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  1. Trinodia been playing on repeat for the last one hour. i dont know how to get away from the damn speakers. argggg hh
  2. a funny post from back in the day , i think it was pavel The global public in uproar at shocking allegation by Mazel Tov Times, well known supersatr dj and killaaargh music production legend, Skazi, is the Chosen One. Top rabbis and pharisees have been locked in emergency talks for past 48 hour to discuss possible outcome of recent development. Leading government officials are to decide the fate of Skazi in parliamentary vote tomorrow, on basis of the report from rabbinical inquest, and expected to hand over him for tribuneral at Hague or perhaps UN. Eyewitness give the conflicting reports, sighting of the mysterious guru snorting the coke and doing live brutal remix of Kylie, at numerous gay bar around the country. Experts point to the distinctive similarity between Skazi and the last instance of alleged Messiah. In exlusive interview with Times, Prof. Satisfaction from the Metallica Institute for Comparative Religion, say "both Skazi and the Jesus are Jewish guru, specializing in the esoteric Quabbalah. Little is known about what Skazi doing between age of 12 and 30, but we think he train with secretive bass-sect in nearby Sinai mountain - honing the production skills and advanced training on the technics SL1200, with wanted bass terrorist Beat-o-Fobia. Besides", claims Prof. Satisfaction, "both Jesus and the Skazi has long hair and enjoy popular support among crowds of debased shitfucks. Jesus was pulling like 5000 people per sermon, and Skazi is already past that number, especially at the larger, commercial festivals. The danger of these kinds of leaders turning crowds of unsuspecting groovers into psychotic fanatics cannot be underestimated as a threat to our national security". The Secretary of the State, Mr. I. M. Sellout, expressed his concerns yesterday in address to the nation, live on MTV channel. "We have volatile situation in our hands. Our collective consciousness as whole is not ready to move on from the proggy groove to the nirvana of killaaaargh bass-torture and annihilating riffs. If the Skazi music be released on any more compilations, we could face epidemic no longer curable with even strongest progressive releases". He also noted that "Jesus didn't dance, but his beat goes on. The problem we face is that Skazi can bust killaaargh moves on unsuspecting floor at any time, so we redoubling security at clubs around the country. Just think of the future generations for the next 2000 years". There has been also unconfirmed reports that inbetween writing tracks for new album, Skazi has been conferred 33rd degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, is now in possession of Philosophers Stone and have acquired the mastery of Enochian Magik. One of our covert sources, working from the inside of Skazi fan cult, alleges the guru is mustering powers of Choronzon for final showdown, to bringing the killaaaargh bassline and democracy to Skazi loving people everywhere. Leading trance expertologist, Mr. Neo-Fullon, who have been following the Skazi for some years, is more skeptical about such claim. "We have the evidence that Skazi can demolish dancefloor and substantial part of trance scene - but whether he can cause Armaggedon, we wait and see". Meanwhile, Skazi zealots are gathering for crystal-meth fuellued vigil outside public offices and buildings, shouting anti-progressive slogans and threatening to revolt if demands for early promo copies of latest Skazi with Celine Dion collaboration are not met. "We just need killaaaargh remixes of cutting edge, undergroud vocalists", shouts one angry protester. "It is government conspiracy", claims a speed-fucked youth in his 20's, "now everyone see Skazi is Messiah, the CIA try sabotage release of latest record." Numerous others chime in, shouting "down with Judas". The CIA denies any involvement, citing that bugging the Skazi studio was hard enough, with officers either resigning or go insane by listening to the tapes. The world watches with trepidation tonight as the unfolding Skazi saga may claim many decent acts and young fans yet. Many countries have upgraded their killaaaargh bassline alert to red, with citizens expected to carry earplug at all times in case of surprise bass onslaught by the Skazi forces. Diplomatic efforts by religious and secular groups alike are being intensified to avoid confrontation, hoping to settle compromise on some watered down version of full on. oh and smells like humus spirit
  3. Well said Helium. Im digging Dog day bliss too because it has that central uniting factor , that main catchy melody and all the elements build around it very nicely. The bassline is sick sick sick at the start of the track to say the least , hits you bam in the face and you cant help but get sucked in . Little by little effects are thrown in that has you wondering whats going to happen next. The break at 6:46 is the defining moment , its like a pause in this little psy story tale being told by the head goblin about the meaning of life or something. The climax is really powerful because the melody builds and builds until it explodes , all along very wel complemented by the oh so sexy rawwwwwrrrr of a bassline. I can literally astrally project to this track its that powerful. more tracks like this please.
  4. I used to love dark psy but i find myself not listening to it at all these days. Im not sure what happened , either the music become too hard and noisy or i became too old which i doubt. i started finding my groove in goatrance so i drifted from other subgenres but more so from dark than the others. I havent found a single darkpsy forest release worth listening to after 2005 (derango , greg on earth, procs, xyla amanda, quasar from record labels like manic dragon, mistress of evil ) which was IMO the best year for darkpsy. Im very open minded and would love to be surprised by some stompy crunchy groovy darkpsy!
  5. Ovnimoon has dropped a masive bomb to herald the new year. You guys rock! this is the reason i love goatrance
  6. this is blowing my mind left right and centre, great way to end 2013
  7. Not really a surprise since he has proved that he capable of delivering the goods, but after listening to a preview of Trinodias new album , which im going to buy sooner rather than later, i have to say this guy has outdone himself , he has restricted his usage of "spiritual" samples to a minimum , which is a pleasant surprise and which now adds to the beauty of the music much more while focusing on the music . his joint efforts with Judaika are frigging awesome. And boy he has done a good , or i should say "Great" job. I dont want to get too excited and create a hype here, but this is sounding like it going to be a massive competitor to Filteria's album for the best GOa trance album this.
  8. HOTEP - Transformation of light , for me. Pure psytrance right from the word go , i look forward to his releases now.
  9. dubstep just ruins the vibe whether in psytrance or otherwise. just the crappiest music ever.
  10. I dont know how famous moon tribe is on PN but i really dig the track "blue bubble: which isnt on youtube im afraid. those 303's
  11. I know what you mean. you could also add to that lack of girls who smell good too.
  12. No full on, dark, suomi , tech , proggy etc! What according to you is pure straight up psytrance without the excess baggage of the dark , morning , light, prog or even GOA tags? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-G2aMbKI4Y i dunno , i dont see any perceivable melody , its just effects , bass and well crafted / rounded kick thats got a flat tonal quality. he brings in somewhat of a melodious element very late in the track .. good stuff. more like this ?
  13. finding it hard to believe that i havent listewned to bamboo forest till now Random future is just blowing my mind right now.. i guess there is so much more to discover .. oh how i love you psychedelic trance
  14. ^^^^ Nice ! along with derangooooo thats gonna keep you plenty busy im supposing .. which one is this ?
  15. Its noteworthy how radi has a reply for each and everything that is thrown at him and in his own way he always does manage to make a point , no matter the insignificance of the matter at hand. Good stuff radster. Sorry cant see the pics at work .. will check it later on. I remember a couple of pics from your previous thread that were quite interesting.
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