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  1. Full tracks available here: https://timewarprecords.bandcamp.com/album/somnesia-infinite-mind-timewarp088-timewarp Cheers
  2. Timewarp turns our inner eye towards the within this time for an introspective and consciousness expanding chapter channelled from the creative spirit of Somnesia entitled 'Infinite Mind'. Experience the freshest chapter in the continuing quest to keep the eternal cosmic flame that is the spirit of the true Goa Trance essence alive. This will be his transformative 5th full length album and no doubt is his best work to date. From the first note this music instantly transports you across the universe. Tracklisting 1–Somnesia & Kobaïa_Light Particle_7:50 (Somnesia Remix) 2–Somnesia_Cerebral Land_9:17 3–Somnesia_Anti Gravity_7:42 4–Somnesia & PharaOm_Darkness (Somnesia Remix)_8:53 5–Somnesia_Endorphin Memory_9:11 6–Somnesia_Moment Of Essence_8:24 7–SomnesiaInfinite Mind_10:02 8–Asura Vs Aes Dana_Elie (Somnesia Remix)_9:14 9–Somnesia_Lepidoptera_9:20
  3. UP 01>Morphic Resonance - Trip To The Stars (DAT Records) 02>Various - Phases Of Madness (Goa Madness Records) 03>Various - Terraformer (Global Sect Music) 04>Somnesia - Cosmic Resonance (TimeWarp Records) 05>Various - 604 Syndroms (Mamomam Records) 06>Various - Spirit Of Goa Trance (Fresh Frequencies) 07>X Dream - Remixed (Flying Rhino Records) 08>KoB - Identity Mash (Suntrip Records) 09>E Mantra - Compendium vol 1 (Melusine Records) 10>Various - Inti (Suntrip Records)
  4. You're right. I'm very sensitive to the treble and less with the bass. And also I often work with a helmet to impregnate me the sound. I attach a greater importance to acid tones. The problem is that I no longer have a computer (hard disk is dead) and ge will not be able to make any changes. I just have time to save only 3 new albums...
  5. Thanks for those encouragement that are always enjoyable. Maybe they're rare but so enjoyable. Thank you! Next objective ➡ new album for 2018...
  6. Hi my friends! I wanted to warn you of the imminent arrival of my new album Cosmic Resonance (april 2017). Coming soon on psyshop: https://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/tim/tim1cd054.html Samples
  7. Hi there! Any news my friends... mastering is finished and great ? Next Step ➡ artworks
  8. Hi everyone! Thx for your support ? https://m.soundcloud.com/somnesia
  9. Thx for your enthousiasm! Samples will be available soon...
  10. Try these... https://youtu.be/2yfd2fnApCg https://youtu.be/L5a3vI9t3FY https://youtu.be/-bG_dnv5waw
  11. Somnesia is back. He creates the perfect dosage to color the goa sound. Cosmic Resonance plunges us into hallucinatory atmosphere with dazzling soundscapes. An explosion of highly relevant melodies that awaken in all our senses. This new collection of 9 organic goa trance tracks aspire us in a galactic spiral and offers us wonderful transcendent passages. Tracklist: 1) From Nibiru ::09'34:: 2) Heliopolis ::10'29:: 3) Everytime Galaxies Illuminate ::09'45:: 4) Edge Of Infinity ::09'01:: 5) Beyond The Sky (Space Mood Mix) ::09'51:: 6) Abstract World ::09'27:: 7) Back To Nibiru ::09'10:: 8) Slow Motion ::11'00:: 9) Zero Gravity ::01'40:: * all tracks are written and produced by Somnesia ::Somnesia's soundcloud:: https://m.soundcloud.com/somnesia
  12. :::Somnesia "Astral Dream"::: CDr & digital available now here: http://www.dimensionalrecords.com/cd-releases/462-cdr-somnesia-astral-dream.html Enjoy & Thank you for your support
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