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  1. Am I blind or you forget to write a review on the ( to me personally ) best track of this compilation? Celestial Intelligence - Inevitable Feelings! Brilliant track of macedonian duo! This track is from outer space - it have a touch of old school in it, with beautiful melodies through all 10 minutes of track. I am too lazy to write a review for every track, but I agree with yours.
  2. Thank you Lunar Dawn for this amazing piece of art! This is a new style in goa trance: pagan goa Oduševljen sam! Special favorite tracks: Golden Arms Of Kresnik, Svarog's Celestial Fire and Zorya!
  3. Hi psy people! I am Etsaman, psytrance/psychill dj from Zagreb, Croatia. I love and play all kinds of psytrance and psybient music. Check my mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/Etsaman/ Love & light <3
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