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"V/A - Aurora Sidera"


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Artist: Various

Title: Aurora Sidera

Label: Suntrip Records

Date: June, 2015


1. Skizologic - Retrospective

2. Nebula Meltdown - Deep Space Introspection

3. Dragon Twins - The Third Wave

4. Morphic Resonance - Altered Perception

5. Artifact303 - In Your Mind (E-Mantra Remix)

6. Crossing Mind - Xtatic Confusion

7. Mindsphere - Fly High

8. Celestial Intelligence - Inevitable Feelings

9. Denshi-Danshi - World In Between (2K15 Remix)



Some things just cannot be stopped.








No matter what you do it seems like you're powerless.






"Desserts for a month or you're b*tch gets it next!"



In the end you just save yourself the aggravation cause it's gonna happen.






Because f*ck your water.



This is the unstoppable force that is Suntrip. The roll they have been on as of late is quite impressive. Beginning with the thunderous Shakta Retrospective release from last year and then the blistering Perpetual Energy release from Celestial Intelligence, followed by the great Prana Remixes and culminating with the re-release of one of the classic goa trance cd's of all time Psykadelia by Asia2001. So yeah I'd say they've been killing it. They're like the George Clooney of goa trance labels always showing up with a hotter chick.


Aurora Sidera is the next beauty and boy does she have fire. Billed as Suntrip's tribute to the forthcoming summer she purports to show different artists and how goa trance has evolved. First thing you notice is that beautiful artwork by Suntrip staple Margot Schaefer. It's like the most psychedelic optic nerve ever witnessed. Might wanna get that checked out. Don't mind if I do!



Skizologic (Maor Hasbani) had his coming out party with the spectacular Robotized album earlier this year and blows the doors off the hinges with a warm, thumping opener. With 303's rumbling this is rattle your ribcage good. Nebula Meltdown takes y ou to space next the shortest track on the compilation. The first part sets you up and then the 303 dreamscape puts you down.



Suntrip newcomers Dragon Twins and Morphic Resonance have already established themselves as deep talent and ones to watch. Go to Ektoplazm and check out the EP's they released, you'll thank me later. The Thrid Wave is juicy and bass intensive with super cool sounds while the heir apparent to Astral annihilate what you think you know about goa. This rampant 303 abuse is greatly appreciated as are the layers. Oh my goodness the layers...so dreamy.



When E-mantra and Artifact303 keep remixing each others tracks I think we all win. This is a dark, stinging monster that sports the same style as Emmanuel's Nemesis album. Sinister and epic sounding. Crossing Mind has an instantly recognizable style and if you like it he's gonna take you for a crazy 360 disco waterslide ride.


Mindsphere and the new "Transwave" delivers melodic morning tracks that rumor has it made people cry on the dancefloor. Pussies. There's no crying in goa trance! It certainly is beautiful music and I suppose if you listen to one right after the other you could get a bit emotional, but unless you're Caitlyn Jenner and transitioning there's no need for the waterworks. Of course this is coming from the guy who cries at the ending of Rudy every time so take it for what it's worth.






*sob* Could you pass me the box of Kleenex? I promised I wouldn't do this. *sob*



The closer should bring a smile to the faces of old and new goa-heads alike as Denshi Danshi has returned from the 90's with a fresh take on one of his tracks. I'd never heard this one before and Anoebis billed it as "regular trance." It's bouncy and danceable and really whets the appetite for his upcoming album on Suntrip.



Holy crap on a crutch this album will get your cardio on! It's highly acidic and melodic with so many twists and turns. Madness! Euphoric breaks and blistering 303's it's another high five to the guys over at Suntrip. The sound is awesome and warm with a relentless pace. There's a reason this label has been on top for so long. I keep saying it but damn if this isn't one of their best releases. Do yourself a favor and get it.








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Am I blind or you forget to write a review on the ( to me personally ) best track of this compilation?

Celestial Intelligence - Inevitable Feelings! Brilliant track of macedonian duo! This track is from outer space - it have a touch of old school in it, with beautiful melodies through all 10 minutes of track. I am too lazy to write a review for every track, but I agree with yours. :)

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Am I blind or you forget to write a review on the ( to me personally ) best track of this compilation?

