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  1. The Soundcloud I have posted here is a new one that I had to start as I ran out of space on my old one and can no longer afford the pro unlimited plan. My original Soundcloud, www.soundcloud.com/ruby_plexus, is a lot less lonely.
  2. Currently listening to some of Afgin's new album on youtube. I am enjoying it!
  3. So I finally watched Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It was ok. I appreciated what they were trying to do with it. I could think of worse ways they could have ended the new trilogy.
  4. Hey everyone! I am still alive despite not being around very much. I've been through a lot in the last few years that I have nearly forgotten what I used to post on here. I have been away from Goa Trance for too long! I hope I can keep posting on here more often in the future though at the moment I am not sure exactly where I will be.
  5. I figured I might as well post something here just because there is no reason not to. So I ran out of space on my old soundcloud and lost my pro unlimited plan due to lack of money, but I have since started a new soundcloud for myself. Here it is... This was written during my time here at the library in Buffalo in the last week or two. I am still homeless unfortunately and I lost all of my ids and shit, but I am slowly trying to get everything back on track. If you don't like the kind of music I am making or it's poorly produced, please don't be upset at me because I really do not have the means to do something like I used to. This is just for something to make sure I am still checking in with something new to listen to for all of you so that you know I am not dead. That's the thing about not having anything produced for about 8 months is that I have a thing about making sure I make something because otherwise I get stuck on the idea that everyone will think I am dead or something if I do not.
  6. I am all for psychedelics becoming a topic of interest in relation to mental health in people. I too believe they can do enormous good on this planet in the way they can make one re-examine themselves and their place in the world. For those who suffer from being too in the limelight, psychedelics might be a good retreat away from society long enough to realize that their lot in life is not so bad.
  7. Currently listening to Salsa Celtica - El Camino from the library and I am immediately transported to another time and place earlier in the summer when I was getting nuked in Niagara Falls and people were dead, or so I thought.
  8. johnb820


    Why go to Europe when you can spend time in western New York instead?!
  9. Currently hogging some free wifi at a Target, trying to figure out how I can let people know I am still alive even though I am still homeless and still having problems with finances even though my tax returns came in and I have some money on hand for the time being.
  10. So once again I am just sitting here in the central library in downtown Buffalo contemplating my options. I managed to purchase a pair of headphones despite having little to no money so there's that going for me. I really do begin to wonder what in god's name happened to the world. I am very lucky to be alive right now and yet I have so little left of my life. I don't know. I found a website that emulates a Linux environment with LMMS on it so I might fiddle with that or perhaps go get my bike repaired. Just another day living life in a sort of quasi twilight zone daze. At least I will know tonight will be a moon night almost guaranteed and that's always a good thing. Did you know that over the late summer and early fall the moon was blocked out of view in North America and effectively hidden? The lack of moonlight caused the night sky to plunge into near total darkness and crops had their growth stunted. On a bus ride to Chicago, Illinois earlier this year I witnessed farmlands with 1 foot tall corn stalks in September.
  11. I'm just hanging around the central library here in Buffalo, NY pinging domain names and smiling way too much.
  12. Hey, I just came here to say that I cannot ping the host and this is because there is an effort to secure that particular host since it was compromised. Do not despair! You and Fabien will receive ownership of everything again in the near future. The authorities are on the case.

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