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  1. Ha , nice . Thanks for sharing were the first two djs / artists eat static ? .
  2. There isnt a track like sky divers and there never will be . Relentless from start to finish . Probably the purest form of psychedelic energy right from the source, ever. I still remember the scenes back in 2004 when people flew to this track . dope
  3. As much as the CD im looking forward to the suntrip tshirt. love the blue and yellow one
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Yjeecb2qRw no marks for guessing the label
  5. Probably the best label out there for progressive electronic music. really kickass tunes !!!! Im getting more and more inspired to make music like this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwso743WKQA whats the best DAW for getting started ? reason ? edit - just realized this tune is on indigo records ... got it off a mix by Jaytech who is part of the anjunadeep crew.
  6. ok track, nothing special. over used sample. 5/10
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIflYCk1jL8 6 minute onwards
  8. exotic

    Heavy metal.

    gonna check out the names thanks. nice one your favorite , very different from BS but still pretty awesome. i was just watching the video of the their 30th anniversary tour . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r01HjDnY9_c i think i found my new favourite - 38:51 onwards till the 40:22 . gosh i dont have words to describe the feeling. mesmerising maybe ? it comes close but it still isnt nailing it. these guys must have been on fire in their prime. true metal gods!!! i bow in respect
  9. damn right ! well said para halu is always good.
  10. just stumbled on this.. perfect sound to stomp to . not very high on the bpm with good twists and turns . not very cluterred by random fx all over the place . . post your favourite DP stompers between 148 -154 bpm
  11. Have fun . I live right next door and havent made it there . Its gonna get really cold there now. Will you be close to everest ?
  12. thats sad !! im definitely gonna do my bit . vince is a great chap would hate to see this calamity affect him in any way.
  13. exotic

    Heavy metal.

    very slow build up. does blacksabbath go any faster ? i would love to hear them if there are any.
  14. ^^ agree with K-BAN. DI has an awesome vibe and very well managed. I logged on to DI after ages for their solstice fest and had a ball . Time well spent listening and interacting with the users while the show was on. Good fun . Add to that the streaming quality is fantastic . DI is ze best .
  15. I like the power source track! it has a sad undertone to it too .. good thread. i find it hard to find melancholy in tracks .. when its trance inducing i associate mostly happiness with it, never sadness , even though i might be crying sometimes .
  16. exotic

    Heavy metal.

    i have only heard British steel.. and i really like what i heard. the 30 th anniversary album live version is fantastic. the other albums didn't really catch me ... i have to listen to them now though, might just hit the spot like rapid fire in the car yesterday .. was almost as if the car picked up speed on its own, honest to god . what would you recommend other than Iron maiden if i were to ask you for some recommendations similar to priest ?
  17. exotic

    Heavy metal.

    sorry for reviving this thread but i got to post .... just how good is this ?!!!!!
  18. Yes im quite excited . More than anything else its the cover that blows my mind. The samples do sound amazing e. havent been this excited since artifact303 !!!
  19. Its crap just like Static. God knows what happened .They lost the power over the vocals which they exercised so well in non zero sumness. I always find it extremely bizarre how quality falls to such levels with bands that 'seem' to know what was it that made them click so well with the audience initially. Guess they didnt afterall .
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