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  1. MEEO doesnt sound anything like hallucinogen. Thank god. He might have been inspired but his music is that and much more.
  2. exotic

    I like...

    ..red velvet cake
  3. I wish i had ordered this one! really nice
  4. Not related to dark psy! we all LOVE neuromotor i think he is a better DJ than a musican , and i think he quickly realised that. ignore the track
  5. exotic


    (val)liam - Daydreamer & Dissolving archetypes Both wonderful albums!
  6. My college years were spent stoned listening to psytrance. I have to say it was like discovering a whole new world that didnt exist before. Used to drop acid / X every now and then at parties. As and when i discovered goa trance i started becoming more and more sober. Drugs stopped suiting me. Now im totally clean . No alcohol even. And I love the music as much if not more.
  7. Way too minimal. like krill minima.. Good reading/ meditative music though
  8. sick sick sick!!!!! youtube doesnt do this justice .. havent a heard this fat a sound in a long time.. i think the last really really phat track was pixel - black in black out that made me go woahhhhh . this one just hits all the right spots .. just incredible.. ovnimoon records yet again :whyaretheemoticonsdisabledonmydashboard?: ps : also who is this artist ? i afraid i have never heard of him / them before !?
  9. Jikkenteki - The long walk home , the upbeat CD. not like CM but still different from what you hear nowadays. As far as i can tell he doesnt stick to the 4/4 sound .. time signatures are quite different IMO ( correct me if im wrong - im no producer) . its sort of disjointed form of track structure . you might like it!
  10. exotic

    Happy bday Radi!

    Happy birthday radi . What goa music are you listening to on your birthday ?
  11. Good entertainment and nothing more. I guess MC over did it trying to portray the greed . Gave it a 7/10 myself.
  12. All psytrance purists here i love my pop and i like it uplifting
  13. no seriously lets inspire our resident goa producers to remix some good ol pop
  14. the Blair witch project, Martyrs and REC I have stopped watching horror movies. Life is too short .
  15. Nothing like it. CM is a magician shaman with those melodies that he crafts for his tracks which separates him from the rest of the pack. It would be a dream come true to be at a live gig ..
  16. wheres radi? hbd pn ,wheres my return gift?
  17. exotic

    Good TV Series? Any?

    Just started watching the wire , very absorbing. thats some hardcore legal shit right there
  18. you're lagging behind yo! *in pinkmans accent* back from the gym , listening to order odonata , arcturus - 1000 planets . what production !!! im wondring what hardware / software were they using back in 94 ?
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