Celestial Intelligence - Inevitable Feelings! Brilliant track of macedonian duo! This track is from outer space - it have a touch of old school in it, with beautiful melodies through all 10 minutes of track. I am too lazy to write a review for every track, but I agree with yours. :)

He referred to them as "New Transwave" :)

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Disappointed by the remix of In your mind, as much as I fucking love the original track, which is one of my favourite eargasm maker. I almost always love E-Mantra work but don't understand what he has tried to do with this one, especially with this kick. Am I the only one to feel that the track lacks some energy and should have a kick a little less powerful, dominant and "rounded" ?


Nice pic Penzoline, you made me want to travel to Bulgaria !

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Nice pic Penzoline :)


Btw, you are in Radi zone! You should be listening to Boris :P

First thing I thought :D


Krev: what do you think about the other tracks? :)


On a personal note, for me, top 3 compilations we ever made, together with Ten Spins and Opus Iridium :)

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Retrospective and Deep Space Introspection are excellent tracks, especially the first one. Good beats/flow, balanced, acid, A very good way to start the compilation. Sorry for not being precise, I'm not really good at reviewing atm. :)


The Third wave is not my style, but I find it well made and interesting. Maybe I need to listen to it a little more, like I did with Pleiadians when I started to listen to their tracks.


Nothing to say about Altered perception or Xtatic confusion, I don't find them catchy nor bad. Will insist on them too.


Fly High is pretty good. Inevitable feelings and World in Between too.


Overall it's a good compilation, it's just "funny" that my least favourite track (In your Mind) is the one made by one of my favourite goa artist and remixed by another one I love too. :D

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I listened to the full comp while washing my car. :D Some things just have to be done.

Although I wished I was hiking in Bulgaria whilst listening, haha.


Aurora Sidera is an atomic bomb!! I knew from the samples it was going to be great, but the full tracks are just beyond this world.


Nebula Meltdowns Deep Space Introspection is a super acid stormer. An uplifting piece, it makes me smile all the time. Fantastic!


The Third Wave by Dragon Twins crashes all neo goa clichés. If you think all new school goa sounds the same, Dragon Twins shows you otherwise. Acid again and done in a way you will only hear on Suntrip comps. Man, this is so good. Right in the middle of the track a deep part takes it even more higher up.


Morphic Resonance's track is a bulldozer. Stuff that you are looking for but never found. Well, here it is. The heaviness will break up any dance floor. Totally in love with it. Very clever track. From the twist at 4:45 on it's total annihilation. The greatness! I heard there is an album coming our way. Please bring it on!!!!


I'm more than pleasantly surprised by E-Mantra's remix of Artifact's In Your Mind. My experience is that when one of the two remixes the other one's tracks, only the basskick and a few subtle sounds are different. This time E-Mantra shredded the track through his goa mill and came up with an fresh magical space goa track that is totally different than the original. Respect Emmanuel! You gave it a different twist and it's so good. And all that acid, hey. Can't get enough of it. :lol:


Mindsphere's Fly High lives up to its title. Dreamy, floaty and psychedelic. It's just one big pleasant aural ride from start to finish. Wonderful. Best track from Mindsphere I ever heard. Really! You get sucked right in.


What a fantastic intro of Celestial Intelligence's Inevitable Feelings. Reminds me of my good old Armin trance days, haha. With emphasis on "old". Soon this track evolves into uplifting goa madness. It's so indulging and danceable, it's amazing.


The last track is different, that's for sure. Denshi-Danshi, what's in a name. Much slower than all the rest, but man, in one word: Addictive!!! Trance all the way. The groove makes your head nod up and down and the pads and synth leads are so crystal it's ridiculous. Add some acid and you've got the perfect picture. All falls in place perfect and the cd closes in great style.


I'm overwhelmed. This compilation from Suntrip Records stands out as it explores different paths, whilst still offering trance from the upper class. It's the best (goa) trance compilation ever for me. This one will be on repeat for a long time to come.


Now as you noticed, I didn't praise all tracks.

Skizologics Retrospective doesn't explode and Crossing Mind sounds too dry for me. Still nothing but respect for these artists.


But let's keep it positive because this is the BEST goa compilation I ever heard.


My greatest congratulations to Suntrip and all the artists who made the tracks for this wonderful, original and unforgettable compilation.

This has to become a classic.


