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Found 7 results

  1. Artist: O.O.O.D. Title: You Think You Are Label: Vertigo Records Date: November, 2012 1. KARR 2. The Philosopher's Tone 3. Inner Inca 4. The King And Eye 5. Bube (The Tube) 6. Happiness (OOOD Remix) - FORUFREEZER 7. Dum Dum 8. English Pizza (OOOD Remix) - OOOD AND LOOPUS IN FABULA 9. Shpiral 10. Eye Of The Beholder (Sonic Species rmx) - OOOD AND OTT I haven't listened to an O.O.O.D. album since aLive. Is that wrong? It was so good that I didn't want to f*ck any of it up by listening to their style change. Stupid really, because as any artist will tell you, unless you're Boris Blenn your music should evolve and grow. I know they made other albums...the one with the egg thingy and then the brains on the cover. Never heard them so...I'm guessing they're not making goa any longer? Nope. They do more. Let's start with the project which is a four piece outfit that plays live with real drums, guitars, and keyboards. They just don't stand behind a deck and twiddle knobs while getting blown by a groupie. They're actual musicians so they have talent. I mean, they're DJ's too, so they probably get their fair share of chicks with daddy issues. Aside from their first album, all I know is that Colin has made a name for himself in the mastering field. So what are they up to? Eclectic. Original. I would say their style on this album is psychedelic and would call it Suomi-like, if they were looney toon Finns. But they're from the UK and the craziest people I met when I was over there were the soccer fans. Dems some crazy f*ckers. I love hockey, but I'll be damned if I wanna fight anyone over it. There are all kinds of crazy sound manipulation going on all the while getting that groove going. It's out there at times, I mean who would think of putting Elvis and a 303 together? They did, and it's damn good. Bube (The Tube) is some funky sh*t Crystal Method would be proud of. That bass is pure filth and volatile fuel for the dance fire. They play with different rhythms and draw from a lot of genres. Sometimes it's techno or breakbeat or...whatever, but rest assured it's always with an eye for you people to shake your tukus. Like moving the back end? I defy you not to get down to English Pizza. It's like the soul train awards up in here. "Hey blonde chick! Get back behind the decks! Save your talent for the uh, talent!" Also I wanted to note that they didn't end with the cliche downtempo number. Nope, they tore the doors off with a pretty good storming track full of bass snarls and more pounding than a headache. The sound quality is top notch so you hear every note and sound they intended. Is it perfect? Of course not. I would say there isn't one track that you simply must hear. They all have their quality moments, but nothing stands out head and shoulders above the rest. And when that happens you have to really pay attention to detail because when you hear a cracker you know it. You feel it. And that guy isn't here. But the funky stuff is here for all to enjoy. And if you pay attention you will also appreciate the detail behind this. Yeah it's not goa, but you know what? Grow up. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  2. Artist: Siam Title: Start To Focus EP Label: Goa Records Date: November, 2012 1. Psychic Energy 2. Start To Focus 3. Run To The Sun 4. Beyond The Astral Worlds Let's keep this short and sweet. This is John Pitsakis from Greece with I believe his first EP. It's a mixture of goa and psy sounding very full-on. Psychic Energy was too long and needed some more evolution. Some good acid licks, but it felt small. Start To Focus was more assertive with its goa badassery and makes good use of layers. Run to the Sun was ok, but again light on the details. Just when I thought I was gonna give this the emphatic thumbs down he saves the best for last. Beyond the Astral Worlds has more interesting melodies and a greater sense of tension. Not a terrible ep, but his subsequent Sunset In Jupiter EP is far superior. Beatport Mdk
  3. Artist: Brainforest Title: Remastered Label: Zion 604 Date: November, 2012 1. El Dorado 2. Story Teller 3. Spider Hands 4. Beyond Earth 5. Brain Forest 6. Impulsive Waves 7. Descender of Evil 8. Astrology 9. Goby Desert "What are we dealing with some type of new outbreak or a plague?" I wouldn't call it a plague. You make it sound so dirty and...diseasey. Fact of the matter is we are currently living through a time where everything old is new again. We've got a taste and brother we like it! Brainforest was Roy Sason with the chap from Illumination. He's solo now and this album was originally released back in 98 as Mr. Trance on Typhoon Records. Then Total Trance by...Total Trance. But don't forget about Total Trance Music released by...you know what? Seriously guys what the f*ck? This reminds me of when Stephen King puts out the same book with a different cover. Well the version I have is the brand new remastered version released by Zion 604. A label not coincidentally run by Roy. Their mantra? Keep the goa spirit alive. And like labels Anjuna and DAT Records that is just what they do. Sure this has been released three other times, but it ain't like I've ever heard. It's a mix of goa, psy, and nitzhonot and it's intense. Smashing to the accelerator to floor melodies fly fast...and...furious. Too soon? His ghost would like this. I know it would. Although