like breathing. Or...scrolling one handed while viewing the latest in ebony threesome action during the kids's naptime. I guess... Vertigo Records is a Russian label that usually have their feet firmly planted on the dark side of things, but have recently been branching out. They released the Delerious Noon disc which I believe to be supremely underrated. Yudhisthira is Ogi and Bugi ...wait. Really? Ogi and Bugi? Sounds like a f*cking kids show. Whatever. These guys from Macedonia are on their second release, their first being Civilization and Transcendence. Wasn't really impressed with that one if I'm being honest. The first thing that stands out about this though is the beautiful cover. Look at those colors! It runs the gamut from the blues of the heavens, to the greens of the forest culminating in the deep browns of the Earth. Stunning. Sure they have a multi armed deity chilling by the lake to take it to that spiritual next level, but it looks cool to me. They bill it as an audio fairytale... Ooohh, I can't wait to hear this. Sacred Cave- This is some freaky forest shit. The bass line rumbles like an animal on the hunt while eerie effects bubble and scatter like cockroaches with the light on. It's really a nightmarish scenario as creepy crawlies move with an awkward fluidity. Like spiders. You know the way they move. It's unnatural. But this... this was tasty. By the way, Jokkinen you suck! The Room- Deeper down the hole we go with more effects in layers. Pretty creepy like the previous track with some nice leads and ominous melodies. Reminds me of the Johhny Depp version of Alice. Only instead of the Tweedles being goofy, they had meat cleavers behind their back. Where did this come from? Spiritual Entity- "No idea who they are..." The flute adds mystery as the bass line rumbles and effects squeak like mice after scoring some cheese. Gated synths rattle and scream with the layers piling up. It's liquid, amorphous as it wraps itself around you in creaking forest brilliance. There is an evil growling afoot. Someone or...something is watching. "For the last time Davy, no you cannot have my last Oxy!" Material World- "I'm living in the material world, I'm living in the material world, can't say what I'm doing here, but I hope to see much clearer after living in the material world." See, I don't remember Madonna's lyrics that way. Get me, you guys are probably like...who? You mean that sinewy grandmother with the tatoos on her hands? Trust me, she was to the eighties what Rihanna is to today's pop crap. Scrapes and scratches join a funky little beat as the pads unwind. It picks up a little Glowing Flame style towards the end with driving intensity and bubbling. "Get it off, get it off! Shoot that motherf*cker!!!!" - Justin Timberlake, right before his transformation into a blood sucking zombie. City Scapes- This is an alien city with weird dwellings as the denizens creep about with a watchful eye. Plenty of echoing synths and effects with depth inducing layers. Good, and it gets better near the end when the main melody kicks in. It flirts with goa, but only just. Man, a lot to dig into here. Maya- "Maya...the veil of forgetfulness that deludes living entities into illusion about their true spiritual nature and home." I know they don't own the word, but maybe we should allow the Pleiadians to retire that track name. Nah, that would be like Olive Garden retiring the word pasta because they think they are the end all and be all in Italian food. Let me be clear...the Pleiadians are better than Olive Garden. Although endless breadsticks... More layers in this spiritual sandwich as sounds ricochet off each other and effects clamor for attention. It's like a firefight in space with all the laser activity. Set phasers to ass kicking. Not overly powerful, but pleasingly intricate. Love how they twist a track from point a to b. You know Shatner hit that, right? See McCoy? Dirty ol f*cker. Did he die in front of a computer of a self inflicted gunshot wound with one hand down his pants while on a teen asian girls site? Cause, cause that's how I figured it would happen. Om Nama Narayana- Are you gonna get all goa on me? It's almost mandatory with a track name like that. And that's how it begins as the intensity starts to build. Three minutes in and the lead unravels like ribbons on Christmas morning and just like Christmas there is a surprise. After a short break it changes into a percussive undercurrent that believe it or not adds to the mystery. Sure it leaves the goa behind, but it goes in an equally interesting direction. Kaneo- whoa. Another multi-layered effects driven atmospheric track. These guys have been practicing. It's deep and lush striking that balance between motion and feeling. There is no downtime on this one, just a spacey vibe with a bunch of synth on synth interaction. Weirding Way- With a filtered lead that climbs and descends the bass line gallops away. There is considerably more sunshine here, and I realize that this is a long track. Not bad, but not as deep as the previous stuff. And in my what the f*ck moment was Santanna a guest on this? That wailing guitar sounds like him like a hockey player with his head down it shows that this project is either stupid enough to or isn't afraid to go into one of the danger zones of psytrance. Guitars...you either love 'em or hate 'em. This was an enjoyable surprise for me. It's not smash to the face power you get from South African psytrance or the soaring melodic brilliance goa trance can give you. It is twisting and evolving music that is very deep. Layers abound to keep the atmosphere interesting and it sounds full and rich. I don't think this would blow anyone off the dancefloor, but if you're in the mood for some driving and detailed psytrance this would fit the bill. Nice. http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ver/ver1cd025.html http://www.beatspace.com/6744/Vertigo+Records/YUDHISTHIRA/Sine+Qua+Non/detail.aspx http://www.goastore.ch/product_info.php?products_id=4624 http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8934 Mdk
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