:wub: AURORA SIDERA :wub:

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I love this compilation: it has different tracks; all of them well produced and mastered. Like I have said before: a good buy! I cannot analyze track by track but my personal favs are Dragon Twins and Morphic Resonance: they have twist & attitude! Morning goa tracks are cool also. And my countrymate Nebula's of course :) I hope Suntrip keeps this style in the future! But now: congratulations! (Btw: I had a lil fight with my brother-in-law who thinks CD's are so last season: no they are not!! All stuff that is important should be available as a hard copy; if not for listening then just to watch it and touch it: we human beings are physical creatures so why to go against that fact?!)

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(Btw: I had a lil fight with my brother-in-law who thinks CD's are so last season: no they are not!! All stuff that is important should be available as a hard copy; if not for listening then just to watch it and touch it: we human beings are physical creatures so why to go against that fact?!)


We are also visual creatures and our visual attention to digital files on a computer does not always hold the same weight as the very real, physical separation of CDs, each with their identifying covers; the experience of opening it up, putting it in the CD tray and hitting play providing a more tangible memory. I find myself sometimes just pulling out a random suntrip release from my shelf and playing it which I would never have done if I was just glancing through the file list on my computer.


Anyway, Aurora Sidera is a wonderful release! As is what seems to be more often the case than not recently, Suntrip continues to put more variety into their compilations. Aurora Sidera has heavier, more intense, twisted tracks, along side beautifully light, euphoric tracks. Nothing on here feels like it doesn't belong though. Each track has an energy that surely resonates with the dancers. Every track has great depth and plenty of wonderful ideas. Nice release!

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I had a lil fight with my brother-in-law who thinks CD's are so last season: no they are not!! All stuff that is important should be available as a hard copy; if not for listening then just to watch it and touch it: we human beings are physical creatures so why to go against that fact?!)


The first time I heard the 'nobody buys CDs anymore' argument was in 2003. Obviously they're doing something right to survive 12 years of undeath ;)

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This compilation brings the best of the "Floating Acid" style of Goa that Suntrip specializes in :)


Two standout tracks for me are Deep Space Introspection and Altered Perception. I've also enjoyed tracks 7, 8 and 9.


The positive acid from Nebula Meltdown is really well produced and I think this is my favourite track from him... a lovely journey on board the 303 space vessel :lol:

Morphic Resonance is the name I've been watching since Chromatic World, and after seeing him live I'm convinced that his razor acid interpretation of Pleiadians is what I need more of :) His track on the compilation definitely delivers and sets the expectations even higher for the upcoming album and remixes!

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I've now had a good few listens to this after not having much time initially.

It's gone through the two key tests of listening at home on good speakers, but also when out for a run with good headphones, immersed in sound outdoors.


This is probably the best Suntrip compilation since Opus Iridium. It may even be better? The consistency here is immense. Between the overall quality and the journey through sounds that it takes you on over 9 tracks, this will be so hard to top for the release of 2015.


1. Skizologic - Retrospective

A fantastic start. Proper acid trance, perfectly understated for the opening track but with plenty happening to keep you interested. The hints of melody on top of the constant 303 goodness give it a nice psychedelic vibe. I really hope for more in this style.


2. Nebula Meltdown - Deep Space Introspection

Kristian really hits the sweet spot on this track, the right mix between his spacey, melodic sound with more of a dancefloor vibe and 303 goodness. I'm a big fan of his unique take on trance music, but have wanted a bit more oomph! from his tracks on occasion. This one certainly delivers in that regard. Killer acid attacks punctuated by floating moments, somehow managing to do both after the 4 minute mark. Something for everyone.


I think it's quite special that I can envision half a dancefloor unleashing their stomp to this track, with the other half equally happy drifting along focused on the softer elements with tired morning legs.


3. Dragon Twins - The Third Wave

A nice variation on the new school sound. A nice spacey opening picks up well from the last track, but the hypnotic vibes that kick on after 2:20 really define it as something different. The climaxes at 3m and 6m are a different kind of fun, and the squelchy, melodic journey that continues to unfold is impressive in how it stands out from much of the Suntrip catalogue. Again, I am left excited to here more fresh stuff like this.


4. Morphic Resonance - Altered Perception

The best new name to watch IMO. After his EP on Neogoa last year and absolutely kick ass live set after Filteria at Connection Festival I'm glad to hear more.

I love the dark undertones in much of this track, the fact he says there's more to come is exciting.

The psychedelic, acid drenched vibes come thick and fast, with moments in transition reminding me a bit of forest psy in the atmosphere they create. In between is peaktime goa trance, the likes of which I hope we hear much more of in future.