maybe if he listened to something like Simon and Garfunkel he would still be alive. On second thought he'd probably kill himself. Synth riffs twist and turn in a blur of psychedelic haste. Going from bubbling to screaming and back again. It's a pretty deep release and under appreciated based on the lack of chatter on these forums. Sometimes it does those cheesy nitzho key changes, but they're brief so don't take points away for that. Spider Hands is when the sh*t begins to hit the fan. Goa with a heavy dose of electronic weirdness. But he kicks it up a notch with Brainforest as that is a storming track. Astrology is another barn burner. It really is a nice mixture of goa with a psychedelic edge. I imagine it will really appeal to those who feel goa trance these days has gotten itself into a formulaic mess. Zion604 continues to release quality stuff and I enthusiastically recommend this. Bandcamp Mdk
  4. Artist: Various Title: True Blood Label: Synergetic Records Date: November, 2012 1. Extasy Effect - SIDEFORM VS ZYCE 2. Ancient Groove (Pop Art rmx) - LYCTUM 3. Mentality - MINDWAVE 4. Twilight (Atomic Pulse rmx) - ULTRAVOICE 5. Ocean of compassion - ELEGY 6. Forest Lights (AtomiCulture rmx) - AQUAFEEL 7. Human Touch - AVSHI 8. Alundra - LUPIN 9. Long Arrangement - ECHOTEK 10. Sicilian Vendetta - SUNSTRYK Labels like Synergetic, Prog On Syndicate, and TesseracT Studio are the new regime in progressive music. Melodic and floaty and sometimes so sickeningly sweet you need a sugar detox. Synergetic is based in Germany and this compilation was put together by...no way. You gotta be f*cking kidding me. True Blood. With a picture of a white horse. Compiled by Herr Sunstryk. Nobody at Synergetic thought this might be a tad...offensive? Why not just put a picture of Auschwitz on the cover? Ok, ok calm down Mike. Let's not jump to conclusions. No matter how hard I try I can't find the swastika anywhere on this thing so it might just be a white horse. Still a little sensitivity goes a long way. Let it go. It's just a horse. A very beautiful and powerful animal. I can't stop looking at it...so strong...I just want to...so pure... NOT THIS TIME YOU NEO NAZI HORSE F*CKERS!! I'm pretty sure that the folks at Synergetic are not neo nazi horse f*ckers and let's face it, it's the music that matters, right? So let's see what they've corralled for this progressive journey. Extacy Effect- You would be hard pressed to find a compilation Zyce wasn't on and his team-up here with Sideform is just how I described progressive trance from this label. Bouncy and drifting. Good opener. Ancient Groove (Pop Art Remix)- Pop Art's album tasted like a sh*t sandwich to me but sometimes artists do their best work on compilations. From Lyctum's Ancient Groove EP the best thing I can say is that it didn't blow chunks. Nowhere near as good as the original, but that's what happens when you remove all traces of atmosphere. Mentality- "There is no such thing as fate or destiny." Crisp kicks and echoing effects make this one enjoyable. The slow groove escorted by the chopped synths is very appealing. Twilight (Atomic Pulse Remix)- This is from the Perplex album Reunion and is part of the sugary sweet "trance" I was talking about. I think this is the full-on he does with the bpm's ticked down a notch. Ugh, it's making my head hurt. What's that smell? Ocean of Compassion- "There was another outflowing of the ocean of compassion..." Funny that this is the title of one of the tracks horse f*ckers. Where was that compassion when Hitler started deep frying jews all across Europe? Sorry, sorry...I said I would let it go. I liked the EP he had on Ektoplazm as it showed his skill at making a detailed track. He had an album that was put out on Ovnimoon recently that I haven't heard yet called Imaginarium. This one is like the opening track, more drifting in style. Not many twists or turns, just steady. Forest Lights (Atomic Culture Remix)- Protoculture + Atomic Pulse. Any guess where this is headed? First class ticket to terrible town. Human Touch- This guy's work with Osher on the Desert Trip EP was top notch and he easily earns the best track award on this compilation. It pulsates with life and is actually interesting. Alundra- I've never heard of Lupin, but this track made me take notice. Atmospheric and effect heavy the female vocal added a bit of mystery to an already fine track. Long Arrangement- Michah changes time signatures here a few times. It's a pretty good track with more of a hard edge, but it sounds like a lot of progressive stuff you have already heard. Fairly aimless. Sicilian Vendetta- Herr Sunstyk breaks out the echoing samples for the longest track on the compilation. It reminded me of that Seinfeld episode where they were pitching a sitcom that was literally about nothing. What did this have to do with Sicilians and their vendetta again? This was a weak effort. Forget the cover and what may or may not be subliminally insinuated the music here was forgettable. Not much stood out and most of these tracks seemed like stuff the artists had lying around. Stuff they could give to make rent. The only thing missing was the word GOA on the cover. You can do a lot better for your progressive fix. