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  1. Thank you so much for that sentiment! It means a lot to me.
  2. * Feel free to use this thread to check in with everyone from time to time Hello everybody! It's been a very long time since I have been around psynews and the psytrance scene. For the last year I have barely kept up with anything going on. Unfortunately it would seem my work life invaded my personal life in well... let's just say bad ways. I will still be around here though I probably won't be anywhere near as active as I used to be. For those curious, as you can see from my soundcloud, I have been producing a ton of shorter, accessible songs mostly of the downtempo variety with the same unusual production ideas/sounds that keep things interesting for me. I know some of you have enjoyed my Goa Trance in the past and I am so appreciative of that. Unfortunately, my life has taken a nose dive and I am not sure I will ever return to psytrance, but I wanted to let you all know what has been happening with me. Also, you can check my twitter for various stuff like project files and other works of mine. https://twitter.com/barkerj216
  3. I didn't expect a compliment on a 4 year old track, but thanks.
  4. Yes, I'm plugging my own track, but I think it fits what you are looking for maybe.
  5. Because Goa Trance is one of the most unique of the edm genres. The vast majority of dance music lacks melodies, goa trance has them in spades. Most genres focus more on either long trancey compositions or quick immediate dancefloor climaxes. Goa Trance is right in the middle. You take any Chi-AD track and there is a lengthy build up. It takes a while but then it explodes and delivers. I like to think Goa Trance is in this strange middle ground where it's often dark, weird, twisted, but yet it takes you on this journey. It's catchy, there are hooks, there is songwriting that other genres don't care about. The kick is the way it is primarily because it alludes to a heavier aesthetic. I am not sure where the lack of bass your friends claim is coming from. In the end, the bass must be even with the treble. It's just that the typical Goa kick has a longer decay, meaning that it literally takes longer to go from the higher frequencies to the lower frequencies. This often has the effect of making the kick stand out because your ears focus on where it hears the most impact. Depending on your bass line, it often creates a "sticky" effect where the bass notes "adhere" to the kick around the 100hz range. Have a listen to Nitzho for an example of taking this type of kick to the extreme.
  6. I take it there were multiple masters then? Surely shops would not put up extracts of unmastered tracks.
  7. What the hell is up with Avatar Records? Are they legit? http://www.avatar-music.com/about.html
  8. Testing some bbcode stuff. MFG This post can be deleted.
  9. I am so behind on all the Goa being released, but I thought I would stop by to mention how awesome it is to see Clementz on here. His work is freaking amazing!
  10. From the very first lyric, "I think I've become one of the others" to the wild guitar solos. The whole thing swings from incomprehensible, to dark and twisted, to full of hope, the whole thing in this fast paced 3/4 in E-minor, explosive climaxes, to lingering ambient parts. It has everything in it, which easily defines not just my psychedelic personality, but my personality in general.
  11. Holy shit I love that snare/clap. This is really nice work! The only thing I could suggest is some change to the leads throughout. They seem a little static. Maybe an extra layer or musical idea would be nice. Far be it from me to offer good criticism though. I think its great!
  12. You guys win. You win. The artwork, the quechuan title, the selections. There are these strange, warm, fuzzy feelings in this cold dying heart of mine. Now to make it until mid/late April.
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