5. Artifact303 - In Your Mind (E-Mantra Remix)

It says a lot that this may the weakest track on the compilation, and it's by no means bad or anything close to that.
E-Mantra continues the vibes from "Nemesis" here with an atmospheric vibe that slowly creeps up on you. A nice journey unfolds, including a comparatively mild climax where the A303 side shines through, but overall there's something missing that would take it from good to great. With that said, I can see this having great value as a transition track in DJ sets.


6. Crossing Mind - Xtatic Confusion

I'm often torn on Crossing Mind. I appreciate his production skills and the way he structures quite complex tracks, but I don't always find him great to listen to. It's one of the weird paradoxes of trance music where I love melodies, psychedelia, and complex, layered music but have never quite connected with him. It was odd when everyone was blown away by him at Balkan Goa Fanatics last year while I felt a bit lost over 90mins.

But he gets me here. A nice journey. So much happening but enough of a focus on the main melodies which string together well despite all the other stuff layered throughout the track. The chaos-but-not-chaos that builds after 4mins is a highlight.


7. Mindsphere - Fly High

This track is awesome. There are some times where I find Mindsphere can be too heavy on melodies alone (without enough other unique, defining elements to his tracks) and thus a bit generic. But this is not like that. Is it just me or is the bassline a bit more prominent than much of his other work?


It works well, with a great mix of melodies throughout. We're now definitely in morning dancefloor mode. This is fantastic melodic music, with melodies always at the forefront without falling too far towards formulaic boredom. I love the way the primary melody never sticks out too far from the layers, maintaining a nice subtlety throughout. One to rejuvenate the legs of tired dancers while still maintaining their interest. I'm left excited for the forthcoming album.


8. Celestial Intelligence - Inevitable Feelings

I can understand people referencing Transwave here but I feel that does these guys a disservice. They're Celestial Intelligence and they're right at the top of new goa trance artists to watch. I loved the recent album, and particularly love the different vibe on this one.


Cinematic vibes to the opening let you know you're in for something emotive, and the way it unfolds through each phase is fantastic. Somehow bringing every aspect of this compilation together as it nears a close, with the acid soon joining the melody in one great, engaging long trip. Words don't really do it justice.

That last climax is something very special. It could only really be better if we could ask for a bit more? But this 10 minute epic is probably the peak of the whole compilation. I must spend the next year in hope that this is still on rotation when I return to European dancefloors in 2016.


9. Denshi-Danshi - World In Between (2K15 Remix)
I like it. Goa purists may not, but I love almost all forms of trance and this is fun.

After strong forays through the more intense, acidic side of goa trance and the fluffier stuff later in the piece, this is a neat ending. The quick shift in sound after 1:30 takes me, and more acid is never a bad thing, even after what we've just been through. The retro-ish happy vibes go down well.


Each track is strong on its own right, but what makes this a great compilation is the journey. It really takes you somewhere, with each track well placed in succession with their role to play in the trip. There's common themes throughout that tie it all together, but where you start is quite different to where you finish.

Suntrip continues to raise the bar. Hard to imagine a better way to spend a few euros.

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Guest antic

1. Skizologic - Retrospective

A fantastic start. Proper acid trance, perfectly understated for the opening track but with plenty happening to keep you interested. The hints of melody on top of the constant 303 goodness give it a nice psychedelic vibe. I really hope for more in this style.


His full album is just like that:


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Great. I've subjected myself to listening through this album several times w/o a look at artist names or track titles. Now that I can go back and check who did what this is my opinion. My top 3: E-mantra's remix, Nebula Meltdown, and .... a glorious breakout performance(imo) by Dragon twins. Mindsphere track is pretty solid too. Over all this album was really good, at least relative to the last VA.


Everyone else did pretty good, which leads to my gripes. Crossing Mind still using same textures and starting to look like a one trick pony. Skizologic in general seems heavyhanded or perhaps just not my taste in general.

My 2 cents

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Nice compilation, I enjoy the variety. 


I only didn't like Mindsphere; his style is too floaty for me and bores me (he's made some tracks i enjoy though)

MR is not bad, but I can't enjoy his music as much as others do. I don't know why, I always have the feeling it could be better.

The opening track is nice, but the kick bass is too heavy/thumping; I think he always does that :(


E-Mantra's rmx is nice, I like it more than the original I think.