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  5. Artist: Tickets Title: Black Mind Thoughts EP Label: Biomechanix Records Date: November, 2012 1. Ennax (Full On Version) 2. Collapsed Kingdom 3. Waboba Kappibarru Rising Forehead "Chill...chill. Take a chill pill." Tickets is Joseph Summs, a twilight artist who's had great success riding the Android Wave of South African psytrance with 2 albums to his credit and plenty of compilation work. This was one of those EP's that didn't grab me right away. It required further digging. I was going to describe this as a short 3 tracker but there ain't nothing short about 11 and a half minutes, know what I'm sayin? Ennax is an epic storytelling track that has its fast and slow moments. Sounding more like an FLA side project it has an extended intro and symphonic presence until the trance kicks in. Honestly I was more entranced by the sample than the music. Who can ever get enough McLovin? Collapsed Kingdom continues the epic feel and is more Principles of Flight than Tickets. It's ominous and goes medieval on you. He saves the best for last with the most aggressive and Tickets like track. It still carries the same vibe, but the power and in your face factor is turned up. And that track name...what the hell does that even mean? To compare I would say this is more Dreaming of Places than Timelapse with a strong nod towards the theatrical. Consider it expanding his horizons. Entertaining. Re reading the review I don't think I said Tickets enough. So...tickets. Beatport Mdk
  6. Artist: Various Title: Christiania Selection Vol. 2 Label: Iono Music Date: November, 2012 1. Twisted Mind TIME IN MOTION, FLEXUS 2. Limitless OPPOSITE8 3. Lord of the swing AUDIOMATIC, CORONA 4. Progressive Love OSHER 5. Put your sunglasses on STATIC MOVEMENT 6. Smash Up ALION 7. All your needs SUNTREE 8. Individual pattern of life IMPACT AND SIMPLY WAVE 9. Maelkevejen MOTION DRIVE "I assumed for awhile that he wasn't satisfying all your needs. That's gonna change I promise you." Sounds like someone is in for a helluva night! But on to a more serious topic. Nobody lives forever. All we can hope for as a species is that we leave something behind, a legacy that somehow made the world a better place. And if not better, maybe...more ridiculous. Yesterday we lost a soul whose contribution to quality music was always in doubt. But his impact on popular culture can never be questioned. So I ask you to take a moment and maybe pour out a little liquor (not the good stuff) and remember. If not for this pioneer we would never have thought to wear our clothes backwards. Suburban children always looking for the next thing to confuse their parents filled the streets with joy. But as quickly as it came, it was gone. Yet another fad slain by the hand of middle class white kids on their way to soccer practice. So just like G-G-G-Unit and ending any word with "izzle" this fad takes it's rightful place in the pop culture graveyard never to be resurrected. Warm it up Chris, I'm about to. Cause that's what I was born to do. Indeed. So anyway, Iono Music the leader in progressive trance is back with the second installment of the inmates running the asylum. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about here is a little information on the inspiration for this series. I love this label as they provide the progressive trance I enjoy with big melodies and effects that saturate the brain. Compiled once again by Flexus (Stefan Goransson) you'll see names you know and those that are less familiar. First thing you might notice is that the cover is damn near identical to the first one. Guess what, the music is too. Wide open progressive trance with expansive breaks that allow you to soak the atmosphere in. Melodies dominate as they float from one measure to another. That's not to say there isn't some filler such as Alion's Smash Up which is a whole pillowcase full of Zzzz.... Put on Your Sunglasses sounds like it rolled around in cream cheese with a sample that is cringe worthy. Better than the first one? Nah I don't think so, but there are a few good tracks to be found here. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  7. Artist: Mr. Bill & Freddy Todd Title: Gourmet Everything EP Label: Adapted Records Date: November, 2012 01 - Bloss (129 BPM) 02 - Gourmet Everything (105 BPM) 03 - Bloss (Circuit Bent Remix) (86 BPM) 04 - Gourmet Everything (Tha Fruitbat Remix) (110 BPM) Mr. Bill is known for his glitchy hip-hop beats that usually have a great and funky result. Check out his Suave EP for further music to cruise down the street in your 64. I've never heard of Freddy Todd, but he's from Detroit and that's something. At least they got rid of the dead guy in front of city hall. Sh*t, Syria looks better. I would describe this music as trying to shoehorn as many sounds in a track as possible. Like a fat guy at a buffet there's always room for one more. You get two tracks and 2 remixes of those tracks. Picture a room full of servers having an orgasm of ones and zeros. Binary release! Not really impressed. The Circuit Bent Remix of changes things though. It's gangster dubstep without tooth loss and excessive bleeding. Slow, grooving yet playful while being a little less random. It's still chock full of blips, blops, and other sh*t, but much more cohesive than the original. The Fruitbat Remix takes the original and inserts a thundering bass with an increase in tempo. Again less crowded than the original and you can actually follow where it's going. So I liked the last two tracks. Free at Ektoplazm
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