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  1. Saw the post and felt like commenting because it is important to have this place going. I remembered my old password🙃, it has been a while..
  2. Even tho I'm not able to forgive using the two most cherished track names in my musical history, Yog-Sothoth (originally Thergothon: Fhtagn-nagh Yog-Sothoth) and the Gate mixed in one sentence, I think, I'll be ordering this release and it must be good. Greetings, Proxiimus!
  3. I enabled the messages, so if you see this, shoot! (It's been long..)
  4. Oh man, this release still kicks the ass. Probably the best goa trance album in the world and in that of beyond.
  5. i am not able to see registered users online. It is weird (compared to the last version). Also, Tor browser says "you have not a permission to view this site". Must be that psynews is really inward oriented, lots of lols! Hi, Filipe! You have means to see all this, don't ya?
  6. Cheers, bro Banging is banging, always the best! (btw..never recalled that I had made the statement " for psy I appreciate fast loud and real headbanging stuff.") Anyways, rock on!
  7. I started the thread so many thanks for your thorough instructions. My CD's are where i left them since I posted the topic so maybe now I get some new fuel to do the necessary cleaning!
  8. Hi everyone. Never REALLY left the scene, I can't. But not feeling being part of it, though. Too many bridges burnt. I miss my lil bro @Starkraver
  9. I just remembered I started this thread. This early June was when I decided not to gamble with bgf fest. I just didn't want to say it back then. So no karma, but lack of info. We have another thread for that rant.
  10. @ psytones: Cute. That kind of a vehicle would be very useful in a downtown metropol.
  11. Say hi to my new car Edit: cheap, already old with lots of mileage behind.
  12. @ GS Concept Dear you, all you wrote is heart. Even how you came over with the material inconveniences: heart, too. Leaders need to think about the bigger picture: what's the history and how can we help the future. It can be a nasty job and ppl can get hurt. All good-hearted "material" won't help the scene in the long run. Responsibility and professionalism are the words since we already have heart enough. At least all who have a psynews account have that heart.
  13. A misunderstanding. Thanks for writing @pdinklag: I am not gonna quote the whole post step by step but many good points there. My concern for Stevo is a big worry if he will see/admit that some things need to be fixed. Kind of what you wrote, too. But maybe he listens to some critizism this time and takes it in a constructive way, who knows. I am not quitting bc of a festival gone south. I am quitting bc after a few years as a hangaround for Neogoa I cannot go back to an ordinary listener without leaving my bigger mission to take more Neogoa Rec roster artists to promote themselves and the label in the Finnish radio for example I think there easily would have been the third time in the radio in the future. Just one example. You were there with Matti but I arranged the thing and the same with the first time when I was there present myself along with an artist. I enjoyed doing this kind of promo for Neogoa. After being part of neat things, if one cannot continue, it can be better to quit totally and aim for other future endeavours. @Richpa We interpret words differently. You still insist I stated neogoa Rec is part of bgf organization even tho I didn't say that. Involved with silence does not mean calling Neogoa Rec as a part of the organizaton. I am involved in speaking up. Neogoa is practicing= is involved in silence. Pretty much everything in a nutshell is the different point of view of ours regarding how far should the label responsibility extend. That's why end of discussion. This is so true. Sadly. That's why I am better off.
  14. This meant organizator = DJ Stevo belongs to Neogoa records DJ roster http://www.neogoa.net/stevo/The sentence said organizator, not organization. So I never stated Neogoa Rec is involved in organization business. What Neogoa is involved with is looking the other way when someone in their roster ("under their belt") isn't expressing needed professionalism. I have always felt that all the artists in the roster are the face of the label and if they don't behave, it is a label head's job to spank them. That's my frustration with Neogoa. It is very simple actually. I wanna support labels whose number one virtue is honesty. @Richpa wrote in fb that the festival was his best festival experience, despite of the hardships. If he had written also that "there will be some inside label feedback discussion, though" or something similiar to that I would have been satisfied with it and thought that maybe he will spank Stevo, indeed. Neogoa Rec is not involved with the organization but surely their artists cannot be dealt with as individual operators but always carrying the label's name and honour whatever business they do in the scene. The same goes with Suntrip bc the organizator is under their belt also. But what separates Neogoa and Suntrip here is that Anoebis posted on the event the reason why he does not come. Told publically that his name was written wrong on the plane ticket and that he had no idea how to travel to the location from the airport and after the fest how to travel to airport. If he had wanted to cover for Stevo he would have chosen "not so straight words". Suntrip didn't make that statement, Anoebis did, but is is close enough. One could read bw the lines that the label wasn't happy with the organizator who is under their belt. That's the effort towards honesty and transparency.
