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  1. IIRC I used to try and dress like a hippie , wearing ganesh shiva motif tshirts and 3/4 fisher pants when i first started listening to goa but then i quickly realized that there is no point in doing that until i got my self a couple of tattoos and some dreadlocks. I guess im a regular guy too.
  2. got this from isratrance courtesy nomad moon.... psychowave FTWWWWW,,enjoy !!!
  3. Cant wait to order this , probably end of this month with the anniversary tshirt! I have heard the previews and the remix cd is sounding really good. The cosmic dimension remix of ra is a very very powerful track. the imba remix is super cool as well , very playful.. sorry just had to get a couple of inital impressions out there
  4. May the fourth be with you!
  5. why drag SP into this just so that nobody thinks i didnt get what the title means , i was punning and offer a tenth planet in honor of suntrip completing ten years as the tenth trip /spin around the sun , the other 9 being completed by the already existing planets
  6. so the tenth spin is the suntrip planet ? cant wait for this baby to arrive!
  7. I would get this album just for active galaxy alone... a real bomber that one . pure dancefloor blastoff !!! in fact i like the direction he takes in the last three ..
  8. I think there was a period when goatrance was dead. The resurgence was brought about in 2004? so the term neo goa implying modern production . i could be wrong though
  9. I dig it , first spin was awesome as always, on repeated listens it does stray into that cheesy territory every now and then. there is something i hate about the uplifting full on genre now, every thing building to a crescendo , ughh. more key changes please.
  10. Is it just me or is there some disturbance as the set begins ? I does get sorted out later ...
  11. I really dig the track " See the fear" . Very macabre , in a good way. He also released a chill out album "The Perpetual Ritual " back in 2009 which again is very good!
  12. I have blasted the Project Management office like nobodys business. It was a woman and left the entire office gaping. Eventually everybody supported me becuase they all knew this woman did not know how to interact professionally. Fight fire with fire even if it means doing it at work but on the other if it was completely out of line. which it seems like , as in something that didnt warrant you reacting in that manner , i suppose nothing makes thing normal again like a prompt apology. Ever watch "The wire" ? I wish all offices were like that .
  13. exotic

    Haldolium - NINI

    I agree the remix is good but better than the original ? That track blows the new shit out of the water. I think the jury is out on that one!
  14. I really liked L ' avventura . I love the pace of his films and the visual techniques he uses to portray a deeper meaning. I will definitely check Red desert out. Is jean paul a good author to start with considering i haven't read anything on the subject but do have natural philosophical leanings towards the nature of the human condition? I would like to immerse myself completely in a book that combines weird fiction as well as existential themes. Since i have been reading up on true detective a lot , the writer NIc Pizzalatto recommends Thomas Liggoti . HP lovecraft would also be one of the names that comes to mind ...
  15. You know this series " True detective" has thrown open so many tangents in my head about the human condition , true suffering and the question of how to escape this time trap ( the reason this show has a 9.4 in IMDB IMO is that this particular theme has deeply resonated with the TV audience even though there is no proof about time being a flat circle and us waking up in this nightmare every single time death becomes us) ; science hasnt really proved anything about life after death, and even if there is some theory there can never be a first hand experiential account , near death experiences notwithstanding ; most of heaven and hell being "pure conjecture" both in religion and science etc that im willing to nose dive into this subject You know how it is , that existential feeling that consciousness being a misstep in evolution and all of that .. recommendations of intense existential books would be welcome.. Thanks
  16. i dreamt about the true detective intro yesterday, and its been on repeat in my head pretty much since
  17. Great site. There is a lot of information to sift through and frankly i dont know where to start. Please could you give a couple of well known composers whose works you enjoy and like and i will start from there? Nothing too fancy or too simple. I like orchestras / symphonies , that has more than just the piano. something like this, though even this is too over the top , too grand. in between a full blown symphony orchestra and a simple piano piece. Cheers!
  18. Recommendations please. I find classical music very soothing while reading. I havent heard a lot of it , am open to anything. just listened to this http://www.last.fm/music/Zino+Francescatti+(violin),+Pierre+Fournier+(cello),+Columbia+Symphony+Orchestra.+Bruno+Walter,+conductor?utm_source=last.fm&utm_medium=application&utm_campaign=last.fm_desktop_application&utm_content=2.1.36&utm_term=WIN
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