My favourite on this comp is Inevitable Feelings, maybe the best I've heard from CI. Nice flow, nice melodies.

The rest are good too.

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Gather round thee children.

Throughout my listening life I’ve held off from buying certain albums. With the way I consume music I sometimes only listen to albums for several weeks and then have another 3 dug up from the pits of Bandcamp begin calling out to me. The search never ends and it cheapens things, so sometimes I wait until the right time. Well, with the recent acquisition of the sweetest sounding iem and a midweek day off that everyone forgot to make plans on (Thanks for becoming irrelevant Captain Cook). It goes to show: Everyone forgets everyone eventually.



Long story short Aurora Sidera was one of those albums. 


1 - Skizologic comes out with one of the deepest hardest pounding kickdrums that begins a boring project right into your cranium (That's boring like the drill style). He makes tunnel after tunnel and starts feeding his pipes of acidic extravaganza right into them. An energy storm of full and smashing tones.


2 - Nebula Meltdown doesn’t waste anytime picking up where we left of with nice silky line of melody into our bodies. Have I ever really appreciated the coolness of this artist name? It matter not, the track is an entrancing conglomerate of its parts. Melody 1 and 2 both swing their way through the final verse and then it’s decided we don’t need any more of that. One of the songs that instantly make me want to replay it. 


3 - Dragon Twins take control of the low end and throws shackles on us for the hell of it.He didn’t have to do that, we would have come along. A looming low acid melody taunts you with what might materialize from it.  The spacing and separation of tones phenomenal as everything retains it own magic from around the sound field. A flaming gift just for us.


4 - I suppose this is a more recent Morphic Resonance track than his current batch, although I know that guys has talent and can do lots of things. This one of those things. It has a lighter sense of air to it while still sliding in his evil basstones and red hot leads. The second half slashes itself through my brain leaving pieces of cerebrum in its wake. Thank god I have a day off tomorrow. Holy fuck. 


5 - Artifact303 and E-mantra ♥️ my heart. This is like looking down on a newborn sleeping. But sounds more like a newborn which is not sleeping. That was meant to sound like a compliment. This aint ya floating space trance. It’s screeching and crawling through rips in time-space changing the pace and tone up with each tear. Each change up is gilded in the most cosmic of tones and never stops feeling like a strike to the core of your filthy soul.


6 - Knowing Crossing Minds style more now than when Aurora Sidera was released doesn’t take away from the feeling of being introduced to him in this track. The way he composes himself in the first third is magnificent holding a big ol line of acid right the way through it. The melody comes back and thank god for that, it’s about as catchy as it gets and stays in your head long after the track is over. 


7 - Mindsphere comes in with an absolutely tight intro and big modern deep and round hit of kickrum n bassline. I’ve never heard a Mindsphere track that feels rushed. He takes his time and likes to get deep. Depth is the right word for this track. As far down as his kickdrums reach his hi’s sparkle and shine. The track doesn’t just sound good, it looks good, it smells good, and you can feel this track vibrate at you as if you have a new pair of iems with bone conducting sub-bass drivers shoved right into your ear sockets.


8 - First track I heard from Celestial Intelligence was Anapa, Words of Wisdom or some other incarnation of theirs. And they’ve been able to continue that enthusiasm for them since. So BIG expectations. I can’t remember how they sounded in 2015? Can You? Well they sounded textured, energized and full of crazy ideas. Ah the youth! They hit you with that near piercing high note melody that a 53 year old concrete driller wouldn’t be able to hear no more and drive the track home right from the very first note. 


The track is good as you can imagine a track being. Razor sharp acid lines, a fake outro, the whole kaboos. You only fake-outro a track if you know that you’ve made an anthem that people are going to want to hear more of. That’s called self-awareness baby and this is all the proof you need to know that it gets you to where you need to be. 


9 - I wouldn’t have known who Amtinaous was if ti wasn’t for the Classic Goa Trax label. And it wouldn’t have mattered if I did. That was just a fact.

And facts are fun

You’d be mistaken in thinking this is going to be more chilled out from the softer intro. But when has Suntrip come to the table to fuck spiders? It grows and grows to the size of a complete Disco Tek Acid Banger. Just because the speed has stepped down doesn’t mean we are free from a cranial brain slicing from Denshi Danshi and Amtinaous’ with their brain-axe surgery.  



It feels nice to still find albums that can thrill you so much. It's true: Sometimes good things come to those who wait.








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