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  1. The good news is, California has a law upheld recently mandating net neutrality for websites and businesses owned and operated in the state. Democrats are looking to reinstate it at a federal level soon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Internet_Consumer_Protection_and_Net_Neutrality_Act_of_2018
  2. Here is a screenshot of my laptop's screen.
  3. Hello everyone. I wanted to come here to share with you something that I am not sure I know how to respond to. I just logged into this forum via the Tor Browser where my location is somewhere in France, which is where the servers are located and I logged in just fine. However, when I try to log in to the site through a normal browser from the United States I am banned and I do not have permission to view anything. I am disillusioned by a great number of things these days. This is the fault of the United States and its repealing of net neutrality. I am not really sure but I suspect Facebook blocks me. It really hurts to be arbitrarily blocked from the rest of you whom I have known for a long time. I am given an option to contact someone to be unbanned, but I suspect the message goes to no one at all.
  4. The Soundcloud I have posted here is a new one that I had to start as I ran out of space on my old one and can no longer afford the pro unlimited plan. My original Soundcloud, www.soundcloud.com/ruby_plexus, is a lot less lonely.
  5. Currently listening to some of Afgin's new album on youtube. I am enjoying it!
  6. So I finally watched Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It was ok. I appreciated what they were trying to do with it. I could think of worse ways they could have ended the new trilogy.
  7. Hey everyone! I am still alive despite not being around very much. I've been through a lot in the last few years that I have nearly forgotten what I used to post on here. I have been away from Goa Trance for too long! I hope I can keep posting on here more often in the future though at the moment I am not sure exactly where I will be.
  8. I figured I might as well post something here just because there is no reason not to. So I ran out of space on my old soundcloud and lost my pro unlimited plan due to lack of money, but I have since started a new soundcloud for myself. Here it is... This was written during my time here at the library in Buffalo in the last week or two. I am still homeless unfortunately and I lost all of my ids and shit, but I am slowly trying to get everything back on track. If you don't like the kind of music I am making or it's poorly produced, please don't be upset at me because I really do not have the means to do something like I used to. This is just for something to make sure I am still checking in with something new to listen to for all of you so that you know I am not dead. That's the thing about not having anything produced for about 8 months is that I have a thing about making sure I make something because otherwise I get stuck on the idea that everyone will think I am dead or something if I do not.
  9. I am all for psychedelics becoming a topic of interest in relation to mental health in people. I too believe they can do enormous good on this planet in the way they can make one re-examine themselves and their place in the world. For those who suffer from being too in the limelight, psychedelics might be a good retreat away from society long enough to realize that their lot in life is not so bad.
  10. Currently listening to Salsa Celtica - El Camino from the library and I am immediately transported to another time and place earlier in the summer when I was getting nuked in Niagara Falls and people were dead, or so I thought.
  11. johnb820


    Why go to Europe when you can spend time in western New York instead?!
  12. Currently hogging some free wifi at a Target, trying to figure out how I can let people know I am still alive even though I am still homeless and still having problems with finances even though my tax returns came in and I have some money on hand for the time being.
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