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  1. Yep . eventually moved the modem close to my room . Better now
  2. Ormion i too am looking to reduce stress since it seems to the main reason behind clenching and subsequently TMJ headaches which have been driving me absolutely nuts the last couple of weeks . Going to see a psychologist today , lets see what comes out.. e. and dont even think of weight training if you have a clenching problem , it will just make it worse
  3. it isnt https://soundcloud.com/uone/uone-alchemy-circle-boom-festival-2014part-1
  4. I was expecting a little more to be honest from this album , lacks some punch. Still fills a void that has been left by no Goa relaease at all in the last few months ? Why like this ?
  5. im paying 1600 rs which is 29 $ ... this is a new connection but i dont get a complete signal in my room .. the cable guy is trying to sell me a booster . for another 20 dollars .. boooo
  6. I just checked out some snaps on fb . Im pretty amazed yet again . I pledge to make it there next year. Its seriously about time
  7. http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ovn/ovn1cd089.html anybody else liking this ? it has the same ovnimoon sound but it doesnt ever feel boring ... you know what i mean ? there is something hector keeps doing right ....
  8. I dont know if you count cosmic dimension as new but their latest remix of Ra's track on ten spins was fantastic. Their previous releases had been pretty dry and didnt really move me so i was pleasantly surprised to hear that remix. These guys have enormous potential to deliver some cracker jack goa tunes i believe. Good luck to them .
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtPeeZO0PBQ I thought this needed everybodys attention. Great track . No not great . Its perfect actually. In every way . Please find a fault if you can all you psyheads . I cannot . This is what psychedelic ought to sound like IMO . Pure brain and body candy. The old dreamweaver was good but with the new production and mastering ( whatever you producers call it ) his sound has evolved for the better. thank god for gems like this that make compilations worth it . Hats off mr Granlund and hoping for a full length album if you read this. will be an insta buy for me atleast!!
  10. I would like to recommend one more if you are even slightly into the the full on sound , this one is clean pure psytrance , but enough going on to keep people with a open mind interested .... Hotep - Transformation of light
  11. Planning to go watch it in the theatre tom!
  12. Already won a bet with 23 other guys where we had to predict the outcome of every match through the group stage to the finals . We get 3 points for predicting the correct outcome with 1 point each for predicting the correct number of goals scored by each team . the points double up if you have the corect team from the KO onwards till the final . Im 230 right now with 2 matches to go ! won a cool 400$ ! Now if Argentina beat Germany and Brazil wins the 3rd place if will finish with 242 + 5 for guessing the correct winner . the next guy is 219 right now and he has spain as the winner go Messi and company , you brought a lot of joy till now . Ze germans have been engineered since age 8 so its going to be difficult but you guys lead 9-6 head to head . Difficult but not impossible .
  13. azax syndrome by the pool tonight , wonder whether i should go ? dark psy is booooring these days
  14. Are you considering suggestions after the first ten? if yes then i would say Artifact303 - Back to space edit : aah maybe in your next batch then btw i think the first contest will be won by scandanasia hands down IMO , hope this wont tilt the scale in his favour
  15. http://www.nanomusic.net/website-news/new-release-laughing-buddha-illusions-collusions/ Not bad at all .
  16. exotic


    I later realized im talking to the wrong person ! : D
  17. exotic


    Please set it to something bigger. Otherwise i will persist with this alienish evil dark psy avatar.
  18. While i understand all those sentiments , this release is pure GOLD. i have not heard better 'psychedelic' in the purest sense of the term, manifesting the mind in ways you never expect music to. sickness ...
  19. Never got zenonnesque stuff either. some tracks by sensient are good though. I did hear them on a big sound system and it sounded much different than what i thought about them at home.
  20. +1 i still have faith in tessaracTstudio . Some of their output was pretty good actually. Havent heard anything offlate from there. Time for neo full on , neo dark and stuff?
  21. I guess i missed out a couple of subgenres but you could very easily club them all under darkpsy without too many people noticing. But yeah psycore , hitech never really made any sense to me. Forest - well you need to be in the right setting and its pretty good. Derango , Kasol , GOCH
  22. Leaving aside Goa trance , because we know its the best which sub-genre has plummeted the most in-terms of psychedelia ? Darkspy , minimal and prog have all gone down progressively since 2010 but for me its full - on that is almost dead now. I dont think there has been a 'decent ' full on album since u-recken - deeper into man . Case in point in being http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php/topic/67944-zmb080-va-zombster-monster-vol2-out-now/ ... i have nothing to say.... You could also name the last good album of your chosen subgenre .
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