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  1. Wow .. i've really waited for this .. it's about time Bring on the soumi
  2. Psykovsky .. his last album smacked my brains left right and centre .. Powerful unrelenting dark psy music to the core I find it surprising most people just couldnt relate to his last album
  3. Brilliant 10/10 .. .. /triac pls dont change that style .. it fucking roxx
  4. psykovsky - compos mentis /indigo child these tracks are just too too intense .. couldnt help it
  5. MoonDust Festival - running from November 3-7, 2006 in Rajasthan, India will showcase the sub-continent’s blossoming trance scene. The first festival of its kind in India - MoonDust places India’s finest psytrance talent alongside some of the world’s most respected and sought-after artists. A range of styles of music are represented, from pounding, darker psytrance to emotionally-charged morning music right up to deep progressive and chill, guaranteed pleasure for all psychedelic music fans. Featuring artists from BNE, Digital Psionics, Mechanik Sound, Doof, Vertigo, Com.pact, Parvati, Zenon, Open, Temple Twisters, Noise Poison, YSE, Manic Dragon, DejaVu and many others - MoonDust Festival will be a feast for the five senses set on the epic backdrop of the Rajasthani desert. This magical event will showcase music, arts, dance, market, stalls and entertainment for full 4 days, guaranteeing that not a single moment will go wasted. Bring a smile, some good vibes and your dancing shoes and get involved with MoonDust Festival (India) 2006. Artists/Djs from the world Psytour - Vertigo - Greece Suspekt - Open - Australia G.O.W. - Parvati - Denmark Double R.E.L. - Doof - Israel Psykovsky - Vertigo - Russia Atomic Pulse - B.N.E. - Israel Sesto Sento - Com.Pact - Israel Psytracx - Moon Cristal - Mexico Neuromotor - Mechanik - France Highko - Noise Poison - Germany Dj Anneli - djanneli.com - Sweden Kluster - Digital Psionics - Sweden Tetrameth (Live) - Zenon - Australia SofiaX Discovalley/Insomnia Greece Hux Flux (Live) - Spiral Trax - Sweden Kindzadza - Parvati/Insomnia - Russia C.P.C. - Deja Vu/Manic Dragon - Russia Jeto (Live) Geomagnetic.TV/Kagdila USA Naked Tourist (Live) - Parvati - Germany Claw - Temple Twisters - Greece/Cyprus Miss YoYo - Planet Ben/Artfreaktion - Russia Sensient (Live) - Zenon/CCR/Zma - Australia EgNogRa (DJ/VJ Live) - Shaman Films - Mexico Fatali (Exclusive MoonDust Set) - B.N.E. - Israel Jellyheadz (Live) - Dropout Productions - France Ibojima (Live) - Millenium/Yellow Sunshine - Sweden Blisargon Demogorgon (Live) - Inpsyde/Bhooteshwara - Macedonia Artists/Djs from India Ash - Delhi Dale (Live) - Delhi Backspace - Delhi Varun - Bangalore Kalari - MoonDust - Kerala Karan - Third Eye - Bombay Shiv-E - Third Eye - Bombay Kohra (Live) - Soultribe - Delhi Vice (Live) - Third Eye - Bombay Hydra - Nocturnal Wizardz - Bombay Aghori Tantrik - Sonic Tantra - Bombay Jalebee Cartel (Live) - jalebee.in - Delhi Daash aka Za7ZaY - Serephana - Bombay Janux - Sound Species/PsyPneumatix - Goa Strange Frequency - Foot Stompin - Bombay Merry Prankster (Live) - Tantrumm - Bombay Spiral - Hypnotica/Temple Twisters - Bombay Bully aka Raveholic - Beyond Logic - Bombay Asad aka Freeatmah - Foot Stompin - Bombay Bad Sector - Nocturnal Wizardz/Bhooteshwara - Bombay Kerosene Club/Stomp- Temple Twister/Digital Distortion - Bombay Chill Artists/Djs San (Live) - Delhi BlueOrb - Bombay Pill-Grim (Live) Pune Ma Faiza Masti Music Pune Visuals Artist VJ Faugery of my Memories (Live) - Mindflux - India/USA Website : http://www.moondust.in Info Forum : http://www.kalari.moondust.in/forum/viewforum.php?f=1
  6. sounds good to me could have been a tad longer
  7. disagree ... why do you sit and mull over it till it makes sense huh?! i like samples that are staright up in your face and which make sense right away other wise i cant get sleep
  8. u-recken - powerful im still waiting for a good honest objective opinion on the album .. help ??
  9. yeah thats where the main part begins but the last bit of the track from 5:18 *to be precise* onwards is where it just totally morphs into something else .. best derango track till date !