  15. Hmm..in 98/100 cases I'd prob say the same. You aren't familiar with the topicl All they sold were lies..50 % of the line-up wasn't there..if it was a force majeure (unknown, unexpected) then all right. All was done knowing, feeling, expecting the endcome. My ticket also. 50 € no big deal. The money is fine..I can support..just tell me what I will get and how Neogoa is involved with silence. Bgf organizator is under their belt. Don't ppl get me wrong. I am not after Stevo. He even named me an honourary member of Balkan Goa Fanatics (because I was a fanatic). I just feel breathing some fresh air..the thing went heavy. It is not any enjoyable decision to leave and say fuck you all....especially when all I wanted was transparency.
  16. "There was not even an option for me to let anything or anyone come between me and music" -Alexi Laiho You have my phone number Yep, quite a thing! And I know you went off and came back but it is not my case no matter how much harm I am doing for the artists etc. and in this case, psynews is the most far of the problem, has nothing to do with it. I am disappointed with my dear Neogoa. I saw your comment in fb "you're doing god's work" (on the new comp). I wish I still could feel the same. Instead: bgf is supported and I get why: the history etc.
  17. Hard one. Yet determined and so be it. I deleted my fb page Goa Trance Lovers Finland, also Twitter account of it. Deleted my personal fb profile. Deleted all online music tubes like soundcloud, mixcloud, youtube even bandcamp after ofc downloading all I had in there. Deleted my gmail e-mail. Tried to delete psynews. @Penzoline told me it is not possible; they have made a decision for not to. If one insists it can be done but losing all the past history especially links posted. I didn't want that. I can live with my past. Especially with the links posted. Well, he asked me why I ask, I lied to him a friend of mine is interested in that in general terms. Stated that above maybe it is good this account remained. First I thought I will just go away but that'd be a lesson unlearned. Always wanted to help the scene, nevertheless. Fb is not the place, psynews is (for discussion and maybe fight) for all that deeply concerns the scene, all achievements, all mistakes. I came into this scene 3 years ago outta nowhere. Got connected with Neogoa netlabel (at that time it wasn't Records). Many awesome moments but after reading the above you won't be interested in awesomeness, I suppose, but in why I am posting what I am posting. Goa trance is a small scene. We all wish it to be bigger. Balkan Goa Fanatics has had that fever ever since. But is by no means acceptable that all methods can be used. Like fooling, deliberate betarayal. Booking half of the world of artists with no knowledge how tho ship them there, how to pay even a minimum gig fee. Some artists were cool, wanted to play on a beach, back to Goa type of a thing. The festival was succesful after all, ppl enjoyed, danced, no one went into a severe dehydration despite of some of lack of infra. This is what I have heard/talked to ppl who were there. But this is what pisses me of the most. All dancing and happy faces were on a stolen grounds. It is the unwritten laws of this small community to survive that no artists or audience is mislead (for selling tickets, for having a bigger cock or whatever). If one is to have an underground style of a party, great, but don't calll it an international festival and advertise it in sucha way. Can be my overall tiredness but I am glad to say hi-hi and go off
  18. @r-loop: Hehe, why to edit? Oh yes, I remember: you are a daddy of 2 and your kids will read your comments in psynews when they grow up @psytones: nice but those clothes aren't sold online, one can buy them only from ambassadors if I understood right. I already have a special cloth used for camera lenses but one has to be careful so that wiping doesn't make scratches. That's why I'd rather sink CDs in water and that'd be fast and easy. Maybe I experiment with a few before sinking all. Afterwards then wipe fingerprints off.
  19. During this summer I am going to go through my CD collection. Noticed some of them have fringerprints/greasy marks from fingers, some only dust, some are ofc in need of no cleaning. I had an idea: if there is a sink of pure water with no detergents, would it do harm to dip CDs in and leave to dry on a towel. Or is that a bad idea? This would be for the dusty ones. Ideally it maybe would be to use a microfabric cloth and wipe. But that's a lot of work. On greasy marks what would be a good substance to use? Alcohol? For scratches there's nothing to be done but that's another story. For sleeve plastics I use water with a hand dishwash detergent (mild) and wipe. Also the same sinking in pure water and letting dry on an airy space question applies to this. Willing to hear your thoughts on this
  20. Since Sandra was mentioned, here's her husband
  21. Remebering when I got home as drunk as a teenager and watched this so there was some "mutual" understadning/sympathy
  22. @ Psytones: so cool of a reminder (this track) and one of the best vids ever made!
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