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  1. Just the kind of sound i dig . sexy balagaan production . Want to get Skizologic down for a party in India this november , any idea how to contact the man ?
  2. I being a hindu should take offence ! Ganesha trunk cannot be represented as a penis
  3. Is the second one here? totally dig the first season
  4. Thanks for the support Rotwang! I thought i was the only one I have heard inebraitti although i must admit I havent totally got into it. Im surprised people cant dig the track , sends me into a tizzy , taste really is a thing.
  5. Fair enough but this kind of track like i mentioned before has to be dropped at the right time , after a great build up when the dancefloor needs to explode . A party cannot be full of such tracks . I got the Menog album musically speaking and its got a very strong and potent vibe. I like Absolum , CPU , digital talk , audiolise etc with the old school full on vibe but im looking for more modern production with the in your face blast energy . another example would be Lucy in space with Diamonds - Sky divers. Unfortunately the video isnt on youtube
  6. Can you dig it ? I totally dig it when in the middle of a twisted set the DJ drops a bomb track like this that throws the crowd into a frenzy. This for me defines the full tilt of psychedelic music , the power of sonic bombardment . TIP records FTW !!!! Give me MOAR
  7. I think U-Recken - Flames of equilibrium is pretty damn kickass too . Growing on me , Very nice production
  8. +1 Deliriant - The Journey . the juicy bouncy baselines are back ! yay! south Africa FTW once again
  9. Just joined the solstice festivities .. missed your set K-BAN! Really looking forward to MEEO
  10. exotic

    Koxbox - The Scanner

    Why wasnt the entire album like sky candy ? its missing that extra twist . Cant complain either way and help feeling that it could have been so so much better .
  11. Glad this album finally got a review. I got introduced to a new heavy style of chill-out through this album . There is something about this album, probably the pace and the 'mystical' nature of the album as the reviewer puts it, that keeps me coming back for more. Everytime i hear it once more , i feel like im listening to another version of a track that i heard before. The best part is these guys believe in mixing it up which keeps it interesting for the listener 4/5
  12. Logic bomb is the only example i can think of.
  13. saw it yesterday . visuals are stunning , cars and bikes are bad ass but dont expect any of the B grade cult stuff from the 80s
  14. Werent they always the same thing ? Please enlighten me to the difference . I know something called dark full on started around 2006 which was less melody oriented but i didnt see why that coudnt have been played in the morning or rather why it should have be played more at night. and what the hell let me take this to its logical conclusion and say i hate defining psy in terms of morning and night becuase IMO psychedelic music in general depends more on the state of mind and not on whether the the sun / moon is out or not for 'morning' and 'dark' to make sense, if you get my drift.
  15. Nobody talks about this killer full on artist who actually understood the essence of full on. No hands in the air europop stuff but hard gritty no bullshit groovy ass psychdelic fullon . Mad attack is one of those albums that whenever i listen to sends me right in the zone .. i love the basslines , very deep and original .the subtle melodies gently playing along .. its the complete package like audialize. I cant find a preview of his album on youtube but anyone who has heard this album back in the day will know whats missing in the full on genre nowadays .
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJR3tCVyFx4
  17. http://thereelnetwork.net/he-aint-talking-about-chocolate-petition-to-ban-ot-genasis-coco-song/ ban this shiett.. something strangely catchy about it though
  18. exotic

    Ovnimoon - Holistic

    @ Bill - Cant argue much there , I think you feel strongly about the album and there is no harm in digging what has always appealed to you . To objectively talk about and rate psychedelic music becomes a little difficult because everyone is perceiving the music differently . I like musicians to surprise me and with Ovnimoon its always the same lady talking about meditation peace and love with the same drum patterns and rhythm to accompany the vocals ( more or less) . I never feel driven to the edge of my seat that will make me eventually get and up and move because my mind has already anticipated whats coming up . And thats where unpredictability , especially in this genre of music scores above other variables for me .
  19. exotic

    Ovnimoon - Holistic

    He is sampling too much from the same source . All tracks although groovy sound the same . The psy quotient is all about unpredictability which seems to be going down with each release. a different path , a different journey is what is required. Im sure Ovnimoon has the bandwidth in his arsenal to deliver a slightly modified brand of what we have been hearing all along . the passing clouds rmx is amazing !
  20. 2005 was the best year for psytrance AFAIK IMO. The album from quasar? didnt get a mention presuming it was a 2005 release ? I thought it was fantastic
  21. Im so happy these greek dudes released an album . Have always been a fan of their sound , which is immediately recognizable , and not disappointed at all this time around too. Treads a perfect balance between old school goa and modern production . Will work on the dancefloor at anytime.
  22. Agree . Everyone here was going gaga and i was wondering what the fuss was all about . sounded so bland .
  23. Hence the name of the album . I remember lots of fans not liking it but since i was late on the goa bandwagon it sounded super good to me. A lot depends on where you are on the Goa trance curve that dictates what you like and what you dont.
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