  10. hehe .. what can i say that hasnt been said already !!! i have been really enjoying this release since the time i got my hands on itt . i was expecting a nice forest ambience , riddled fx's and a nice hypnotic bassline .. and that's what ittt was .. this pushes the boundaries of 'forest ' dark psy trance five notches further ... cant think of a dull moment on this album .. actualyy!! even if i play this when i'm having my morning cofeee definately still digging this one ! favourites - all highlights - the poisonous square after 5:12 Cant wait for their new material
  11. pop some mushies and listen to this this is unrelenting 'psychedelic' trance to the core i feel sorry for people who cant feel the power of psykovsky's music
  12. hey everybody i 've been looking for music that comes close to sounding like nissimyani but all my efforts are gone in vain . So i would like some suggestions albums or compilation that have that nissimyani sound .. too bad they split up .. i've one of their solo albums 'open your ear' but wasnt too impressed .
  13. Tracklist 1. Baston basket 2. Am 2 pm 3. Sharas jasi-k 4. Shapi Shapo 5. Coridoors 6. G.H.B. 7. Flying cargo 8. Monkey business 9. Ah oom ba ba 10. Impact Nissimyani are Yan Azulay and Nissim Mohadeb, permanent crew members of the Phonokol spaceship and one of the finest and most authentic trance acts emerging from Israel #1 So the album kikstarts with baston basket .. a phat groove interspersed with impressive syth work is what meets us first .. it chuggs along at nice space.. the bassline dripps of honey .. 'bad trips'.. . i'd like to see a dj play this sometime late in the morning . An unrelenting track first up ! #2 'Hey, we don't care where you grew up, this is not the drug bulletin board, this is the trip report... stick to your reports please .. and what a trip it is from the moment on .. the bassline is sythnthetically fine tuned to a perfect twist .. a chimy bell adds to the sonic chaos .. lots of twists and turns and i finaaly feel the track has reacked it peak .. all together beautifully packed in .. i could listen to this am to pm anyday! #3 Shars jasi-k is the third track .. a infected mushroomish kinda bassline catches my ear .. spacy synth lines hover around the 2:13 mark .. a nice intermingling of the two is what it progresses into keeping full on in perfect harmony .. 'flying saucer '... a hoover effect and we are thrown into this whirlwind of blissfullllll .. the last few mintes sounds a lot like altom .. an outstanding track overall @ #4 Shapi shapooooo .. lovely intro nissimyani really impresses me with his synthwork ..can make out a true blue magician behind the hardware .. any lets get to the point .. a dark sombre kinda atmosphere is what sets in amidst some classy synth work .. ' the voice in the sample says something like ' u gave me some motherfucking a ' heheh .. the production is oustanding and the flow of this track just befitts the ear .. a stomper from start to finnish shapi shapo is clearly and definately a favourite here #5 Half down already and im thinking there has to someting extraordinary in here .. corridors greets us with a happy swinging bassline .. hyper patches of synths comes together brilliantly in burts .. then sorta retracts .. ebb and flow .. if only he's given some added punch at the end .. neverthe less nice track . #6 Ok talking of phat grooves and hyper sythnwork ghb takes the cake .. there's this very granduer feel to the track .. royal roots .. the sythns are speaking shrieks again between a soothing bassline .. go liquid ecstacy !! #7 Aahhh why am i reminded of dark soho .. flying cargo has already set into pace a bundle of sweetness .. quirky goa gil swishy swishes sitting on top of a very dark minimal bassline .. kinda old schoolish but at the same time you feel the enrgy come through .. there's a sample about some channel three .. the moment it gets over the track feels like a astral projection vs silicon sound .. a very versatile track from nissimyani #8 Since the album was released against a backdrop of soaring infected mushroom fanfare there are bound to be comparisons and laments of copying their style but ... no nissimyani takes it two notches higher ... giving us the most melodic of basslines .. monkey business .. yes for sure for us freeks .. twisted and yummy .. #9 '...I like to be clean when i trip .. and when i got to the shower .. the water started echoing really bad .. and then it turned into white noise .. and when i pulled the shower curtain down .. the white noise started feeding back in to itself ..it turned into a washing wave kinda thing ' .. im wondering where the sample is from ?? the track is ok .. farty sounds here and there with not so elaborate synths .. the sample carries the weight of the track on its shoulders . #10 ' You two may be puzzzledd .. we are looking fer your trip reports tonight ..' and yay a sharp percussive cling .. a snap crackle approach to tingle those nerves .. nissimyani ends this album with an outstanding tribadelic anthem .. around 3:39 he uses a smple from an instrument set in the middle east could be a santoor or a banjo .. distrorted voices in the arabian sea .. a brilliant vocal sings to bid us adiue .. could be used to wrap up a morning set . closing comment :L Nissimyani has carved their own niche a distinctive stlye which can do wonders on any dancefloor // This is pushing moving driving moosic // may remind most of you of other israeli artists out there .. but what sets nissimayni apart is that they incorporate the very best from the scene and does so with taste and style .. too bad the've split up and have solo careers now dig deep
  14. just listening to the samples anf they sound really impressive .. i gonna pick this one up !! ;d
  15. this ones gonna be playing for a long long time on my discman enthrwalling enchanting mindsplitting music almost hellishly sublime hehe
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